Aladdin and the King of Thieves Free Download 300 MB

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Aladdin and the King of Thieves Free Download 300Mb
Aladdin and the King of Thieves is an animated film of Disney ‘s 1996 , the third installment of the saga after Aladdin and The Return of Jafar and also after the course of the television series .
During the ceremony of their wedding, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine discover that they are the target of a raid by the famous Forty Thieves, led by a man named Cassim. Although Aladdin, Jasmine and the rest of their gang manage to successfully stop the attack and send back via the thieves, they can not avoid that marriage is ruined. Aiming to discover the reason why they came up to Agrabah, Aladdin finds a strange scepter (the king of the Forty Thieves tried to steal) among the wedding gifts. The scepter contains an oracle, able to see into the past and into the future, but can only respond to one question per person.
Overwhelmed by the desire of knowledge to its ancestors, Aladdin asks the oracle of his father. The oracle replied that he must follow the trail left by the Forty Thieves, Aladdin, saying that his father is “trapped in their world.” Aladdin understands well that is their prisoner. Arrived at their hiding place turns out that it is not a prisoner but their leader: Cassim, the King of Thieves, the man with whom he had fought during the marriage. Family or not, Aladdin has crossed the border of their territory and must be killed. Cassim, however, suggests to Aladdin to face “the Challenge”, a rite of initiation, where he must defeat another one of the Forty Thieves and take his place. He manages to win against Sa’luk , one of the fiercest brigands, and wins a place among the thieves. It is then that he discovers the real reason for the raid: Cassim discovered the existence of the Hand of Midas , a powerful artifact that can transform anything it touched with gold. Cassim believed that, with the Hand, he could return to his family and give them the life they deserved instead of living on the street; for this he designed the assault on the palace in order to obtain the oracle and to ask a question on Hand.
Aladdin convinces her father to return to the palace as his guest for a while ‘, is happy to spend time with his son. The desire of the Hand, however, is too strong, and ends up stealing the oracle and get caught by the guards of the palace. Aladdin helps his father to flee, but is recognized by the captain of the guard, and he is forced to leave the city with Cassim and Iago. Aladdin unlike his father, he decides that it is right to take some responsibility and back from her Jasmine, and Iago and Cassim return to the den of the Forty Thieves. There they discover that Sa’luk is still alive, and who has since become the leader. Cassim manage to regain power by showing everyone the oracle, which tells them the exact position of Hand of Midas: The Vanishing Island. The island is made up of a large marble building that contains the Hand, built on top of the shell of a sea turtle that occasionally emerges always in a different place.
Iago manages to escape from the group and lead Aladdin and Jasmine by Cassim. Reconcile themselves and reach their own hand when the turtle is beginning to submerge. Suddenly they are attacked by Sa’luk, and after an arduous struggle, trying to escape by flooding the building. Cassim throws the Hand Sa’luk, who did not know the legend, grabs and turns into a gold statue. At the end of the movie, Aladdin and Jasmine finally get married, accepts the parrot Iago and Cassim as a traveling companion and run again for the world.
It is a revived version of “The Nights of the Orient” and is shown as the story of Aladdin will end just as it had begun, with the merchant appeared in the first chapter.
Aladdin and the King of Thieves Free Download 300Mb
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
Movie Size 297 MB
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