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Princess Diana of Temiskirasaves Air Force captain Stephen “Steve” Trevor from Parademon’s attack on the island and takes him to the rehabilitation chamber, where he is completely restored with the help of a purple ray of healing. However, according to the laws of the city, Steve is taken into custody because by his presence he violates the cardinal law on people on Paradise Island, despite the fact that Steve insisted on warning the rest of the world about the invasion of Parademon. Later, Diana will take this as an omen for her great mission to protect the world and help Steve escape. During their escape, Queen Hippolyta, the mother of Diana, intercepts them and demands the reprisonment of Trevor. Diana challenges her and fights with her. The queen warns her that if she leaves the island, then she will never set foot on the island again and will not ascend the throne. Diana decides to leave the island and departs on a boat with Steve to human civilization. In Washington, DC, Etta Candy takes her and Stephen to Dr. Julia Kapatelis. The princess also meets Julia Vanessa’s daughter, who begins to be jealous of her, as her mother began to pay more attention to Diana than to her. Over time, the Amazon continues to protect the masculine world as a superhero, code-named “Wonder Woman.”

Five years later, Diana meets with Steve, Julia and Etta in the newly built Justice Hall, where Julia asks Diana to help find Vanessa, who intends to sell the artifact she stole from Julia’s boss, Veronica Cale, to Dr. Venom. Together with Trevor and Julia, Wonder Woman breaks the deal and confronts the soldiers of Dr. Venom and their overseer Giant. During the fight, Giant introduces himself a mysterious improving serum to support himself for a rematch with Diana, but ultimately was defeated. Meanwhile, Julia is mortally wounded during a shootout between Steve and the foot soldiers. The poison escapes with an artifact. Vanessa accuses Diana of her mother’s death and leaves the place. After that, Poison and Cyber ​​recruited her for an experiment that turns her into a Silver Swan.

With the help of the stealth fighter provided by Etta, Diana and Steve find Doctor Poison in Kurak, but encounter a transformed Vanessa. Wonder Woman quickly defeats the Silver Swan, but in the meantime, Dr. Venom escapes with a prototype biological weapon. Diana and Steve deliver Vanessa unconscious to Cale Pharmaceuticals, where they are met by Veronica Cale, who is examining the Swan. During the examination, it turns out that she is infected with a techno-organic virus, which transforms her body more extensively, which will lead to death. Diana comes up with the idea that using the purple healing beam that once saved Stephen can save Vanessa, but she does not remember Temiskira’s whereabouts because of the mystical security measure that prevents others from finding him. Veronica shows them Julia’s office, who was also looking for Temiskira as a favorite project. After examining Julia’s notes, they discover that Wonder Woman must drink water from a fountain located in the temple of Pasifaya in order to find out about this place.

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