Coco English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 300MB 480P


Coco English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 300MB 480P

Coco is a film American directed by Lee Unkrich inspired by the Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead , produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures in the year 2015 . His title was confirmed by Pixar’s 15 as August as 2015 at the D23 Expo. The 7 of January of 2018 he won the Golden Globe for best animated film.

Its world premiere was held at the International Film Festival of Morelia , 2017, the first time an animated film inaugurating the festival. On 20 October the same year was held the premiere gala at the Palacio de Bellas Artes , maximum enclosure of the arts in Mexico and its commercial premiere was on October 27, 2017 in Mexico and 22 November 2017 in U.S. The film, along with Cars 3 , marks the second time that Pixar has released two films in the same year.

A few weeks after its premiere in Mexico, the film became the most watched film in the history of Mexico.

In the small town of Santa Cecilia lives Miguel Rivera , a 12 – year dream of being a musician like his famous idol Ernesto de la Cruz , a popular songwriter / singer and movie star who died when he was crushed by a bell in a live presentation. However, Miguel’s family has a long and strict restriction to the music that goes back generations in the past, when the great great grandmother of Miguel was abandoned by a musician who decided to leave his family just to follow their dreams. Because of this, the family of Miguel (Rivera) hates everything related to music , 5 6especially the grandmother, who overprotected and takes care of any musical influence. As a result, the only family that pleases Miguel is his great – grandmother ” Mama Coco” .

On day dead after accidentally break the portrait of his great great grandmother Mother Imelda , Miguel discovers that the husband is using an equal guitar which he used his idol, leading him to conclude that he is tataranieto De la Cross.

Miguel decides to pursue his dreams inspired phrases films De La Cruz and tries to participate in a talent contest at the fair of Santa Cecilia using a guitar that had hidden from her family, but is discovered by her grandmother angry breaks instrument against the whole family, causing a bitter Miguel flee home to look for an alternative way to participate claiming that no longer wants to be part of your family.

Miguel looking for someone to lend a guitar without success, so he sneaks into the mausoleum of De la Cruz to steal exposed guitar in his grave and use it in the contest. The moment Miguel plays guitar somehow is transported to an alternate dimension which can not be seen or heard by the living, with the exception of Dante, a stray dog xoloitzcuintle that accompanies it. In this alternate dimension, Miguel meets their deceased relatives, who are surprised that this can see them.

Their deceased relatives conclude that this is related to the inability of Mother Imelda to cross the bridge from the land of the dead, a kind of dimension of life after death where all the dead cross to visit relatives in the tradition of Day of the Dead. 7 8 Miguel is taken where Mom Imelda and discover that she was unable to cross because Miguel has withdrawn his portrayal of the offering of his family; the clerk who explained the situation also warns him that the child must leave before dawn or otherwise will stay there forever, while gradually begins to transform into a skeleton. As a solution, Miguel can be sent back to their dimension in Santa Cecilia immediately with the blessing of any family members holding a petal flower dead ( marigolds ). Mom Imelda Miguel gives his blessing but with the condition that forget the music forever.

Desperate not want to give up their dreams, Miguel manages to escape his dead family and contact a deceased, forgotten and lonely named Hector, self identified as a friend of De La Cruz, who hopes to pass to the world of the living but can not do it not be in any offering. Miguel tells Hector that only the blessing of his idol can take him back to his world so he agrees to help the child with the condition that put his picture on the offering of your family so you can cross that same night the bridge between the world of the living and the dead.

Hector gets a guitar from one of his friend, ChicharrĂ³n , which vanishes because it has no living relatives who remember and paints the face Miguel as a skeleton to not attract attention and to participate in a contest where the prize it is a party ticket Ernesto De La Cruz, in the world of the dead. Meanwhile, Mom Imelda and other relatives begins to crawl Miguel using a alebrije (spiritual guides in the land of the dead) domesticated, reaching contest where Hector discovers that the boy if he had more dead relatives who could bless him to return soon to your home and help him cross the living world instead of seeking the blessing of someone as busy as De la Cruz.

Hector Miguel abandoned by return your photo, and sneaks into the palace of the Cross, where he identifies as his grandson in front of all his guests. Delighted, De la Cruz spends time with Miguel and the two have fun, but before this blessing him are interrupted by Hector, who sneaks into the palace. When meeting with Ernesto Hector board remembers how little the parallels between a film starring alongside Ernesto and Miguel discover that the singer Hector poisoned to steal his songs and ideas and thus become famous. Unmasked, imprisoning sends Ernesto Hector and Miguel in a cenote staying with Hector photo to soon be forgotten and disappear from the world of the dead.

Miguel finally understands that his family was trying to protect him from his own ambition, while Hector reveals that all he wanted was to go to the world of the living to see his daughter named Coco. Miguel realizes that Hector is his real great great grandfather. Being in the cenote they are found by the dog Dante and alebrije Mama Imelda being rescued and convincing his family to help him regain portrait of Hector, who begins to fade because it is forgetting Coco.

On the way to the concert of Ernesto, Miguel discovers that not for Dante, he had not met Hector, revealing his true identity as a alebrije. The family gets Ernesto expose as a fraud before the entire audience and is crushed by a bell in the same way he died. Unfortunately, the portrait of Hector ends up getting lost in the bottom of a lake. He begins at dawn and Imelda and Hector have no choice but to send Miguel back to Santa Cecilia unconditionally. Returning to the world of the living, Miguel Guitar Ernesto De la Cruz’s mausoleum (which actually belongs to Hector) takes and returns home, where he tries her great-grandmother Coco remember his father without results because Coco does not respond to your voice. Disconsolate, Miguel makes a last attempt and her great-grandmother sings the song “Remember” (a song he composed his father and sang as a child); revitalizing Coco remembers her father. Coco shares his memories and gives Michael the remaining piece of the portrait of his parents, where Hector’s face appears. Miguel shares it reconciles with his family, he finally accepts his taste in music.

A year later in day of the dead, Miguel and his grandmother reconciliados–and put the offering of his family, including Mom portrait of Coco, who died recently. Thank you cards Hector left him Coco, the Rivera prove that Ernesto de la Cruz was a fraud and is forgotten in both the world of the living and of the dead. While Rivera celebrate, they are visited by Imelda and Hector reconciled by Coco and the rest of his family died. The film ends with Miguel singing for his family alive, and the spirits of their dead relatives, just clear, on the Day of the Dead with this appear: Mom Imelda, Hector -the great great grandfather of Michel, his uncle Oscar and Felipe his great-grandfather July- Dad, her aunt and her aunt Rosita Victoria.

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Coco English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 300MB 480P

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