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A Bug's Life Free Download Full HD English & Hindi Dubbed
A Bug’s Life (stylized as a bug’s life) is a 1998 American computer-animated comedy adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Directed by John Lasseter and co-directed by Andrew Stanton, the film involves a misfit ant, Flik, who is looking for “tough warriors” to save his colony from greedy grasshoppers. Flik recruits a group of bugs that turn out to be an inept circus troupe. Randy Newman composed the music for the film, which stars the voices of Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Hayden Panettiere, David Hyde Pierce, Joe Ranft, Denis Leary, Jonathan Harris, Madeline Kahn, Bonnie Hunt, Brad Garrett, and Mike McShane.
The film is a retelling of Aesop’s fable The Ant and the Grasshopper with Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai being a heavy influence on the plot. Production began shortly after the release of Toy Story in 1995. The screenplay was penned by Stanton and comedy writers Donald McEnery and Bob Shaw. The ants in the film were re-designed to be more appealing, and Pixar’s animation unit employed new technical innovations in computer animation. During production, the filmmakers became embroiled in a public feud with DreamWorks due to a similar film, Antz.
A Bug’s Life was released to theaters on November 25, 1998 by Walt Disney Pictures and was a box office success, surpassing competition and grossing $363,398,565 in receipts. The film received positive reviews from film critics, who commended the storyline and animation. The film has been released multiple times on home video.
Colony of ants living on a small island in the midst of a dried-up river bed, exposed to constant attacks gang of locusts extort edibles. Each harvest season forced ants collecting food not only for themselves but also for them. Once, when the next batch of food has already been collected and expected early arrival of the gang , an ant named Flik, ​​inventor, visionary, when testing a homemade mechanical harvester accidentally pushes the collected food in the creek. Gang arrived in the person of their leader Hopper puts ants condition for the remainder of the season to make up the loss. But after arisen conflict where Flick was trying to protect from bullying Hopper’s youngest daughter Queen – Princess Douro, the amount of food required to collect ants is doubled. Hopper says the ants that the gang back when, he said, with a growing tree will fall on the island last page (ie autumn).
Next Flick appears before the council of the colony, he endure censure for his actions. Princess Atta experiencing uncertainty over the fate of this ant. Flick says that he can try to find insects that provide protection from the gang. The Council sees this proposal only chance to get rid of the hapless Flick and enthusiastically accept it.
Arriving in the “city” of insects, flick faces troupe strange circus artists, whose last appearance ended in disaster. Flick it seems that they are the ones who need it. In turn, the artists think that the ant wants to invite them on a tour to the island. Together they arrive in the colony , where they are greeted as heroes who put an end to the threat.
However, it soon becomes aware Flick, who actually are these insects and circus understand why they have been invited to the island. Insects are going to leave, and Atta, overheard snatches of conversation and Flick circus, begins to suspect that something was wrong. However, after the successful rescue of these insects her younger sister Dora from hungry birds it changes his mind and begins to think that they may still be able to stop the locusts.
Meanwhile, the gang based in the desert brother Hopper Brain offers robbers not to take ants collected food as locusts are already stored more than enough victuals. Hopper, wanting to reason his arrogant brother and maintain its credibility in the gang, explains to his cronies that if they stop bully ants, confiscating their food, ants will rise and throw off the yoke of locusts. Led by its leader, the gang sent to the island after their prey.
Meanwhile, accidentally discovered that Hopper is afraid of birds, Flick invites members of the colony to build a layout with a view to scare birds bandits. Ants suspend work on gathering food to bring this project to life (of course, not without the help of circus). After the completion of the creation of the layout ants feast and fun swing. They sure will be able to pay using psevdoptitsy robbers in ignominious flight. But in the midst of celebration for them, out of the blue, suddenly falls down a very unpleasant surprise: the colony comes troupe leader Emil Bloch, everywhere looking for their missing artists , once dismissed by him, as a result of which the ants unwittingly find out the truth about them . Outrageously deception Flick Atta expels him from the colony. It goes along with the circus actors. And at this time last leaf just fallen from a tree. Ants start to panic, they hide “bird” and hastily made ​​for the collection of food. But they just do not have time to collect the amount that requested the gang. Arriving in the colony and not finding his tribute angry locusts captures anthill and requires at its disposal to provide all edibles available on the island.
Dora overhears plans bandits where they are going to kill the Queen, and in a hurry to catch up with Flick and artists. She convinces them to come back and bring a plan with bird performance and simultaneously save the queen from death. Layout birds successfully performs its task  – and frightened gang is about to retreat, when suddenly the whole venture spoils Emil Bloch, accidentally burning layout with petrol and burning match.
Enraged Hopper gives the task to his insane gang members – grasshopper Cheburashka – severely punish Flick, and the grasshopper, following an order master, mercilessly beat ant. Tattered Flick encourages ant colony throw off the yoke of the gang and forever banish her ​​away. Colonia heard this fiery appeal to all its population attacking bandits and chase them, but Hopper, even a prisoner of war, did not think so just give up. His goal – the destruction of the Flick directly as the instigator and ringleader ant rebellion. (At this time, has started to rain.) He escapes from captivity, and have enough ant flies, despite trying to prevent him from circuses. But then it interferes with Atta, who hurriedly intercepts Flick in Hopper. The chase in the pouring rain, during which the ants lured locust gang leader to the Bird’s Nest. Flick helps atte hide, and he bravely came out to meet Hopper. He is preparing to once and for all deal with his opponent, but suddenly appears live bird (the same one who once nearly ate Douro); Hopper, believing that it is – another layout that lets joke about it until then, until the bird grabs him and feeds its chicks . Flik and Atta same time to escape.
After defeating Locust ants welcome back to the colony and Flick introduced into operation his sweeper. Attu proclaim new queen. The troupe is going back to his usual occupation – performances in the circus, and is serving a home. Together with artists and flies Brain, decided to engage with banditry and robbery and take the path of goodness and honesty.
The film is set between the years 2806 and 3000. Every year in the world of insects, ants are handled by the locusts, that every year require an amount of food. If ants do not meet this requirement, the locusts threaten to attack the nest. But in a certain year, all the ants did their work, collecting food and depositing them on top of a leaf, which in turn was balanced on some rocks outdoors. Flik a male ant always tries to help even if occasionally clumsy and makes various inventions which do not always work as expected, creates a prototype saw it would be to facilitate harvesting.
After a few hours of harvest and the invention of Flik be frowned upon by other ants, they realize that the locusts are coming and retreat into the nest. Flik, ​​who is the last to enter, leave your invention, still working, too close to the rocks that support the offering, which results in the destabilization of the stones and slip all the food of the offering into the stream. Flik tries to save the offering, but it’s pointless effort.
He quickly enters the nest with the intent to warn the Princess Atta disaster. She asks to speak after Flik. After a few seconds, grasshoppers can be heard complaining, and then invade the nest questioning about the food. Hopper, the leader of the grasshoppers, after put the blame on Atta, gives the ants a period of time to make an offering, which would end when the last leaf on the tree of Ant Island single drop.
Flik is tried in a court for what he did, so he volunteers to seek larger insects, which may expel the locusts, the court agrees, since it actually does not believe in Flik, ​​but think that leaving the island, never again .
Flik start your trip using a plant that floats in the wind for a few seconds.
The viewer is presented with a circus bugs, the presentation does not appeal to spectators (troublemakers flies) then the circus owner, PT Flea, attempts a last stand: a stunt in which all artists should be synchronized so that the two insects that play the role of cannon balls not die. They fail but who gets hurt is EN, which almost manages to escape. He then dismisses all artists.
Flik finally comes to the “big city” where to find the insects such warriors. Arrives at a bar (an old tin full of drunkards insects) which are coincidentally dismissed circus artists and the flies that were in the audience. These flies arrange fight with Francis, a male ladybug, due to an insult that they did in the circus.
The artists who are staging warriors to scare the flies. With the crowd formed, Flik is pushed out of the bar and sees the next scene, where insects can end up doing the run running scared. Flik thinks artists are true warriors and “hires” to defeat the locusts, but due to another misunderstanding, thinking that the circus will accept to make a circus show to grasshoppers and not fight them.
Flik and artists back flying (literally) to Ant Island, while Hopper and grasshoppers later decide to go there too early. On arrival you are greeted with celebration by unbelievers islanders.
After a theatrical presentation by young ants, circus artists realize the size of the misunderstanding you engaged and thus flee, but Flik convinces them to pretend just a little more, until he come up with a plan, after which Francis and save Dot from a hungry bird.
Based on the bird, Flik, ​​Princess Atta and Manny the mantis and leader of the circus performers, devise a plan to scare away the locusts: a bird made of leaves, cobwebs Rosie the black widow sticks and a walnut halved. Knowing that locusts are birds of prey, it would scare them.
All ants, plus the supposed warriors (except Francis, who was with the injured leg), construct the fake bird and fix it on the tree crown. But before finishing, PT Flea appears looking for his former employees and accidentally revealing the truth. The ants then hide the bird and rush to collect enough food for the grasshoppers. Flik is expelled from the island by Princess Atta, and goes along the insect circus.
The last leaf falls, and the ants are not ready yet, but the grasshoppers arrive. And Hopper obliges all the ants to bring all the food on the island.
Dot hears the plans of locusts to kill the Queen, once they have all the food, and she goes after Flik and the troupe of artists gang. She convinces them to go back and put the bird plan into action, with the help of her and other young ants. The model of bird scares the locusts, that almost beat a retreat to PT Flea, also thinking that the bird is real and seeing their employees as “seriously injured”, to intervene and put fire in the model.
Enraged, Hopper sends her crazy assistant Thumper attack Flik, ​​but Flik still manages to stand up and revive the other ants, grasshoppers saying that depend on ants food for their own survival, and not their slaves. The entire colony of locusts attacks the gang, forcing everyone to leave except Hopper. This is a cannon placed by the ants.
However, a thunderstorm begins, causing panic among the ants. Hopper holds Flik and flies, trying to kill him. Atta rescues Flik, ​​Hopper and the two draw closer to a bird’s nest. Hopper holds Flik and starts to strangle him, revealing his intention to return to the colony with more locusts. Flik is saved when the bird appears, grabs Hopper and gives food to her cubs.
Later, the colony adopts Flik prototype harvester to speed up the collection of corn. Atta becomes the new queen, the crown princess goes to Dot and chooses Flik as her boyfriend. While the artists are gone, Slim discovers that they have forgotten Sauerkraut, the caterpillar that emerges from the cocoon when made. He emerges from the cocoon and put out a couple of tiny butterfly wings too small to lift it off the ground, but is raised by Francis and Manny, and the troop (with Molt, Hopper’s brother, acting as assistant road ) part with the thanks of the ant colony. Dot joins Queen Atta and Flik (who are shown holding hands) saying goodbye.
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