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Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow Free Download Dual Audio 300MB
The Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow is an animated film directly to video . It is the fifth in a series of animated films from Marvel Animation , based on Marvel Comics by Lions Gate Entertainment . It was released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 2, 2008. Retrieved December 29, 2010. The project was originally announced under the title Avengers Teen “and later changed to Avengers” Reborn. Later it was referred to as the “Upcoming Avengers” before receiving his full title. A preview film (in the Avengers title Renacer) was included in the DVD of the animated Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme . It is the first animated Marvel to be rated PG instead of PG-13 movies.
A battle against Ultron leaves the Avengers defeated, with six of the dead heroes in the fight, and the world at the mercy of the military machine Ultron. Captain America tells Iron Man / Tony Stark carrying the children of Avengers to a hidden above the Arctic Circle fortified underground shelter. Children are James Rogers (son of Black Widow and Captain America ), Henry Pym Jr. (son of Giant-Man and The Wasp ), Azari (son of the Black Panther and Storm ), and Torunn (daughter of absent Thor and Sif ).
Stark secretly raises and trains children for 12 years. One day Vision reach the refuge after hiding for over a decade of Ultron. He has come to tell Stark that Francis Barton, son of Hawkeye , is also alive.
While curious children to spy on Stark and vision, James accidentally activates a series of robots, Iron Man style, called ‘Iron Avengers’, which mimic the look and abilities of Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Thor , Black Widow and Giant Man. Because they are programmed to defeat Ultron after activation, take off to do so, after which they are detected by sensors that Ultron has around the world, revealing the location of the shelter. Ultron is directed to the shelter and pervasive. Stark, now dressed as Iron Man , is able to stop Ultron long enough for children to escape time, but is finally subdued and captured. Ultron is also able to reprogram the Iron Avengers to follow his orders.
Sneaking into Ultra City to rescue Stark, the four young Avengers meet Francis Barton, son of Hawkeye. They decide to team up with him and his group of resistance fighters to rescue his mentor.
The five escaped with Stark trap Ultron in his citadel, and head towards the desert, along with greater Betty Ross , where Bruce Banner ( Hulk ) has decided to hide and stay away from other people for their own safety. After he refuses to help them, James devises a plan to lure Ultron there and can cause Hulk appears and destroys the robot.
Young Avengers fight a losing battle with double mechanical from their parents, but they manage to wake Hulk, which expires at the Avengers Iron and ultimately destroys Ultron, splitting it in two. Ultron begins to rebuild itself, so Torunn decide to take your body in space, throwing the two pieces in opposite directions, ensuring that you can not rebuild. She almost drowned and frozen in the process, leading to his father, Thor , to rescue her and explain why the left on Earth. Thor Torunn invited to join him in Asgard , but Torunn chooses to return with his family to the Earth. As a parting gift, Thor sends it back to Earth with full armor of Asgard.
With Ultron finally defeated, the five young Avengers prepare to return to Ultra City, to deal with Ultron’s remaining forces and rescue the population.
The Avengers had children: James Rogers (son of Captain America and Black Widow) , Henry Pym Jr. (son of Giant and Wasp ), Azari (son of the Black Panther and Storm of the X-Men ) and Thorun (daughter of Thor and Sif ). When the children were still small, the team was defeated by the robot Ultron , who rebelled against the humans and their creator Iron Man and dominated the Earth with an army of destructive machines built.
To protect your children fight, the Avengers sent them to a safe haven, under guard Tony Stark, the secret identity of Iron Man. Years later, the children are in pre-teen age and do not know much about what happened to the parents unless the majority died, according to the stories they hear of Tony Stark. And are angry and impatient. One day the refuge receives a visit from a damaged Vision, the android Avenger. Tony takes you to his lab to fix it, without knowing that children follow and invade the place. Unintentionally they activate other robots built by Tony, called “Iron Avengers”. The robots initiate your schedule and go to Ultra City, to fight Ultron. The enemy easily subdues the attack of the robots, overlapping your schedule to Tony. He discovers the secret hiding place and invades. Tony barely have time to secure the escape of the children with the help of vision, but he ends up captured by Ultron. The robotic villain then want to know more about the children whom he never knew.
The kids decide to go to the city of Ultron to rescue Tony, but are defeated and almost killed, if only saved by the intervention of Francis Barton, son of Hawkeye and Harpy , and belongs to a group of human refugees. Among these is Betty Ross , who tells them about the Hulk . The children of the Avengers with Betty go after the green giant, trying to get her help and set a trap to capture Ultron. But following it is revealed that Francis Barton has a sister named Lucy (daughter of Hawkeye and Black Widow ) who is a friend of Hank Jones (son of Rick Jones and She-Hulk ), Ben Stark (son of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts ) and Jake (son of Thor and Jane Foster )
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