The Tales of Despereaux Full Movie in English HD 720P


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The Tales of Despereaux Full Movie in English HD 720P

Story The Tales of Despereaux Full Movie

The Tale of Despereaux (in Latin Despereaux: a great little hero and Spain Despereaux ) is a British-American film computer animation , directed by Sam Fell and Robert Stevenhagen and first shown in the U.S. in 2008, there is. based on the book of fantasy of the same title, written by Kate DiCamillo and first published in 2003. their original English version of the film is narrated by Sigourney Weaver . The actors who lend their voices to the main characters are Matthew Broderick and Emma Watson , among others. To make the film adaptation, the director worked for nearly three years with a team of over 300 employees. His trailer was released on June 26 of 2008 , and was released on December 19 of the same year under a distribution of Universal Pictures.
In one fairy kingdom Dor existed a tradition : every year the chief cook of the kingdom prepared soup for a special recipe . And all the inhabitants of the kingdom, including the crowned ladies happily tasted this soup, enjoying its taste and aroma . It so happened that in the kingdom of Dor just on the date of the new soup briefly sailed one ship , which sailed rat named Roskuro (full name – chiaroscuro ). Unlike other rats Roskuro different upbringing and romantic character . Roskuro smelled soup. Curiosity got the better of rats and decided to quickly penetrate into the palace . The ill-will of fate happened that Roskuro falls directly into a plate of soup, served the Queen . From a strong funk queen dies . All the King’s guards start chasing Roskuro who is hiding under the floor and into the realm of rats …

The Tales of Despereaux in English HD

Widowed king was so upset by the sudden death of his wife , that under pain of death in the kingdom banned the use and manufacture of soup, and ordered the destruction of all the rats.
Meanwhile, nearby, in the murine city born mouse Despereaux Tilling unusual, which was lower than all the growth, and which had big ears. It was different from all other mice that did not know how to be afraid – he intercepted cheese from mousetraps , not afraid of cats . Furthermore, Despereaux was characterized by traits such as honor, conscience, courage, chivalry . He refused to eat the pages of books about knights and even made ​​friends with the princess pea , which Despereaux loved for his knighthood. It is for all these character traits of Despereaux was banished from the city mouse and lowered into the well , which offers a gateway to the kingdom of rats.
Despereaux was among the rats, takes to itself under custody Roskuro who intuitively saw Despereaux “soul mate.” On the basis of common interests and Roskuro Despereaux quickly became friends. Lots of them had to endure: and distrust, and rescue the princess in distress and injustice. Nevertheless, everything King and outwardly ugly girl Miggeri Sow – maid princess, princess herself, and Roskuro eventually realized that evil and give rise to distrust their own kind and that only forgiveness, empathy, nurturing the soul in its finest qualities are able to make everyone happy. Thus, the cartoon shows that we must be able to forgive. Also, no matter what you growth: high or low. Value only for the personal qualities.
In the kingdom of Dor is taking a party inside the castle, the good smell of soup attracts the attention of rat Roscuro who clumsily falls into the bowl that contains it, causing, due to the fear, the death of the Queen. After the funeral the King, grief-stricken, announces the kingdom soups and all rats. Disappears the sun and the kingdom sinks into darkness and sadness.

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