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Shrek 4 The Final Chapter Movie Free Download Dual Audio 300MB

Shrek Forever After (titled Shrek Forever into Latin and Shrek: Happily Ever After in Spain ) is the fourth and final film in the series Shrek . 2 Produced by Dreamworks , it was released on May 21 of 2010 in the United States , the two July of 2010 in the UK , on July 8 of 2010 in Spain , Argentina , Colombia , Ecuador , Chile and Peru , and July 16 of 2010 in Mexico . 
Shrek lives a perfect life with Fiona and their three children but no one is afraid as before and longs both scare the villagers as he used to. Shrek and Fiona go to Far Far Away to celebrate the first birthday of their children. There, (who wants to end because Shrek because he had rescued Fiona from the castle failed to keep the kingdom of Far Far Away, for their parents long ago negotiated cede the entire kingdom in exchange meets the affable negotiator Rumpelstiltskin he broke the spell of Fiona) who convinces him to return one day to their old days in exchange for a day of his life with the promise that the end will return at the same time no one has been aware of its absence. The problem is that the day chosen by Rumpelstiltskin is the day Shrek was born and thus creates a new world where Shrek does not exist there. Shrek to sign the contract is sent to a reality with a twisted alternate version of Far Far Away, where ogres are hunted to near-catch. Initially Shrek enjoys his day shooing people to see everything but discovers that he has been deceived and is kidnapped by an army of witches who carry it with Rumpelstiltskin is king. On the way is also carried by donkey does not know and is afraid.
Shrek Rumpelstiltskin tells the whole truth including the contract he signed in the agreement that when the day ends will be the end of his life because he does not exist in reality you are. Shrek Donkey escapes taking with him when he thinks all is lost and never see Fiona and their children (who no longer exist because Shrek was never born and never met Fiona), Donkey has been among the witches Rumpelstiltskin and knows their secrets reveals that the contract can be canceled if you receive the kiss of her true love so immediately Shrek leaves the castle where he rescued Fiona get it, without finding it (which also is a lot of days not be rescued Fiona marked on the wall, her crown in bed and a handkerchief she gave him in the first film). After Donkey is a “waffles” in the woods and falls into a trap where he and Shrek will stop the rebel army of ogres, among them Fiona, who is the leader of the army, who does not know Shrek ignores him so Shrek must at all costs make Fiona fall in love with him again before the end of the day to thereby save his life and restore their world.
Meanwhile, Rumpelstiltskin, concerned that Shrek can receive the kiss Fiona before finishing the day and ends with the reality that he created, he decides to enlist the services of “The Pied Piper” who, with his flute, can control different creatures or objects so you can effortlessly capture and rebel ogres Shrek. Moreover, while the ogres prepare the assault against Rumpelstiltskin who are at war with, Shrek thinks like can kiss Fiona to get his life back. When he goes to visit her in her bedroom, but is fat, soft, lazy and without boots or hat meets Puss in Boots.
Shrek Fiona tries to flirt with flowers and slugs but she refuses and throws her room. During dinner Shrek realizes that he will get to like Fiona if interested in the rebel cause. Shrek Fiona revisits while training and fighting together and blended, but she still interested in him. Puss in Boots who is obese and lazy, who had seen his workout, run and tell that Shrek had never seen such rapport between Shrek and Fiona. Shrek tells him he knows who was in the castle and meet its human spell ogre day and night and the Cat advised him to tell all that he knows Fiona her.
That night, Ogres prepare to ambush the carriage of Rumpelstiltskin. When all are in position to surprise the carriage Shrek tells Fiona all you know of her and her spell and impressed Fiona (since in that no one really knows his spell half human, half ogre) warns him not to his army of ogres knowing. While they talk, ogres surprise the carriage, unaware that it was actually a trap set by the Pied Piper and makes you dance to the music nonstop until Rumpelstiltskin’s castle, including Shrek and Fiona. Fortunately cat and get away Burro Shrek and Fiona music. After failing his assault, Fiona decides to rescue his friends ogres, but insists that Shrek is her true love and kiss him to solve everything. Fiona is sick and kisses, but does not effect the kiss because she loves furious and confronts Shrek if you actually knew all of it, not having been to rescue the dragon tower and when he needed to be alone rescue.
Seeing that Piper has not brought to Shrek and Fiona, Rumpelstiltskin sends a message to all the inhabitants of Far Far Away offering reward “The contract of life” who capture Shrek and all the kingdom goes in your search. After what happened with Fiona, Shrek thinks is an end after failing to win her back and then Gengi is first and tells him reward when Shrek learns, sees that he still has a hope and decides to betray itself to stay with the same reward. Shrek is filed Rumpelstiltskin and demands the reward but knowing that does not void the contract that he signed, Shrek asks as I want to release all rebel ogres captured no matter what happens to him all are released and Shrek is taken prisoner and Rumpelstiltskin reveals that Fiona is also his prisoner and was not released because he is only ogre at night and while they are captured her deeply grateful to Shrek which made by your friends ogres and says that at that time he is with her. Decides to sacrifice Rumpelstiltskin Shrek and Fiona to Dragona, that had enclosed. Ogres, along with cat and donkey, get into the castle into a giant sphere charge and begin to fight against witches, Shrek and Fiona get with a great strategy and maneuvers chaining Dragona, liberate and trap Rumpelstiltskin achieving victory .
Fiona finally falls in love with Shrek after seeing that made a good team in battle but now it begins to dawn so the day Shrek is about to end and he begins to disappear. While disappears Shrek tells Fiona all of the children they have and the best thing that happened in the day was turning to fall in love with her, Fiona is distressed and gives him a kiss before completely fade. Jack realizes that Fiona did not become human with sunlight so the kiss was real love, the contract is canceled and that whole world vanishes. Shrek on the birthday of her children with all her friends Fiona and seeing that has managed to restore its reality, is happy and hugs his family. In response Shrek, Fiona, his friends and his swamp ogres enjoying her perform a reality and living happily ever after party.
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Shrek 4 The Final Chapter Movie Free Download Dual Audio 300MB
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