Yo-Kai Watch Movie English & Hindi Dual 300MB 480P


Yo-Kai Watch Movie English & Hindi Dual 300MB 480P

Yokai Watch ” (dissolution watch) is level five has been released from the game software ” specter watch the” series and the original Japanese of television animation .

TV Tokyo series in 2014 January 8 Wednesday, broadcast starts than in the TV Tokyo series the same year after the three months April 4, moved from Friday 18 o’clock (Friday), to the present. Narration until Episode 76 Naoko Kyoda in charge, the first 77 episodes later Whisper role Tomokazu Seki is responsible for [Note 1] .

Unlike the original hue was strong in the battle game, was watching the day-to-day of elementary school, comedy color is rich gag anime has become a [1] [2] .

This title, has been basically formed a three-pronged. The contents of the first episode, second 76 episode, the hero of the applicator ” applicator & Whisper edited by a”, “the hero of the regular monsters such as Jibanyan and coma’s brother extra edition two types of” was the basic configuration. The contents of the first 77 episodes since, in addition to the contents of the above, ” rice & USA Byun ed three types put a” is set to the basic configuration.

Features and major series of each Hen
Applicator & Whisper ed.
The wind of “specter ○○”, are often broadcast by the name appeared to monsters in the title. Basically, each time one body but new monsters are appearing, there already appeared monster story and that was the main was also talk that monster does not appear even one body is in.
Applicator there is a “lunch gourmet”, “specter folk tales” as a series of leading role.
Rice & USA Byun ed.
It has been a main shaft of the activities of the specter of observation and specter Tanteidan by rice and USA Byun. Not summon the specter by the rice is in possession of a “monster mystery file” instead of “The Great Yokai Dictionary” [3] .
“Rocket Chibi Chibi click Mita tail of rice and USA Byun,” “Inausa wonder Detective Agency,” “5 years 1 set of Magic,” “Kangaeru people of rice,” “Gekisha! Wonderland magazine” wildebeest “” “Inausa specter rice as a series of leading role there is a Mystery files “.
Special episode ed
Story in which the characters other than the applicator and rice to the hero. Such as, but pretty much the story of the same view of the world and the main “Shifts barking in the sun!” “Specter Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, “black specter watch,” “Busters Treasure”, there is also an extra edition that was to stage a different view of the world and the main part.
There is, such as “human face Dog,” “piece’s”, “3-year set Y Nyanpachi teacher”, “Zashikiwarashi”, “android Yamada” “specter new series meeting” as a series.

Instead of passing by the “Inazuma Eleven” and both characters that were made to “The Little Battlers” series era has been abolished, ” find the Jibanyan! ” And ” Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy announcement as a mini-corner of the front”, “GO” main it is that somewhere in Jibanyan is hidden ( “before the program Ani × Ani! was carried out in”, ” Den Dji Yarasuji’s hit in the find!”). In addition, BS Japan because they are broadcast while not comply with the organization of the terrestrial of “GO” → “specter”, (mini corner to find the monsters that are hiding in the 4-split) looking specter of after ending also including, in its announcement has been cut (scene of Jibanyan that are hidden is broadcast as it is).

Also ended April 2014 was moved to Friday 18:30 from Wednesday 19:00 average household audience has maintained a 5.4% and a popular [4] . In addition, on June 30, 2014 – in the September 28 time-shift viewing rate (the video recording and playback viewing rate) at 6.3%, Ranked # 5 ( Video Research examined, Kanto district) [5] .

It is also the theme song ” Song of Geragerapo ” ( King cream soda ), ” dissolved gymnastics first ,” ” Dan Dan Dubi ·’s Bar! ” ( Dream5 ) is a unique choreography and catchy rhythms become popular cage, has become a big hit to the extent become a social phenomenon [6] . China newspaper in child care consultation corner of, and children receive the attention “because of the specter,” said talk back is asked the letter to the editor of the worries of the mother that, is that it for the lyrics of “because of the specter” of “dissolution gymnastics first” and are [7] .

2014 May 28 days from, DVD rental is started. Publisher is Shogakukan and Co. KADOKAWA Media Factory , seller is a KADOKAWA Media Factory Co., Ltd. This system is ” The Little Battlers continue from” series.

Along with the 2014 to June Jibanyan up, but the scene “is Nyan to avoid too close to brighten a room when you see the specter watch” to display in the center of the screen there was at the start of broadcasting, since it in the avant title “when you see a monster watch, to see away from the TV to brighten the room!” ticker that is now displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Was broadcast on October 10, 2014 For the first 39 episodes, after the terrestrial broadcasting AT-X broadcast and at Bandai channel distribution network, including has been dormant [8] . In this times has been used a number of parody story, on the Internet, but it has been rumored that it is the cause of the pause, the TV Tokyo President Yuichi Takahashi is denied the rumor at a regular press conference that was held in the same month 30 days while also “due to our convenience, not a big trouble. ‘s decision that it is better to refrain shed now. anything I would like to difficult for reason” and description, broadcasting resume time are undecided [9] . Then, to start the net delivery in December of the same year 24 days at the smile-channel TV Dogatchi · Hulu, “specter USO” only TV Tokyo edition (televised version), rather than the replacement of some scene by OLM was conducted . DVD version, have been taken similar measures in Kids Station. However on September 10, 2016, in the English dubbing in the United States Disney XD for the first 39 episodes that have been broadcast in the “specter USO” only TV Tokyo edition (televised version), using a number of parody story as it is ing.

2014 anime buzzword grand prize in, silver medal in the piece’s favorite phrase “Monge” (second place), “I No such because of the specter,” passage of the lyrics of primary ED “dissolution gymnastics first” in Bronze (# 3 ) were awarded, respectively.

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Yo-Kai Watch Movie English & Hindi Dual 300MB 480P

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