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Cars Movie Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed

Cars: Four Wheels or Cars in Quebec is the seventh feature film of animated entirely CG of Pixar . Released in 2006 the United States and co-produced by Disney studios , the film takes place in a world populated by cars anthropomorphic .
In a world populated by living cars, Lightning McQueen is a young champion avid racing success and promised a great career. One day, he finds himself abandoned by accident in the desert and trying to find his way, arrives in the small town of Radiator Springs, located on historic Route 66 . He will be making new friends and discover that there are more important things in life than to cross the finish line first. A sequel, Cars 2 is released on27  July  2011.
Lightning McQueen vehicle young avid race success, dreams of being the first rookie in the history of motor racing to win the famous Piston Cup to integrate the team Dinoco and become famous.
During the championship game, while leading the race largely, its tires burst back a few meters from the finish line, allowing his opponents to catch him despite his desperate efforts. He managed to finish the race narrowly, but crossed the finish exactly the same time as two other online veterans  : Strip Weathers said the King and Chick Hicks. A new race is held in Los Angeles , in California , to decide the three winners .
Thus, Lightning McQueen and his only friend Mack, the truck that transports, embark on Interstate 40 to Los Angeles. To be the first to arrive, McQueen asks Mack to drive all night, but he fell asleep while driving and lost its cargo in the middle of the road in the desert NB 1 .
McQueen wakes with a start and narrowly avoided several collisions, but lost his friend. Believer seen in the distance, he started in pursuit, but discovers that he was wrong. Lost on the legendary Route 66 , he tries to reach the highway as soon as possible, but is chased by the Sheriff of Radiator Springs . Taking the backfiring of the exhaust sheriff for shots, Lightning McQueen panic and flees until he suddenly arrives in the town of Radiator Springs and lost control of the situation, finding himself a prisoner of telephone son after an accident where it caused heavy damage to the road.
The next morning, Lightning McQueen in Radiator Springs wakes up and discovers that he is in jail . After a quick conversation with Martin, a tow truck , he was taken to court for trial. The judge Doc Hudson, who is also the physician of the city, decided in the light of the drive immediately, but the lawyer Sally Carrera arrives and convinces Doc Hudson to force him to repair the road. Lightning McQueen is then coupled to Bessie, a tarry , and is imposed to repair the damage he has caused before leaving the city.
However, the next race to decide the winners of the Piston Cup to be held in less than a week and Lightning McQueen is eager to get there, to meet Dinoco. After a failed attempt, he resigned himself to repair the road but in his haste botches the job. Everything is redone.
Tired of hearing the complaints of the race car, Lightning McQueen Doc Hudson challenge to beat in the race. Lightning McQueen if he wins, he will go free, if he loses, he will repair the road. Flash the challenge and start the race with a bang, leaving Doc Hudson in a cloud of dust, it did not even move. However, Flash comes too fast on a curve and the sandy soil made him lose his grip, which sends it to the end of a skid plant in a forest of cactus. Doc, who had apparently planned the thing, asks Martin to accompany him to recover Flash and is declared the winner. Lightning McQueen is seen therefore obliged not only to defeat his shoddy work, but also to repair the road.
The next morning the city discovers that Lightning McQueen has finished repairing a portion of the road and all are amazed by the perfection of his work. Since he arrived short of tar in the middle of the night, the Sheriff has Flash allowed to train on the grounding circuit, under his supervision. Flash is desperately trying to pass the problem corner, but fails constantly. Doc then suggested him to steer the wheels turn in the opposite direction, but McQueen is angry and refuses to listen. However, he decided to try the thing, although it seems far fetched, and again finished his race in the cactus forest. That’s when Sally invites him to spend the night at Cozy Cone Motel and Martin who plays the evolution of their relationship, moved him to tumble tractors.
The next morning, as he seeks the Sheriff, Lightning McQueen finds himself in the garage of Doc and discovers his secret: Doc Hudson Hornet is actually a legend circuits, winning the Piston Cup three times in a row, 1951 , in 1952 and 1953 .
Later, Sally invites Flash to accompany him for a walk around Radiator Springs and takes the Wheel Well Motel, an abandoned motel where they can contemplate the landscape. Sally then tells him how she got there and how the construction of the highway, forty years earlier, Radiator Springs transformed into a ghost town.
Upon his return to Radiator Springs, Lightning McQueen Doc surprises on the ground circuit and is impressed by his driving. But when Doc sees it turns and returns to his garage, where Flash follows. Doc is angry and ordered him to leave, but insists Flash and asks him why he left the world of motor racing when he was so brilliant. Doc shows him a newspaper article and finally explains that he did not leave voluntarily, but he had a serious accident in 1954 . Once repaired, Doc tried to again participate in the races, but it was rejected in favor of rookies. Finally, Doc tells Flash to complete the road and leave the city.
The next morning, he just finished repairing the road, McQueen decided to give back to all the inhabitants of Radiator Springs, including letting makeover. In the evening they organize a party in his honor, in which Sally and Flash are discovering a passion, but are interrupted by the arrival of a crowd of journalists and vehicles of all kinds, including Mack, who picked Flash to take the place of the race. Sally is very disappointed to discover that this is Doc who briefed the press and the whole city is affected departure Flash.
During the race, California, Flash does not stop to remember Sally and Radiator Springs. Immersed in his memories, he quickly outdistanced its competitors until a good portion of the inhabitants of Radiator Springs come join our team to support it, which gives it a tremendous boost. Doc, who came as Technical Director, took on the colors of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet he had when he was known, which does not fail to be noticed by everyone because of its great reputation. Guido also shows a tremendous help, managing to change the wheels Flash faster alone as a team.
All this encourages McQueen, who suddenly managed to regain the lead in the race, ahead Strip Weathers and Chick Hicks. But it is a bad loser and refuses to finish last, so it delivers a violent blow to the King, who made him lose control and it causes a serious accident. After several tons Strip Weathers stops in pieces. McQueen, who saw the crash, remembers Doc accident, which ended his career. A few meters from the finish, he pile on the brakes and stops just before the line, letting Chick Hicks win the race. Then he joined Strip Weathers and pushed to the finish line, for he finished his career with dignity.
Thanks to her cheating, Chicks Hicks won the Piston Cup , but was booed by the crowd. McQueen was offered his dream, offering Tex Dinoco him to join the team for the beauty of sportsmanship, but the heart of Flash has changed and he can not bear to leave the team Rust-eze to him set foot in the stirrup and brought him where he is.
After the race, Flash returns to Radiator Springs, where he decided to establish his headquarters racing and a racing museum in tribute to Doc. With Lightning McQueen, the city is experiencing a tourist boom, which revitalizes and Old Route 66 and is abandoned once again become a major road, being officially classified as “Historic Route 66”.
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Cars Movie Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
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