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Many centuries before ours, at a time between the end of the era of magic and the beginning of the era of progress, magical creatures are under threat and their decline seems to be near. The only ones to resist are dragons. The balance of the world is entrusted to four brother magicians and their four dragons. Carolinus, the wizard of nature, with his dragon Gorbash. Lotazar, the wizard of light and air, with his dragon Shin-tzu. Solarius, the wizard of water, space and heights, with his Lunarian dragon. And finally Omadan the wizard of all that is evil and monstrous, with his dragon Briagr. Carolinus, frightened by what is about to happen, summons the three brothers to the palace of Antiquities, strong and powerful creators of all that has been, is and will be. Carolinus explains to his brothers his project of a valley hidden from the eyes of man where all magic and magical creatures can be repaired, but from which they can still help man to fantasize and inspire him. Omadan, the lord of evil, is not afraid of this decline but on the contrary is more and more happy to the point of going against the brothers, thanks to the fact that, thanks to his negative influence, he will be able to have more and more power, bringing man on the wrong track by pitting one against the other. Carolinus then decides to start a magical expedition and his two brothers give him the shield of Saturn, able to ward off any bad magic, and the sleeping-flute-dragons. In order to carry out the mission, the wizard of nature, he needs three adventurers (who cannot be the three magicians, since they are brothers and are forbidden by antiquities). The wizard of nature then summons Sir Smith, a brave knight, and his dragon Gorbash. But who can be the third? Certainly not his daughter, the young Melisande (whom he adopted after the death of his parents). For this the magician asks for help from the Antiquities who show him a young boy of the twentieth century. This boy, whose name is Peter Dickinson, has the distinction of being the descendant of Peter, the first human being who taught dragons to speak and being the first man of science after seven hundred and seventy-seven generations. Looking into the future, Carolinus sees that the boy has created a game whose pawns are the four magicians, Melisande and Gorbash the dragon and is struggling with the drafting of a book called “The flight of dragons” in which he explains how they can fly and spit fire. So the magician contacts him and takes him in his time. As soon as he arrives, Peter immediately crosses Melisande’s gaze and love is born between the two. Omadan, however, is always lurking and sends his dragon to kill Peter. Gorbash tries to save him, but Carolinus with an incorrect magic merges the two into one being. Since it takes three to carry out the mission, he joins the Smirgle group, an elderly dragon who served Carolinus in his endeavors. The dangers are always lurking, so Smirgle doesn’t waste time and explains to Peter (in Gorbash’s body) how to fly and spit fire. But Omadan observes them and sends them obstacles that they can overcome only thanks to the intervention of Arak, a dead wolf drowned but that Solarius, the blue wizard, decides to save, Giles, the elf and Danielle the archer. Only science will be able to counter Omadan’s powerful magic and finally create the valley they so hoped for.


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Movie Language: English

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