Dragon Ball Super S01E02 English Dub 720P x265



Goku arrives at the planet of Kaiōsama where an arduous training begins, since in that planet the gravity is 10 times greater than the one of the Earth. Vegeta meets Trunks with the promise he made a while ago to take him to the amusement park (Ep 207 of Dragon Ball Z). Due to Vegeta’s bad mood, Bulma takes him to a restaurant to keep him at bay, but when he accidentally stains himself with the ink of a large squid, he almost loses control, destroying the place. At a nearby party, he loses sight of Bulma, and the people around him accidentally hit him during a dance, erupting in anger and leaving the place to go train. On the other hand, a being called Bills, the God of the Destruction, remembers to have dreamed with a powerful warrior and destroys a planet to try to remember its name, babbling the name “Super Saiyajin Phase God” . In the supreme planet, Rō Kaiō Shin feels an immense fear to learn that the god of destruction Bills has awakened.

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Movie Quality : 720P x265 10 Bit

Movie Size : 156 MB

Movie Language: English and Japanese (Dual Audio)

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