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Lego The Adventures of Clutch Powers Free Download
LEGO – Adventures of Clutch Powers is a film based on the series of toys LEGO , directed by Howard E. Baker . The plot of the film focuses on a group of several men who must work together to save the world from destruction.
The film begins with the Thunder Driller (a kind of mine.) In it appears a man called Clutch Powers who is looking for a crystal of power. Clutch sees a wide variety of crystals, but in the end his attention falls on a very large one. He grabs him and suddenly the Queen Rock Monster wakes up and chases him. Clutch build a catapult, it shoots above the Queen and ends up stuck in a grotta.Tuttavia Clutch discovers that the crystal was actually the puppy of the Rock Monster Queen. Realizing his mistake, Clutch returns the child to the Queen, apologizing for his actions and stated that he only wanted a crystal. Understanding the point, the Queen gives Clutch a real power crystal and allows him to leave. Clutch returns to Lego City and gives the crystal to his boss Kjeld Playwell that assigns some new teammates: Brick Masterson firefighter specialist and demolition expert; Peg Mooring, a biologist, and Bernie von Beam, an engineer. By using the crystal to turn on supercomputers, Playwell inform the new team of an accident in the Space Police prison planet about the detention of the three super criminals in the galaxy Lego. Clutch Powers and his team accepted the mission, despite the lack of cooperation and the intention of Clutch work alone. Meet Arthur ‘Artie’ Fol, who is a big fan of Clutch Powers. Artie creates for the team a spaceship that will transport them to the prison planet. When the journey begins Peg Clutch is alone in a room and discovers that he has had a troubled past with her late father, Rock Powers. The two talk and Peg tries to reassure Clutch telling him that sooner or later will be able to find it. Brick interrupts to say that the two have come to the planet. Put their suits and astronauts enter the prison. They find that someone is stuck in one of the cells of the prisoners, but they are attacked by a magician, who blocks them with a spell, and that seems to be one of the criminals. The magician and the other criminals disappear and Clutch and his friends, once dissolved the spell, release the prisoner from the cell, which is none other than the commander. Unfortunately, criminals steal the ship of the group and destroy other ships. The Captain of the Guard scolds the team for their lack of cooperation. Feeling guilty, Clutch decides to take action and build a new ship for the team. During the return trip, the team is informed by Playwell that the symbol found on the book of the deceased father of Clutch refers to Omega, one of the two criminals led by the evil wizard, and that criminals have gone their separate way in ‘universe. Playwell also informs the team that the evil wizard who planned the escape is nothing more than the evil Mallock, notorious for terrorizing a planet medievale.Vengono informed that Mallock was defeated by the ruler of the planet, sacrificing his own life, had guaranteed the security of his kingdom, and the task of governing to his son, Prince Varen (despite the lack of ability to Varen in battle). Playwell orders Clutch and the team to go to the planet to recapture Mallock. After a long journey the team manages to reach the planet, but the ship (led by brcik) throws accidentally down Lego-Henge (a spoof of Stonehenge). They go down and take refuge in a medieval camp, but not after having sighted a group of skeletons armed march through the woods, you realize that Mallock has formed stranglehold with a large army. Clutch goes in search of the castle of Prince Varen to convince him to fight against Mallock. Meanwhile, Peg, Brick, Bernie and try to create a war chariot. Meanwhile, in the fortress of Mallock, the magician is discovered the presence of the team and orders his two henchmen skeleton, Skelly and Bones, follow Clutch so they can find the prince and golden sword. Meanwhile, in the forest, Clutch is about to cross a bridge, but a troll named Hogar refuses to let him pass the order to solve three riddles. While Clutch is able to solve the puzzles, Skelly and Bones reach it. Hogar try to avoid the skeletons but not succeeding is forced to eat (at the moment) Clutch and run away to a secret entrance that deceives the skeletons. Once sown Skelly and Bones, Hogar Clutch spits out of his stomach and shows him the kingdom of Prince Varen, telling him the story of his father and the golden sword. Hogar also tells that he was the only troll’s team that is the kingdom and was assigned the task of protecting Varen. Back at camp, medieval, Bernie falls in love with Peg, Brick trains and Peg explores the area, but later befriends a dragon. In the kingdom, meanwhile, Clutch meets Prince Varen and tries to teach him how to wield the sword of gold, but Varen, not ruscendoci, gets angry with him. Clutch explains that he was just trying to help him, but he refuses Varen, confessing to be afraid of Mallock. Desolate, Clutch, back to camp and discovers that a dwarf will help them to stop Mallock on their own. At the end of the Prince Varen, encouraged by Hogar, decides to lend a hand in the battle against Mallock. Varen and Clutch come sneaking in the back of the castle of Mallock, while on the front Peg (travestitada Varen) guide the military. Unfortunately, Mallock discover their moves and traps Clutch and Varen in a cage of bones suspended over a river of lava. Meanwhile the army of skeletons has led the Knights to retreat. Back in the castle, Mallock created a sort of screen in front of the clouds to show everyone that Clutch and Varen will be killed unless the golden sword is not given to him. Having no choice, Hogar brings the case of the sword to Mallock, so can release Clutch and Varen, but discovers that the box is empty. Enraged, Mallock Hogar strikes and throws it back to the door of the castle Varen, leaving him trapped. Clutch (Cage) creates a message with the bones to the team so they can find the courage to rely on themselves. Peg, seeing the message, lifts your spirits to others, and in addition encourages Bernie (with a kiss) to rebuild the wagon that had been destroyed. The new wagon looks like a jeep at high speed and so you dirogono the castle. Meanwhile, the knights attack again the skeleton army. Back in the castle, Peg finally calls the dragon to break the cage, freeing Clutch and Varen. The two arrive at the gate, where they find the golden sword that had been left earlier. Varen finally decides to confront Mallock to ensure the safety of his kingdom. Varen uses the golden sword to fight Mallock. Brick uses a jetpack and lands in the fortress of Mallock and fights with Skelly and Bones. Despite Brick was outnumbered against Skelly and Bones, Bernie helps him by throwing a hard skeletons that are affected. Inside the fortress, meanwhile, Mallock mocks Varen. However, the Prince finally gathers enough power in the sword which then unleashes all his power, so as to strike Mallock. Seizing the opportunity, Varen Mallock traps with a glowing chain. Defeated Mallock, Varner becomes the new king. After the defeat of Mallock, Hogar was released and the skeletons disappear. The team of Clutch and the Knights celebrate their victory. With peace now declared, Varen crowned, and then thanked Clutch and his team are to be faithful and for being part of the team. The team returns to Lego City, with Mallock now imprisoned, allowing the authorities to send Mallock to the Planet Prison. Congratulating the team for their efforts, Playwell tells them that Omega and the other unnamed criminal are still free, and that they got reports relating to their position on another planet. At the end part of the team for new adventure to catch the criminals were.
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Lego The Adventures of Clutch Powers Free Download
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
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