The Flight Of Dragons 1982 480P BluRay English



In a world dominated by magic, creatures of all kinds coexist with humans. These seem to have lost respect for their world, and as a consequence, magicians see their powers diminished. The 4 brother brothers meet to decide their future. The Red Wizard Omadón, opposes his brothers, and the others, Green, Blue and Yellow, decide to campaign to recover his brother’s magic crown and thus be able to save his world. For this they seek the help of Antiquity, who orders them to seek in the world of the future a young dreamer who spends his days talking about dragons. The Green wizard, Carolinus, goes out on his quest and takes him with him to the magical world, where his traveling companions are waiting for him: a Knight, a young dragon and a talking wolf, although before he can leave, the Red wizard sends his own dragon, Briagh, to murder the writer, and, Although he does not succeed, he is transported by accident to the body of the young green dragon, Stroke-Zas. From that moment on they are joined by another dragon, Smrgol, a veteran who teaches his partner what he should know about being a dragon. With no time to lose they embark on the search for the red crown, and on the trip they will find new friendships, they will face evil creatures and challenge Omadón to recover their world and thus save the magical creatures that inhabit it.


Movie Quality : 480P

Movie Size : 400 MB

Movie Language: English

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