Ferdinand English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio BRRip 720P


Ferdinand English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio BRRip 720P

Ferdinand ( Olé, Ferdinand’s journey in Spanish America ) is a US 3D animation film oftwo genres comedy drama and adventures, produced by Blue Sky Studios and digital animation by 20th Century Fox Animation . It is based on the childrenbook The Story of Ferdinand ( The Tale of Ferdinando ) Writer Munro Leaf 1936. The film is directed by Carlos Saldanha , and starring the voices of John Cena , Mark Valley , Kate McKinnon, and Gabriel Iglesias . The world premiere was on December 15 , 2017 by 20th Century Fox .

In Spain, a ranch owned by Moreno that trains bulls for bullfighting called Casa del Toro houses a calf called Ferdinand. He is ridiculed by his fellow calves Bones ( Nilo Díaz ), Handsome and Courageous for not being conflictive and for his tendency to smell and protect the flowers. A sad Fernando escapes from Casa del Toro after his father Raf does not return from a bullfight for which he was chosen and a flower that he liked broke. Finally it ends up in the farm of a florist, and is adopted by the owner Juan ( Juanes ), his dog Paco and his daughter Nina with whom he shares a bonus.

When Ferdinand finally becomes a huge bull, he still retains his non-violent, flower-loving nature. Due to its size, it is left behind when Juan, Nina and Paco go to Ronda for an annual flower festival. Ferdinand decides to leave anyway, which causes a bee to bite him and wreak havoc in the city and take him to Casa Del Toro, for his sadness and that of Nina.

Once there, he discovers that Bones, Handsome and Brave also grew up and were joined by a Scottish bull called Angus and a silent but intimidating bull called Machine. Ferdinand is still not respected by the bulls, but manages to make friends with a crazy goat named Lupe who wants to be his coach in the bullfights despite his lack of interest and three hedgehogs called One, Two and Four that with often invade Casa del Toro to steal food. They used to have another brother named Tres, but they said he was dead.

One day, a legendary but egotistical bullfighter called El Primero arrives at Casa del Toro to choose the biggest, strongest and most aggressive bull to fight before retiring. When the bulls fail to impress him on the first attempt, Guapo is suddenly taken to a nearby slaughterhouse (The Chop House) and the other bulls tell Ferdinand that it will eventually be their destiny if they are not chosen for a bullfight. Although Ferdinand manages to earn the respect of the other bulls, except Valiente, after a dance with three German horses, they still cling to the belief that fighting is the only way for them to live. Ferdinand manages to convince Lupe to return with him to Nina’s farm and the hedgehogs help them escape, but when Ferdinand is close to freedom,

Ferdinand tells the other bulls how they will eventually be killed, even if they are chosen to fight, but Valiente is the only one who is not convinced and charges Ferdinand outside where Fernando inadvertently hits him in a fight and honks his right horn. First he witnesses the fight, and chooses Fernando to fight after seeing him defeat Valiente. When Valiente is taken to the slaughterhouse (The Chop House by the bulls), Ferdinand gathers the remaining bulls to escape, but first goes to the slaughterhouse to free Valiente. At first he is not willing as he believes that the slaughterhouse is his destiny now, but they discover that Guapo is still alive, and Ferdinand questions the courage of Valiente. When Ferdinand tries to save Guapo, he accidentally activates a series of deadly contraptions but,

The animals desperately try to lose the humans and end up at the Atocha train station in Madrid, which Fernando considers his ticket back to Nina. When the bulls push a small car to take the train back to Nina’s house, Ferdinand sacrifices himself so that the other bulls can escape (except Lupe, who remains in shock after Fernando’s act) and is captured by Moreno and his employees. When the news of Ferdinand’s next fight with El Primero arrives at Nina’s house, she and Juan left for Madrid to look for and recover Fernando.

In the ring of the bullfights of Las Ventas, Lupe tries to convince Fernando that he must fight to survive, but Ferdinand is quietly insecure. When Fernando is released in the arena of the bullfight, he gives a weak performance with his peaceful nature and accidentally makes El Primero fly in the corralillo. First angry tries to attack Fernando with two banderillas and in the process, hits Fernando on the shoulder, who almost retaliates against the killer, but sees a carnation under his helmet and sees that he is the fighter who was not willing to be and let El Primero live. In any case, First try to kill him to finish the fight. Seeing that Fernando resigned himself to it, the crowd cries out for Fernando to be declared pardoned, or traditionally pardoned. First he submits to the request, pardoning Ferdinand and leaves with dignity. Ferdinand meets Nina, who hugs him and everyone throws carnations into the arena to praise the bull. The other bulls finally arrive too late to save Fernando, but instead witness Ferdinand making history as the first bull to ever make it out of a bullfight being himself.

In the end, Ferdinand returns home with Nina, Juan and Paco. They are joined by the other bulls, the hedgehogs, Bunny and Lupe, who move to the farm. The film ends with Ferdinand, his friends of the bull and Lupe watching the sunset over Ronda from a field of flowers.

In a brief half-credit scene, the hedgehogs are confronted by Tres, who is revealed to have been alive all the time, which shocks the other hedgehogs and Cuatro faints in response while Una and Dos cross each other.

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Ferdinand English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio BRRip 720P

Movie Quality : 720P BluRay

Movie Size : 894 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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