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My Neighbor Totoro [1] ( となりのトトロ Tonari no Totoro ? ) is an animated Japanese of 1988 , directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli . The story focuses on the lives of two young sisters, Satsuki and Mei, who move with their father in a rural village to live closer to the mother of the girl child, hospitalized. In the new reality, the sisters make the acquaintance of supernatural beings, including Totoro, and mature, learning respect for nature [2] .
In Italy he landed September 18 2009 , at twenty-one years after the first projection Japanese [3] .
The film was very well received. In 1988 he won the ‘ Animage Anime Grand Prix , and the following year he won the award in the category of Best Film at the Mainichi Film Concours . The character Totoro was so popular as to be later used for the logo of Studio Ghibli. In 2008 , the British magazine Empire placed it at number 275 in the list of the 500 greatest films in the history.
The Mei and Satsuki Kusakabe sisters move with their father to a rural village in the interior of Japan, in order to be near his mother, who is recovering in a hospital . Satsuki is ten years old, and his sister, six. Animated with the change, they run and play around the new house, exploring and admiring the place with the forest surroundings.
Satsuki begins to attend the local school, and also takes care of the housework, while father is away on business, with the help of neighbors – Nanny, an elderly woman and her grandson Kanta, the same age as Satsuki. Mr. Kusakabe working in the city (there is no direct indication as to which is their job, but it is suggested that he is a professor at a college), and Nanny takes care of Mei in his absence. Kanta shown initially aloof towards Satsuki, but the two eventually become friends.
Throughout the day, the two sisters begin to get in touch with the magical beings that inhabit the place: on the first day of change, Mei is frightened by “Dustbunnies” – dust balls that occupy abandoned houses and flee when the new owners arrive. She tries to pick one of them to show the adults in the house, but the creature becomes just dust in his hands. Later, she is playing in the garden, while his father works at home and Satsuki is at school, and sees a creature resembling a rabbit, carrying a sack on his back. Curious and excited, she runs after him, running mysterious ways inside the forest to fall upon another creature, a larger version of the first, and that he was sleeping in a tree.
Mei ends up waking the creature, and innocently asks for his name: with a deep voice, and visibly drowsy, magical beings speak something like “TO-RO-RU” (English troll ), but Mei can not pronounce correctly, and believes he is called TOTORO.
Satsuki and her father did not believe in the encounter with Totoro – Mei is found sleeping in the woods near the house, and they think she just dreamed of this adventure. But both end up encouraging the girl, and tell him that she must have found a protective forest spirit.
On a rainy night, Satsuki and Mei waiting for the father, who is returning to coach his job. They get worried when he did not appear at the expected time, and decide to wait until Mei ends up falling asleep. Without alternatives, Satsuki puts her on her back and awaits the arrival of his father. Sometime later, Totoro appears, as also was waiting for something. Satsuki notices that he is getting wet because of the rain, and offers the umbrella she carried to her father. In gratitude, Totoro gives them a package made of leaves, seeds and containing hazelnuts, and embarks on Nekobasu, another mysterious being – a bus in cat form, with several legs, which runs winding through the hills and trees. Soon after, Mr. Kusakabe arrives on another bus, and apologizes for the delay. The three animated run back home.
The girls plant the seeds and hazelnuts on a bed, but plants refuse to bloom. On a full moon night, they wake up and see Totoro dancing around the construction site, and run to join him. And as they dance, the plants sprout and grow like magic, forming a giant camphor tree. Totoro takes them to the top of the tree, and spend the rest of the evening practicing the flute. The next day they wake up again in his room, and small shoots appear in the flowerbed.
When worsening health of her mother and prevent her from going to their new home, both girls are desperate. Mei disappears, decided to go alone to the hospital and give it to your mother an ear of corn gathered herself, and ends up getting lost. A search to find it is organized and involves the whole community – Nanny, edging and other neighbors do desperate searches. Satsuki runs the streets where his sister could have followed, and asks people to lie saw the girl, but without success. Crying and without having to turn to, Satsuki runs into the woods, and after going through the same magical paths that Mei was followed, in the first encounter with Totoro, she finds him and asks to help her find the girl.
Totoro smiles and takes her to the top of the tree, which calls the Nekobasu with his powerful voice. Satsuki boards, slightly suspicious and frightened, and the bus-cat Mei takes up that tired and not knowing what to do, I was crying the side of a road. The two sisters are asking for the Nekobasu the light to see his mother.
At the hospital, Mr. Kusakabe conversation with his wife, who is upset this happened – in fact, she had only a mild flu, and some days would discharge. As they talk, she has the impression of having heard the voice of his daughters in the window and Mr. Kusakabe rises to verify – there is no one at the window, but he finds an ear of corn in planter. Hiding in a tree, Mei and Satsuki see mom smiling and conclude that all is well.
This is a story about how two girls nine and four years, Satsuki and Mei meet the guardian spirit of the forest Totoro. The family moved to the village, and the girls are starting to open up a new world – a village house, surroundings, nature. The house is so old that is close to collapse. In it are found even perfume – black blackie, susuvatari . Mother of the family is in the hospital and at the time of her illness all the work around the house falls on the shoulders of his father and eldest daughter Satsuki. Soon restless younger sister Satsuki, Mei meets a small forest spirit, who unwittingly leads her to a larger spirit, and then to a giant Totoro – keeper of the forest, who lives nearby. Later Satsuki meets Totoro when girls are waiting for his father at the bus stop.
Totoro gives girls small bundle of bamboo leaves, in which lie the seeds. Girls planted seeds in the garden, and at night Totoro helps them to germinate. The next day, the hospital report that the mother will not be able to go home for the weekend. Upset May quarrels with her ​​older sister and she goes to her mother, but the road is lost. Concerned residents of the neighborhood and Satsuki seek it everywhere, but to no avail. Then, at the request Totoro Satsuki helps find her. Kotobus relates to hospital Sitikoku girls, and girls see that with my mom all right.
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