The Wild Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB


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The Wild Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
The film starts in the Zoo of New York City , where the lion Samson his son Ryan powerful stories about when he was alive in the wilderness. He stood there in their own words to dispel his roar. Known whole herds of wildebeest Ryan himself has enormous difficulty roar, much to his embarrassment.
Ryan accidentally gets caught up in a coffin, which in the wild will be brought to Africa. Along with several other cases in which animals are to be expelled again Samson breaks out of his residence and goes after him, along with Benny the squirrel, the koala Nigel, the anaconda Larry and Bridget the giraffe. During their tour of New York, the group include stray dogs and alligators. Eventually they reach the port, where Ryan with box and all on a ship is loaded. Samson and co steal a boat to chase. Ryans ship After a few days they reached Africa . They see Ryan creep out of his chest, but could not reach him in time, and lost him in the jungle.
During the search for Ryan shows that Samson totally unaware of the apparent dangers of the jungle. Eventually, he confesses that his stories were only invented already, and he has never lived in the wild. He grew up in a circus and like Ryan could not roar now when he was young. Nigel runs a herd of wildebeest bump, who see in him a divine leader who came to help with a ritual in which they roll them in the food chain to turn around, they want the predators to hunt and now instead of the lions vice versa. Ryan is caught by them and taken to a volcano as a sacrifice.
Using a group of chameleons Samson can penetrate the volcano. He fights it out with Kazar, the leader of the wildebeest. Ryan comes to his aid and finally learns to roar like a real lion. Samson roars with him, and together they produce so much noise that the volcano erupts. Kazar is slain by a falling boulder. Samson, Ryan and others to flee back to the boat. They begin the journey back home.
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The Wild Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Movie Size 115 MB HEVC
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
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