The Ant Bully English And Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 720P


The Ant Bully English And Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 720P

The Ant Bully is an American computer animation film from 2006 , directed by John A. Davis . The film is based on the children’s book by John Nickle .

John Debney ‘s music was nominated for an Annie Award . The voices in the film are made by Nicolas Cage , Julia Roberts , Meryl Streep , Allison Mack , Paul Giamatti and Ricardo Montalban (in his last film role).

The film revolves around Lucas Nickle, a playful 10-year-old boy who regularly falls victim to a bully and his gang. His parents are not aware of Lucas’ problems. Lucas regularly responds to his frustrations on an anthill in the garden of his house. For example, he leaves the anthill with a garden hose. The ants in the anthill are terrified of Lucas, whom they see as “the destroyer”. One of the ants, a wizard named Zoc, comes up with the plan to reduce Lucas with a magic potion to the size of an ant so that he can stand trial for his actions.

Lucas’ parents go on their honeymoon , so that Lucas stays alone with his older sister and his grandmother obsessed by UFOs . Not much later, Lucas is approached by a pest control company named Stan Beals, who persuades him to sign a contract to store all insects in Lucas’ garden. That night Zoc and a group of ants invade Lucas’ room. They shrink him with Zoc’s magic potion, and take him to the anthill. Zoc insists that the ants execute Lucas, but the ant queen has other plans; Lucas has to work in the colony until he understands the life of the ants and can be seen as an ant himself.

Lucas has great difficulty adjusting. The only ant that supports him is Kreela. Lucas wins the respect of the ants when he stops an attack of wasps with the help of a piece of fireworks. Only Zoc continues to distrust him almost all the time. Only after a long hesitation is he prepared to get to know Lucas better.

Lucas realizes his contract with Stan. During a visit to his house to collect food, he tries to use the phone to call Stan and cancel the appointment. However, he always gets the wrong number on the line. Therefore Stan arrives on the agreed day to eradicate all insects. Lucas can convince the ants how to fight back. He let Zoc make some of the drink with which he let Lucas shrink. They fail to give Stan this drink through his ear, so Lucas drips some of the drink on the sting of a wasp and has it stung. Stan shrinks, but because he was not given the drink in the right way, he is only the size of a toddler. The other insects are now able to dislodge him.

With that, Lucas earned his title as an ant in the colony. The queen gives him the name Rokai, and the antidote for the shrink drink. Once again normal, Lucas convinces a group of other children to revolt against the bully. Together they manage to drive him away.

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The Ant Bully English And Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 720P

Movie Quality : 720P x265

Movie Size : 393 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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