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Rio Movie Free Download 300MB 480P Dual Audio BRRip

Rio is a film of animation from 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios , directed by Carlos Saldanha and written by Don Rhymer . The characters are played by Jesse Eisenberg , Anne Hathaway , Rodrigo Santoro , , Jamie Foxx , Tracy Morgan , George Lopez , Leslie Mann and film Jermaine Clement . It was released on April 15, 2011.
This was the first film of Blue Sky Studios to be filmed in 2.35:1 aspect ratio Cinemascope your first and 20th Century Fox animated film to be filmed in the 2.35:1 ratio from Titan AE .
In development for years, Rio is considered “the dream project and Saldanha was born in Brazil.” Saldanha reported that the film would be more musical than Ice Age .
It is also the first film in the saga Rio . It is confirmed a sequel and a third.
In Brazil, several smugglers captured exotic birds and out of the country. Like Moose, Minnesota; a chick blue macaw falls truck smugglers and is found by a girl named Linda who adopts him and calls Blu
Fifteen years later, Linda is the owner of a bookstore and Blu behaves like a human and can not fly, so the other birds make fun of him. An ornithologist named Tulio convinces Linda to take Blu (which according Tulio is the last male of his species) to Rio de Janeiro so you can mate with the last female. Linda and Blu travel to Rio, where Blu meets a robin called Peter and a canary named Nico. In the aviary where Tulio works, falls for Perla Blu, a blue macaw who hates humans and thinks only of escape. Blu and Jewel are kidnapped by a poor boy named Fernando and a cockatoo named Nigel, who work for the smuggler Marcel and his henchmen. While Fernando has doubts about his actions, Nigel tells the macaws, dedicated to smuggling exotic birds revenge since years an exotic bird unseated him in a TV show. With Blu familiarity with cages, the two macaws escape and flee to the jungle.
Fernando knows Linda and Tulio and decides to help them find macaws. Meanwhile, Blu and Jewel meet a toucan named Rafael who decides to take them to see a bulldog named Luiz to remove a chain having them in the legs. After a failed Teach Blu flying, gangs found Nico and Pedro. Nigel hires a group of thieves titis to capture the birds. Pedro and Nico take them to a party where birds sing together the song ‘I Wanna Party’, but titis just burst into the party when Blu and Jewel are about to kiss. While other birds party titis fight with a roseate spoonbill and the making and otherwise escapan.Fernando Blu takes Linda and Tulio to the smugglers hideout, only to see that the birds are not there. They discover that Marcel has planned to sell Pearl Blu and outside the country and that he and his followers will participate in the parade to go unnoticed and get to the airport because all other streets have been blocked due to Carnival in Rio
Meanwhile, the gang reaches Luiz removing them and Perla Blu chain. Blu, the reviewer does not know how to fly you from being with Perla, separated from it by saying he hates samba (dance) . Pedro and Nico look like Pearl is captured by Nigel. When Blu and Rafael are informed by Nico and Pedro capture Perla, go to the carnival parade to the rescue.
While Linda and Tulio go to the carnival dressed birds to thwart smugglers, Blu and others are captured by Nigel. Linda and Tulio not arrive on time and smugglers escape on a plane. On the plane, Blu escapes from his cage and releases Perla. The two of release all the other birds, but Nigel injures Perla. Blu gets rid of Nigel and the smugglers fled the plane, which is about to fall. Unable to fly his wound, Pearl falls off the plane and is about to fall into the sea. Blu is launched to rescue her and after being kissed by her, gets to fly. Perla Blu carries with Linda and Tulio, who cure. Linda and Tulio adopt Fernando, Blu and Jewel have three children together and celebrate with friends and smugglers end up in jail.
Blu : a blue macaw tame and social. Captured by poachers when he was a chick, the box in which it was carried is lost in a small town in Minnesota, where a human named Linda finds and cares for 15 years. Passing domesticated many years, has not developed their flying skill, but has no other common characteristics in an animal of its species. They take him to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to procreate with the last female of his species: Perla. He falls for her.
Pearl : a beautiful blue macaw rue and free spirit. At first it was quiet with Blu and did not get along very well, but after meeting him become best friends, falls in love with Blu and end up being a couple with 3 small children.
Rafael : a toucan play . Accompanies and helps Blu and Jewel during your entire trip. Seventeen children and another on the way, is quite relaxed, and loving the carnival.
Luiz : a friendly bulldog with a problem of excessive salivation, which despite being a friend of the birds at various times devour dreams. Rafael, Blu and Jewel look to you to help them remove the chains that hunters had put them in the legs.
Pedro : a Red-crested Cardinal who accompanies Blu and Jewel on their adventure also enjoys singing samba -style hip-hop . Is Nico best friend and will always go together wherever.
Nico : is a gold finch . He accompanies Blu and Jewel on their adventure. Use a lid to drink as hat and gun. It is Peter’s best friend and always go together wherever.
Linda : Blu’s human owner and works and lives in his shop “The Blue Macaw Books” in Mooselake, Minnesota, United States.
Tulio Monteiro : better known as Julio, is a human. He works as an ornithologist in Brazil, holding him a deep love of aves.Se love with Linda but never says
Fernando : is a Brazilian child without family initially working for poachers, but later helps Linda and Tulio find Blu and Jewel. At the end of the film can be seen as Linda and Julio apparently adopt it.
Pepillo : A galerita cockatoo , imported from Australia . Former star Brazilian television, which eventually was demoted from his post by a much more beautiful and striking parakeet. Previously called Nigel. After the weather turned fierce, cruel, cannibalistic and evil, and the other birds I have a lot of fear, it is also the antagonist of the film, and it is for this reason that helps the smugglers to catch birds as Blu and Jewel .
Mauro : a common marmoset that the king of the monkeys think. He and his group of monkeys are in charge of assaulting unwary tourists. Pepilho hires for they catch Blu and Jewel, but fail in their mission. Pepillo more angry and abused them. At the end of the movie appears Pepillo mocking and he took photographs after being plucked.
Marcel, Tipa and Armando : They are the smugglers of exotic birds captured Blu, Pearl and other birds.
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Rio Movie Free Download 300MB 480P Dual Audio BRRip
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