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Toy Story 3 Full Movie

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Toy Story 3 Full Movie – The Great Escape ( Toy Story 3 ) is an animated movie of 2010 directed by Lee Unkrich .
Andy, the owner of Woody , Buzz , Jessie and the other toys. Now grown and, at the age of 17 years, is about to leave for college. Nonetheless, it is still attached to his childhood playmates. Pushed by his mother to release his room, he decided to keep them. With the exception of Woody, which is placed in the box of items to bring to college. Put all the toys in a trash bag to store them in the attic. During the trip, however, was forced to leave by the bag to help her sister Molly. So that Andy’s mother thinks that toys should be thrown away.
The toys are then thrown together garbage. Fortunately, the toys manage to get out of the bag just before the garbage trucks fetch him and take refuge in the car of Mrs. Davis, where they find the box with the old toys to donate to Molly kindergarten. Woody reaches friends, but discovers that they, believing that Andy wanted to throw them, they decided to get carried along with the rest; Cowboy Andy tries to explain to them that, in truth, he was just going to put them in the attic, but it is not believed, and so, not to abandon their friends, who also comes in the box for the Sunnyside Daycare (this is the name of the ‘asylum).
Once there, Andy’s toys receive a warm welcome from those asylum, led Lotso pink teddy bears Big Hugs. Which shows the environment for newcomers, presenting it as the daydream of every toy. After yet another failed attempt to persuade his friends to return to Andy. Woody abandons them, albeit reluctantly, decided to do it all alone. Meanwhile, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Slinky, Rex, Hamm, Mr and Mrs Potato and aliens discover they were intended ‘”Caterpillar Classroom”. That of the younger children, who abuse and destroy everything that comes within range .
Buzz then goes to ask Lotso to change class. Lotso initially agrees, but when Buzz extends the request to other toys, bear reveals its true nature. It is a chief petty and treacherous and, along with his henchmen. Buzz catches and punishes him causing unexpected resets to the original factory settings. Then making once again become a fanatic obedient and space ranger. Assigning the mission to monitor his former comrades, who are taken prisoner. This Was The Short Summary of Toy Story 3 Full Movie.
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Toy Story 3 Full Movie
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