Over The Hedge Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed HD 720P


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Over The Hedge Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed HD 720P
Over the Hedge is a film of animation done by computer , based on the eponymous comic strip, created by Michael Fry and T. Lewis for United Media. Directed by Tim Johnson and Karey Kirkpatrick and produced by Bonnie Arnold, the film was released on May 19 of 2006 in the United States on July 7 of 2006 in Brazil and July 13 of 2006 in Portugal .
Produced by studio DreamWorks (which has produced Shrek and Madagascar ) and distributed by Paramount Pictures (due to recent acquisition that Paramount did DreamWorks), the film received free parental rating in almost every country where it was released.
Biggest names in cinema and televisão state-unidense like Bruce Willis , Nick Nolte , Steve Carell , Thomas Haden Church , Allison Janney , William Shatner , Garry Shandling, Wanda Sykes , Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara , emprestaram for their vozes personagens movie. The singer Canadian Avril Lavigne também emprestou his voice to the character of Heather, em WORKED in his first film.
Rj , a loner raccoon 20 years, has gotten in trouble while trying to steal food to Vincent, a Malay Bear enfadón chubby uncomfortably loud. Well, it now sends him amezándolo, to return it all, including the red and blue basket fridge, in just one week. Thus, going in search of food, he meets a group of boys who, after awakening from hibernation, are that there are endless hedge and across a seemingly hostile world. RJ sees in them the perfect subjects to cheat to help you collect all you need for humans in the time agreed. RJ invites you to meet human and falling into their trap customs collectors Family accepts. A verne , the leader of the family did not like the idea. Warning them of the danger; ignore it. RJ ends up becoming friends with collectors, fine, but with 2 RJ encounters difficulties: Gladys and Dwayne LaFountaine (trying to kill them). RJ gets his goal, very little. RJ disappoint his friends to escape, RJ gives a terrible sadness and comes to her aid. Eventually, RJ fails just food, but a family. The gang of collectors invites you to belong to his family and RJ accepts.
Riton, raccoon looking at all food prices. While it is locked to a packet of crisps stuck in the dispenser, he had the idea to go rob Vincent cave bear. Raccoon empties completely stock and tries to escape with his booty when the bear comes out of hibernation. In the end, the carriage down the slope of the hill to be hit by a truck. The bear then launches an ultimatum: he has a week to replace it all victuals lost otherwise, Vincent devour without mercy. Riton familiarize wild animals that live in a forest behind a bush of a house. After hibernation, animals seek food. Riton advise them to steal food from their neighbors, men. They begin to eat well for a feast of food, except Verne the turtle, which does not accept men steal food and distrusts Riton.


Over The Hedge Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed HD 720P

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)

Movie Size 892 MB

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