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Madagascar Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Keyart with text for Madagascar
The movie is about four animals the zoo in Central Park , New York , (Alex the Lion , Marty the Zebra , Gloria the hippo and Melman the giraffe ) who spent his life in captivity, one Marty as a birthday wish go to the jungle (because he saw the penguins dig holes towards Antarctica .), but his friends tell him he’s crazy, that the zoo has it all. Then, Marty tries to go to Miami (where it is assumed that there are free spaces) but his friends came to stop it. They are then surrounded by police who sleep with tranquilizer darts and the zoo takes. Environmentalists want these animals are free and are free so take them in boxes to Africa but the penguins decide to take the boat to Antarctica . After a fight got the boat to lean to one side pulling the boxes containing animals leading them to Madagascar where they think it’s San Diego after King Julien (Madagascar King) tells them is Madagascar and presents the jungle. Alex starts to go wild because of their obsession with steaks and wants to eat your friends. Then comes the boat with penguins and Marty decides to bring Alex but is attacked by tanks then all his friends came to help until they could put Alex back in his normal state, then would return to the zoo on the boat but it has no gasoline .
The main protagonists of the film are Alex , a lion , Martin , a zebra male, Gloria , a hippo and female Melman a giraffe hypochondriacal male four animals in the zoo in Central Park in New York , neighbors fence and inseparable friends, and the lion is peaceful, well-fed steaks by veterinarians. Alex is also at the center of the zoo since before humans, on a visit to his fence, he performs and dancing animal is the star of the city, or the “King of New York,” as the name of art.
One day, the birthday of Martin as an adult as his friends, a group of penguins Skipper formed by the boss, Rico, Kowalski and Soldier, even their animals in the zoo, they try to escape to the ‘ Antarctica digging a tunnel, but, being impossible, they end up in the wrong precinct of Martin, whom they mention in their secret escape plan. Martin begins to think of the world as natural outside of the walls of the zoo and would like to get away too, as the desire of his birthday. It seems that his three friends have managed to change his mind, but on the night Martin escapes and Alex, Gloria and Melman go to find him to bring him back.
Of wild animals in the middle of New York did not go unnoticed, and in fact the central station an old athletics beat Alex in the wild, as they arrive at the police , the chief animal control and fire departments that isolate them. Alex tries to talk to the sapiens (so animals called men), but they misinterpret his movements and think who wants to attack them, the animals fall asleep with darts anesthesia and capture them together with the two penguins and monkeys and Phil Mason, who will have followed from the zoo.
The animals are then sent by ship in a nature reserve in Africa Kenya . During the trip the ocean penguins, after knowing the destination from the apes the cartel (which evolved as mammals know how to read), but fail to open the lock of his chest with a paper clip to spit Rico, and knocked the captain , take control of the ship and headed for Antarctica. But, in the excitement of the maneuvers , crates Martin, Alex, Gloria and Melman spilling into the sea and then they will find themselves on a beach that will later be African island of Madagascar . Thinking about San Diego is just beginning, Martin is happy to live in nature and little savannah of Madagascar, while seeing that it is threatened by the beasts and carnivorous fossa, with their leader Ferox.
Here are also the protagonists of lemurs , led dall’autoproclamato King Julien XIII, a lemur histrionic but nice, who, accompanied by two directors, namely, the aye-aye Maurice and Mort microcebo pygmy, lives with his fellows over a giant baobab, where there is also a plane crashed and caught dead men, in which they make the meetings between herbivores and the place where lemurs can take objects used by humans. Julien is forced to give up the domain across the beach because of the pit, which devour his companions and interrupt their rural festivals, but after Ferox see Alex and he escapes with his fellows to his view, the lemur decides to become a friend of the new lion and other animals, to be defended by them, and welcomes players with heat.
After a day of strife between Alex and Martin, the first since he wanted to return to New York, the two make peace and the lion begins to adapt to nature while trying to turn it into a city, because it is hungry for days and do not eat more steaks by men. Meanwhile, the penguins, with the monkeys that are locked away in the boilers of the ship not to feel cold, arriving in Antarctica, but what they discover how unnatural that the ice is not for them and they decide to go back to New York, always with the ship.
Alex Martin reconciled and made merry in the open space of Madagascar, doing suspicious Ferox and taking the same lemurs safe, but in the course of nature we rediscover the animal instincts of the characters and their friendship is put to the test by hunger Alex . In fact, the lion, mesmerized and thinking of seeing steaks instead of animals, given that one does not eat for days, before the lemurs and the hidden pit, Martin bites on my ass. Martin question to Alex because he has bitten. But even Alex can not comprehend such a thing. Maurice finally intervenes, explaining that Alex is an animal just like the carnivorous fossa and that his place is only between those who follow its nature as carnivores. Martin denies such a thing, but at that moment the hunger takes over on Alex making him have visions that his friends are steaks and attacks Julien and his subjects. Maurice Julien and took refuge on a palm strike Alex with a coconut before they could jump on Martin on the run.
The coup fails to awaken from hypnosis Alex hunger. Alex grieves for his behavior could not understand what he’s getting and then flees the area of ​​the pit in a rock shelter only aware that there knows he can not do more harm to Martin and his friends. Martin, Melman and Gloria, they return to the beach and they too sad for Alex. Martin is saddened by what happened to Alex, realizing that nature as he had imagined did not correspond to reality. He feels responsible for everything that has happened. But then they see the protagonists reach the ship on which they were loaded days ago, now piloted by the penguins, starting from Antarctica to New York and going to those parts in the sea, they stopped in Madagascar, seeing Gloria and others that they were called to the beach passing by and wanting them to help. Given that Martin went to get Alex to take him to the ship, Gloria believes that you want to kill, and so the penguins are organizing a rescue plan in which she also co-operate and Melman. Martin, who arrived in the territory of the pit, trying to convince Alex to be friends again, but Ferox and the pit, seeing the zebra as a herbivore, attack him and chase him to tear him to pieces, however, comes Melman who saves him, while Gloria and Penguins struggle against carnivores.
Unfortunately, the pit are many and it seems to be over for them, as well as monkeys and lemurs just arrived. Suddenly, however, comes Alex, convinced Martin to go back to being his friend, pretends to ditch his friends were his prey, scaring them. The territory of the pit and the beach became possessions of the lemurs, now free and moved, while their King Julien, to thank Alex brought peace in the island, offers the lion his crown of leaves, putting a crown-tulip more big, now that his kingdom has expanded, and perhaps farther decide to come up with the stars in New York, leaving the command to Steve, the gecko orange mute, but gifted, which is on his new crown.
During the feast of lemurs, penguins do eat a fish with Alex and him, savoring it, says it is better than meat, and therefore will not eat more steak, but only fish, returning peacefully. So apologizes to Martin, who as a gift for him, he decides to go back to the zoo, having achieved its ultimate goal to adapt to environments free, as did his friends. The four protagonists climb the ship back to New York, along with monkeys, lemurs greet them but as you can see the penguins still on the beach, not because they told him that the ship had stopped because he had run out of fuel.
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Madagascar Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
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