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Grave of the Fireflies ( 火垂るの墓 Hotaru no haka ? ) is an animated Japanese in the 1988 semi-autobiographical based on the story by Akiyuki Nosaka .
Written and directed by Isao Takahata , co-founder of lesser-known Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli , presenting a vision harrowing and intensely neorealist of the personal stories of a boy and a girl defenseless against the horror of war.
The film was presented in conjunction with My Neighbor Totoro by Miyazaki . For the rawness of his images, Grave of the Fireflies film became a very controversial and little-publicized, but had great success in Japan . In Italy it was distributed only in the circuit home video from Yamato Video .
Fireflies in the title are almost the only positive note on a night that does not end even with the end of the war. In 2005 it was produced a version of live action with the participation of Mao Inoue and Nanako Matsushima .
On the evening of September 21, 1945 , in the lobby of the train station in Kobe, a boy dying of hunger among the indifference of passers-by. All you have is just a tin box containing small fragments of bones. When the box is thrown away by an attendant, it is the ghost of a little girl, soon joined by the boy. So begins the flashback that tells their story.
In June of 1945 in Kobe the horror of the Second World War hits the young Seita is forced to escape to the air-raid shelter with the rest of the population of his village by taking charge of his sister Setsuko. Forced to separate from his mother, while his father is engaged as an officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy (alluded to the fact that it probably fell in battle), runs away from home with almost no understanding of what is happening: the beginning was amazed to see that the planes do not drop bombs but explosive incendiary. Only when the wooden houses around him begin to burn fully understand the actions of the Americans .
During his pilgrimage to the city razed to the ground he goes to school in search of her mother. While her sister is taken under the care of an acquaintance, Seita finds his mother largely burned and covered with bandages. He sees then die before his eyes, and when he comes out of school he can only tell a small lie to Setsuko. From that day the little will not ask for nothing more than to see his mother, but each time with an apology the guy always manages to reassure her and to hide the truth.
Seita heads to the home of an aunt in a nearby village, and receives a warm welcome. The woman seems very helpful and offers them shelter and food. Seita then believed to have found a place to stay, but when food becomes scarce, the aunt proves very hard against him and the boy feels compelled to leave the house. The character of the aunt is characterized by a strong devotion to the imperial cause .
The two then move to a shelter near a lake and a bit ‘of time are able to live through that they were able to buy rice and other products they had left in their old house. But soon the food ends up back with the money and left the young man is no longer able to buy food, the war has led to forced rationing of supplies and no one can help him.
Thus begins the difficult times and Seita is forced to move away from the shelter to look for food coming to rob the peasants, who beat up hard, and plunder the homes of the displaced during enemy attacks. In this time Seita attends the fast decay of the small Setsuko who now do not laugh and do not play like they used to, but spends his days sleeping and complain. When Seita the door to the doctor, this tells him that the child is undernourished and the only thing they need is food, not drugs.
Finally, one day, returning from the usual pilgrimage to the city, Seita finds out she goes to the bank by the citizens, the Empire of Japan surrendered unconditionally and that the fleet was sunk, including the cruiser where he was the father. So also the father died, the boy escapes suffering realizing that he and his sister were the only ones left of the family, without a home to go to.
Going back to the shelter, Seita finds his sister dying in his bed. The small is intent on sucking marbles by exchanging them for candy and asks his brother if he wants the rice balls that are actually made of mud. The guy can not help but groped to nourish it with watermelon, but it’s too late.
Thus, when the war ends and life begins slowly, Seita is forced to cremate his sister alone and say goodbye, surrounded by hundreds of fireflies dancing in the air. Finally after a few days even Seita, now prostrate, dies.
Since then many years have passed and Kobe is now made up of modern skyscrapers, but in the evening on the hill that overlooks the city you can still see Seita and Setsuko together again, sitting on a bench surrounded by fireflies.
The plot of “Tomb of fireflies” is based on the relationship between the two children- orphans  – Saito boy and his younger sister Setsuko. Duration – the end of the Second World War . Children have lost their mother during the bombing produced by Americans in Kobe , and their father, who served in the Imperial Japanese Navy , also died. As a result, children are forced to survive on their own. Saito is trying to establish a normal life and for some time with her ​​sister finds refuge with her ​​aunt, but she refers to children unfriendly, and eventually Setsuko Saito and go out of her house. They settled in the abandoned shelters on the river, but after a while Setsuko ill. Death of sister (September 2, 1945. Or later) actually puts an end to the life of her older brother – the film starts with a scene where the soul Saito sees his own death in a train station in Kobe – September 21, 1945.
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