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Rio 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 300MB
Rio 2 – Mission Amazon ( Rio 2 ) is an animated film of 2014 directed by Carlos Saldanha , sequel to the 2011 film Rio . The film is the sequel to the first made ​​by Blue Sky Studios if we exclude the three in the franchise of the Ice Age .
The cast of voice actors sees the return of Jesse Eisenberg , Anne Hathaway , Leslie Mann , Jemaine Clement , George Lopez , Jamie Foxx , , Rodrigo Santoro , Jake T. Austin and Tracy Morgan to return to redouble the characters to which had already lent their voice in the first film, and the arrival of new items such as Andy García , Bruno Mars and Kristin Chenoweth 
In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is celebrating the new year across the city and the exotic birds are not far behind, as all being held by the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Together, Blu and Jewel are dancing happily and Pearl tells Blu that he is the bird of his life to what Blu answers ensuring that the self is the only thing, but on the other side are their children: Carla, Bia and Tiago who are planning to launch a small bird tied alongside the fireworks, but Blu and Jewel arrive and stop, the bird Blu unleashes the fireworks, but it is he who is tied by accident and these rockets are launched together Blu, who then falls down and gets him along with Pearl and her 3 children together saying they started the year well.
The next day, Pearl leads to nest your family a Brazil nut for breakfast, only to see that Blu was already cooking pancakes on Linda and Tulio. Pearl insists to Blu who does not like children malacostumbren human life, right on the TV you Linda and Tulio in the news, where are amazon saying having seen a blue macaw there and there could be many more . On hearing this, Perla Blu insists they go to the jungle to find other macaws, Blu answer to what doubtful, but his answer their famlia decision as a yes.
Nico and Pedro are auditioning talent to find the new king of the carnival, however, the only option seems to be Eve, the pair of Rafael, who sings horrible. Blu arrives and informs Rafael, Nico, Pedro Luiz and he and his family go to amazon, Pedro, Nico and Blu Luiz scare amazon telling that there are plenty of dangers, but always optimistic that Rafael reminds “a happy wife is a happy life.”
Blu is equipped with a fanny pack containing various things, including a Swiss Army knife and a GPS. Tiago is eager to go to the jungle, Bia reading a book on amazon and tells Blu that there are many dangerous animals, startling him a bit, Carla says she does not want to go because you get bored, but agrees to hear that Nico, Pedro and Rafael will also go to the jungle. Blu assignments too if the GPS guide for almost the whole of Brazil, including cities such as Sao Paulo, Brasilia, etc.. Until they reach Manaus, the largest city amazon and take a boat trip that would take them to the jungle. In a show of Manaus is Nigel, using an Elizabethan jacket as he has lost a lot of feathers and therefore can not fly. Nigel makes guess at the fair until he sees Blu and his family to the jungle path, Nigel is determined to avenge Blu and thanks to it can not fly. Nigel releases a poisonous frog named Gabi, who is madly in love with him and Charlie, an anteater for help to find Blu, then get in the boat they go Blu and his family and wait for midnight to strike .
Perla Blu grateful to have done all that way for her and they embrace. In the jungle, an entrepreneur who learned from the news that Tulio and Linda were looking pair of blue macaws, asks his workers, who are cutting down the Amazon, find them before they find birds because that would lead them to the bankruptcy.
Nigel tries to attack while he sleeps Blu, but fails because of Charlie and Blu is unaware of his presence. The family comes to the Amazon jungle the next day and they soon find other blue macaws, Pearl is delighted to learn that she and her family were not alone after all. The leader of the tribe, Edward realizes that many things Blu brings human and assaults, but confronts Pearl, however, Eduardo Perla recognizes and realizes that his father is. Eduardo is proud to know that he is a grandfather of three grandchildren and Blu thanked him back to his daughter. Later, Pearl meets his Aunt Mimi. Pearl is delighted to meet Roberto, her ex-boyfriend, but Blu feels somewhat jealous of him, Roberto dances with Pearl in a song that the whole tribe macaw dances celebrating his arrival with joy, Less Blu, who does not fit the dance and looks sadly at Perla dancing with Roberto.
At night, Blu, Pearl, and their 3 children sleeping in nest Roberto, a giant hollow tree. Perla Blu sleep hugging who are getting desperate when Pearl tells her that her life will change. Meanwhile, Linda and Tulio sleep in a tent and Linda is a monkey that was out and scares, Linda suspicion as this monkey wearing a safari hat, because it came with entrepreneurs who were cutting down the forest.
The next day, Blu wakes up with a joke Tiago and peak brushing, Edward asks her to accompany him to train, since Blu should join the tribe, this led to believe Blu who would remain forever in the jungle, but Pearl says that Eduardo was just excited. As Edward explains to train the tribe Blu Blue Macaw is rivaled the red macaws as each tribe has its territory in the jungle and food is scarce.
Nico, Pedro and Rafael start auditioning talent in the forest and many animals are present, but none seem convincing. Linda and Tulio are with the workers of the employer who are cutting down several trees of the forest and Linda tries to stop them, but Tulio warns that these could be aggressive, workers capture Linda and Tulio hands.
After training, Blu and Eduardo are with the workers and they realize that they are cutting several plants. Blu says Linda and Tulio could help, to which Eduardo realizes that Blu was a pet and that was so connected with human and both return to the tribe, later, Blu and Jewel have a conversation about staying or not in the jungle and eats a fly Perla. Blu informs his friends what happened and says he can not stand being in the jungle like hates Eduardo and Roberto, at the time, Edward was talking about Blu Roberto and asks him to keep it secure.
Meanwhile, Linda captured workers with thulium and take with the employer, who explains his plans to cut down the forest and tied to Linda and Tulio in a tree to avoid being interrupted. Blu Nigel tries to attack, but gets confused and ends at auditions Talent Nico and Pedro. Nobody recognizes Nigel and wearing a sheet on his head and a vest, Nigel sings with Gabi and ends them charming Nico and Pedro and accept to go to a talent show to everyone in the jungle and Nigel would see this as the opportunity to find Blu and revenge.
In the evening singing dreams Blu Roberto and have a romantic moment with Perla. Blu decides to get up early to find a Brazil nut, Pearl’s favorite and take it to before he wakes up. After hours of searching, Blu meets monkeys that take away your fanny and guide you away from the area when gets her fanny is seeking nut and try it out. Then, Blu realizes that it is in the territory of scarlet macaws and was stealing their food, red macaws war declared against the blue. In telling this to Eduardo, was upset with him because they could lose their land in the jungle and try to keep your patience. In the place where they would face blue against red, Blu is relieved to realize chelates “war” was a football game. When a player is injured Blues, Edward has no choice but to let the party Blu, Blu seems to play fine, but scores a goal in the goal of your computer unknowingly and this causes the red and blue gain lost its territory in the jungle, Eduardo lost his patience with Blu and everyone goes booing.
Determined to leave the Amazon, Blu fanny packs his and tells Pearl that all would go there because it could not stand being in the jungle. Pearl tells Blu that account that she and the kids were happy living there and asks him to stop thinking all the time in it and goes, Blu angrily decides to go find Linda and Tulio, while Perla see as Blu away saddened.
Blu comes to Linda and Tulio camp only to see that they were not there, Blu viewing a photo in which he appears and happy to be together Perla Blu decides to return with his family to the jungle and says goodbye to all amenities including the fanny pack. Roberto Blu appears and attacks aside thinking it was human, then a Bulldoser that is about to crush Roberto appears, but Blu saves. Blu understand that Roberto has a trauma with humans because it gets pretty idiotic and asks him to warn other birds to humans. Blu finds Linda and Tulio and strikes, warns Roberto Eduardo, Pearl and others that humans were cutting down the forest and Blu was with them with the intention to help the birds, Eduardo decides they have to evacuate all Perla but refuses to go with him and would not leave without Blu, but it comes and proposes to all work together to scare birds to humans.
Workers are clearing the Amazon until they see all the blue macaws, that go against them and chase away all the workers with the help of Linda and Tulio and red macaws. The employer adihere explosives to trees and lights, Blu takes them and fly high with the pump not to exploit in the wild, but Nigel engages the pump, Blu grabs in the air and both fall, but the pump exploits and this scares Perla, who fears that Blu is dead. The explosion leaves Blu and Nigel unconscious and tangled in some vines, when they wake up start fighting, Gabi throws his toothpick Blu poison but gives Nigel and supposedly kills him, Gabi attempts suicide with poison and your own ” kills “, meeting with Nigel in a sanctuary, that scene is a lot like the end of” Romeo and Juliet “by William Shakespeare and birds present applaud thinking it’s a performance. Bia, daughter of Blu and Jewel says Gabi is not poisonous and that’s a common misconception, Pearl and little relieved to know that Blu is alive and embrace, Gabi is happy to know that, not being poisonous, I could be with Nigel, but Nigel is not happy with this and despairs.
Finding bluer, Linda and Tulio macaws as reported in the news and takes Nigel and Gabi to Rio to study the bond they had formed. The area where the blue macaws are becomes a protected area. Blu and Jewel dance with all the other macaws Blu and tells Pearl that would stay in the jungle. Blu tells Pearl that she is the bird of life and embrace both. Perla Blu recognizes that deeply loves her like a Blu Blu tells Pearl that could go to Rio in summer.
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Rio 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 300MB
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