Transformers Animated S01E03 720P Hindi Dubbed



Starscream arrives on Earth, looking for the Allspark, and to get it to Mete a Bumblebee (who by the way was half dead), Isaac Sumdac, the Mayor of Detroit, and Captain Fanzone in a bullet train torn off the tracks and placed on the tallest building. He Decepticon also boasts of being him, who destroyed Megatron before, implanting a bomb. Working as a team, Sari and the Autobots confront him, and manage to save the hostages. However, Starscream lashes out furiously and gets the Allspark. To prevent him from destroying the city, Optimus goes after him. During the fight for the Allspark, Starscream is supposedly destroyed and Optimus is fatally wounded. However, Sari’s key and the power of the Allspark manage to save him. Hours later, Sumdac leaves his laboratory,

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 186 MB

Movie Language: Hindi

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