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An unnamed man drifts after a storm and wakes up on a desert island. After finding fresh fruit and water, as well as a wide variety of animals and an extensive bamboo forest, the man decides to leave the island. The man builds a bamboo raft, and tries to sail away. However, an invisible animal destroys the raft, forcing the man to return to the island. Frustrated, he tries to escape with another raft, his plan fails again because of the invisible animal. After trying a third time, discover that the animal is in fact a red turtle. His raft is destroyed again and the man goes back to the island.

That night, the man sees the red turtle crawling to the shore, trying to go inland. In revenge, hit the red turtle on the head with a bamboo stick, and turn it over. Halfway through the construction of another raft, the man begins to feel guilty for leaving the turtle upside down, so he picks up a fish and tries to feed the turtle, but realizes that he has died. The turtle’s shell is split in half overnight, and to the surprise of the man, the turtle becomes a woman. The man tries to revive her, making a shelter over her to protect her from the sun. When the rain reaches the island, the woman wakes up. The man realizes that he is gone, and searches for her throughout the island, he finally sees that he is on the coast. He offers his shirt, and finally he sees the woman dragging her empty turtle shell across the sea. Man does the same with his semi-built raft. The couple eventually forms a relationship.

Some years later, the couple has a son, who finds a bottle washed on the shore. After accidentally falling into a small cave, the son establishes a peculiar relationship with other turtles in the ocean. The son grows accustomed to living on the island. One day a tsunami hits the island. Although no one is seriously injured, the island’s forest is almost completely demolished. After burning the bamboo remains, the son finds his bottle in an oasis on the island. Deciding to leave the island, says goodbye to his parents, and swims with a trio of turtles.

The man and the woman spend the rest of their lives on the island. The man dies peacefully one night, while watching the moon. The woman, holding the man’s hand once more, transforms back into a red turtle, and crawls back into the ocean.

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 1.12 GB

Movie Language: English

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