Coco English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P


Coco English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P

Coco (in Brazil , Viva – Life Is A Party ) [ 5 ] is a musical film of computer animation US in 2017 , produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures . [ 6 ] Based on an original idea of Lee Unkrich , the film is directed by Unkrich and co-directed by Adrian Molina. The story is about a boy of 12 years called Miguel Rivera who is accidentally transported to the underworld, where he seeks the help of his great-grandfather musician for him to take back to his family in the living world. [ 7 ]

The concept of the film is based on the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead . Coco was scripted by Molina and Matthew Aldrich from a story Unkrich, Jason Katz, Aldrich and Molina himself. The Pixar began developing the animation of the project in 2016; Unkrich and some of the filmmakers visited Mexico for inspiration. The composer Michael Giacchino , who has worked on other previous Pixar films such as The Incredibles , Ratatouille , Up and Cars 2 , composed the soundtrack. The dubbing film’s cast includes Anthony Gonzalez ,Gael García Bernal , Benjamin Bratt , Alanna Ubach , Renee Victor , Ana Ofelia Murguía and Edward James Olmos . It was the first film in cinema history with a box of nine digits to feature a cast entirely composed of Latino actors, with budget estimates ranging between US $ 175 and 200 million. [ 8 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Coco had its world premiere on October 20, 2017, during the International Festival of Cinema of Morelia in Mexico . [ 9 ] The film was released in Mexico theaters the following week, at the end of the week before the Day of the Dead and became the biggest movie box office of all time in the history of the country . [ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [ 13 ] It was released in the US on November 22, 2017, in the holiday Thanksgiving Day[ 14 ] , making it a financial success to raise overUS $682 million worldwide. [ 4 ] accountedUS $ 203.4 million in theUnited StatesandCanada, and the thirteenth highest grossing in the domestic market in the year and also occupying the thirteenth position among the most profitable films of 2017. [ 15 ] [ 16 ] It is the production seventh highest grossingPixar Animation Studios, surpassed only by Toy Story 3 , Finding Dory , Finding Nemo , Inside Out, Monsters University and Up . [ 17 ] Coco was acclaimed by the critics , who praised the animation, the vocal performances, the soundtrack, the songs, the emotional history and respect for the Mexican culture . He received two nominations for the Golden Globe in 2018 , being voted the Best Animated Feature , a category that also competed in 71 British Academy Film Awards . In the 90th Academy Awards , was nominated for Best Original Song for ” Remember Me ” and Best Animated Film .

The story is set in the fictional town of Santa Cecilia in Mexico. In the past, Amelia Rivera was the wife of a musician, who in turn left and Amelia Ines, the couple’s daughter, to pursue a musical career. Hurt by neglect, Amelia banned music in his family and opened a family business shoes. At present, Miguel Rivera, 12 year old great-grandson and Amelia, lives with his family, including the already old Ines, her great-grandmother. He secretly dreams of becoming a musician, and Ernesto de la Cruz, an actor and popular singer at the time that Amelia was abandoned. One day, Miguel accidentally destroys the Amelia photo frame in the center of family ofrenda and withdraws, finding that in this picture her husband (whose face was ripped) was holding the famous guitar Ernesto. Concluding that it is a descendant of Ernesto,Abuelita ) is annoyed by the revelation and breaks his guitar because he disobeyed the most important rule of the family: “no music”.

Heartbroken, on the eve of Day of the Dead, he goes to the museum of La Cruz to borrow your skull guitar, but to play the first chord, it becomes invisible to everyone in the village square. But he can see and be seen by Dante, a race street dog Xoloitzcuintli who welcomed the sly Abuelita, and their deceased relatives in skeleton form that came out of the Underworld to visit their families in Worlds of Living on holiday . Family members take Miguel to the Underworld after discovering that Amelia can not visit the living family because Miguel removed his photo ofrenda. Discovering that he was cursed for stealing from the dead one belongs – museum guitar Ernesto – Miguel must return to the World of the Living before sunrise, but he will be in the Underworld forever. To return, he must receive the blessing of a family member using a petal Aztec calêndito for the maldiçã be undone. Amelia offers his blessing to Miguel, but under the condition that he abandon his dream of being a musician when you return to the World of the Living. Miguel refuses to accept the condition and try to search for Ernesto’s blessing.

On the way Miguel ends up finding Hector, a trickster skeleton and bad luck in the past came to be Ernesto musical partner. Miguel mind to Hector saying it needs the blessing of Ernesto de la Cruz because it is his only relative in the Dead Worlds and therefore the only one who can make it back to the World of the Living. Hector, in turn, explains that all your living relatives, except for his daughter, the neglected and so do not put any picture on your ofrenda in the World of the Living. If anyone else in the World of the Living remember him, Héctor disappear. Both make an agreement: Héctor Miguel will help find Ernesto Miguel and in return put a picture of Hector in ofrendaRivera family. Héctor can get a guitar with his friend Chicharrón, an old bitter and bohemian skeleton that eventually disappears to have been forgotten by the inhabitants of the World of the Living. Meanwhile, relatives of the dead Miguel come out in search of him with the help of Pepita a alebrije similar to a feral cat that was domesticated by the family in the Underworld.

Miguel is presented along with Hector in a musical contest in the Underworld whose winner would have access to Ernesto mansion (both sing the song “Un Poco Loco”. But the family of Michael ends up giving the guys in the contest and Hector discovers that Miguel Ernesto lied about being his only relative in the Underworld. Angry, he tries to return to their families Miguel, but Miguel escapes, but not before confronting Amelia and blame her for their suffering because of the ban on music family, which leaves her saddened. With the help of the band that eventually won the contest, Miguel Ernesto manages to infiltrate the mansion and finally ends up meeting his idol, which eventually accepts Miguel as his great-grandson. But Hector also infiltrates the mansion and reveals that the old friendship between him and Ernesto deteriorated after he died. Hector confronts Ernesto and begs Miguel fulfill the agreement and put your photo on the ofrendaRivera family. After a lengthy discussion, Hector recalls that mysteriously died after taking an argument with Ernesto, where Hector had decided to give up his musical career return to his family. Ernesto, trying to dissuade him, offered him a drink, but shortly after Hector died. After Miguel recall a scene from a movie starring Ernesto in which the villain, Don Hidalgo, tries to poison the drink of the protagonist, Hector comes to the conclusion that Ernesto poisoned him and stole his guitar his songs, taking credit for them and using to become famous. After revealing a selfish, evil character person, Ernesto steals the picture and orders his guards play Miguel and Hector in an underground cave.

In the cave, and Hector Miguel realize that are great-grandson and great-grandfather, respectively, and Ines is the daughter of Hector and unique in the world of the living who still remember him. With the help of Dante – that in fact it is a alebrije – Amelia and Pepita save Miguel and Héctor the cave. Amelia gradually reconciles with Héctor Miguel after revealing that his great-grandfather was killed by Ernesto just when he tried to return to his family. But they still need to recover the photo Ernesto stole and, with the help of Frida Kahlo- Miguel who befriended before participating in the contest. The plan backfires and Ernesto Miguel plays from the top of his mansion tower. Pepita saved Michael’s death, but the photo of Hector (who was with Miguel) eventually disappears to fall into the water. Family killed Miguel can shoot and display Ernesto threatening to all the audience. After returning to the stage, Ernesto began to be booed by the audience, which happens to throw tomatoes and food in disgust. Miguel nugget and go to the stage, where Ernesto nugget capture and play against a giant bell. The bell has just crushing Ernesto, repeating how he died first.

As the sun rises, Hector runs the risk of being forgotten and disappear. Amelia finally blesses Miguel, allowing it to go ahead with the dream of being a musician, and he returns to the World of the Living. Desperate, he returns home and, after dodging their Abuelita, he locks himself in Ines’s room and tries to get her to remember Hector, at first without success. The living members of the Rivera family can unlock the door and Miguel, in a last attempt, he decides to play a song that Hector made in honor of Ines during her childhood. The song makes her remember Héctor and revitalizes to the pleasant surprise of Abuelita and other living family members. Ines gives Miguel torn piece Photo ofrendaWhich contains the face of Hector. Michael reconciles with Abuelita, which in turn finally accepts him back into the family and ends its ban on music in the family.

A year passes. With Miguel efforts, which received Ines the cards and letters from Hector songs that prove that he is the real author of the songs, the legacy of Ernesto is destroyed and the public that once worshiped Ernesto passes to worship Héctor. Meanwhile Ines died and finally was able to meet with Amelia and Hector in the Underworld. Miguel proudly presents the ofrenda his family to his youngest newborn sister (Miguel’s mother was pregnant during the time of previous events of the film). In the final scene, Héctor, Amelia Ines and the other dead members of the Rivera family visiting the living members of the Dead and Day holiday Miguel sings and plays his music to all your family (both the living and the dead).

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Coco English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P

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