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The Princess and The Frog Free Download English HD DVDRip

The Princess and the Frog (known as the Princess and the Frog in Spain , and The Princess and the Frog in Latin ) is an animated film from Disney , loosely based on the book The Frog Princess of E. D. Baker yasu same time in the story The Frog Prince of the Brothers Grimm . 1 It was released on November 25 of 2009 in the United States , being the forty-ninth animated feature in the canon of animation production, and the first film Traditional animation (hand drawing on celluloid) from Home on the Range , in the year 2004 .

It is directed by John Musker and Ron Clements , directors of The Great Mouse Detective , The Little Mermaid , Aladdin , Hercules , and Treasure Planet , with songs and lyrics composed by Randy Newman and featuring the voices (in the English version) of Anika Noni Rose (as Princess Tiana ), Oprah Winfrey , 2 Keith David , Jim Cummings , John Goodman , Jenifer Lewis , Bruno Campos , Michael-Leon Wooley , Peter Bartlett and Terrence Howard . 3

The film, which began production under the title The Frog Princess is a fairy tale located on US-style Broadway , with atmosphere in the French Quarter ( French Quarter ) of New Orleans . In the story, a prince named Naveen, the European country of Maldonia 4 is transformed into a frog (although in the movie title the word ‘frog’ is used to adapt to the Spanish version of the tale in which the princess Kiss the Toad) [ citation needed ] by the evil wizard voodoo Dr. Facilier. The frog prince asks a young woman named Tiana to kiss to break the spell. However, not only the kiss does not break the spell, but also turns Tiana into a frog. Together they have to find a voodoo priestess Bayou , Mama Odie, accompanied by an alligator playing trumpet and a romantic firefly hardened.
The film received three nominations Oscar : as Best Animated Film and double nomination for best song .

The film opens with the blue star (which also appears in the film Pinocchio ) blinking above New Orleans, circa 1913 , a time when Woodrow Wilson was elected on 28. , or  president of the United States. Two little girls, Tiana and Charlotte La Bouff are listening to the story The Frog Prince , told by Tiana’s mother, Eudora, a seamstress often hired by The Bouff (led by the clumsy and still owns some types of mills sugar, Eli Big Daddy La Bouff) to make dresses for Charlotte. Although Charlotte is thrilled with the idea of finding a prince, Tiana swears never need, and would be incapable of kissing a toad. Tiana instead share a dream with his father, James, who years later would die in war: open their own restaurant, called “Tiana’s Place.”

Years pass, and the First World War, and Tiana is now working as a waitress and saving, and seems to have stopped play for his dream, since his father died during his military service in war. Finally, find the money and shows her mother plans to convert a former warehouse into an elegant Riverside Restaurant, but her mother insists that Tiana has to attend to other aspects of life and that even though his father never got what he wanted, he did have what he needed love.

Meanwhile, Prince Naveen, the legendary kingdom of Maldonia, comes to town with his butler Lawrence. The prince has been reprimanded by their parents (the King and Queen of Maldonia) for his style of life womanizer and lover of jazz, and it has to get married or get a job to earn a living, so plan to join Charlotte to win his fortune. Naveen and Larence soon know Dr. Facilier, an evil, treacherous and ambitious sorcerer (known as The Shadow Man ), who turns Naveen into a frog and get that Lawrence was one in its plan to take control of New Orleans.

The great masquerade of The Bouff, Tiana learns that another client-possibly a Realtor-has made a higher bid for the building that she wanted for her restaurant, and now has nothing left unless you can be outbid shortly. Having given up hope, she desperately make a wish upon a star, when Naveen frog appears. Tiana is frightened, and Naveen, thinking that she is a princess, convinces Tiana of getting a kiss in return give her what she asks. Tiana, recalling that is about to lose its building, access to Naveen to kiss her, but something goes wrong and Tiana also becomes a frog.

Forman scandal at the party, and are persecuted, while Lawrence uses a voodoo amulet to impersonate the prince and win the heart of Charlotte. However, Naveen’s blood is required to operate the amulet, so Facilier sends his voodoo spirits to recapture the prince, who has escaped to the bayou with Tiana. Facilier plans to use Lawrence to marry Charlotte, killing his father, Big Daddy , and then seize New Orleans, feeding the souls of the citizens to their “friends” voodoo.

In the bayou, Tiana and Naveen know Louis, an alligator who wants to be a jazz musician, Ray and a Cajun firefly who is in love with a star to which he has named Evangeline. They are taken to see Mama Odie, the priestess good but eccentric voodoo swamp. On the road, despite their previous differences, Naveen and Tiana fall in love, but she decides to hide his feelings and pursue his dream of owning his own restaurant.

Eventually reach Mama Odie, who insists they need to dig deeper to get what they need. Naveen realizes this means being with Tiana, but Tiana misinterprets this with having to work even harder for your restaurant. Mama Odie shows that for the two become human beings, Naveen must kiss Charlotte, who is the princess of the Mardi Gras , before midnight, when Mardi Gras ends. They return to New Orleans in one of the canal boats. Along the way, Louis is recruited by a jazz band, who think that Louis is a man with alligator costume, Naveen while speaking to her feelings for Ray Tiana.

Naveen plans to propose to Tiana, but passing by the store that you plan to convert it into a restaurant, Tiana shows more interest in his dream that Naveen, so he thinks it’s unrequited. Knowing he would never be able to get the money for the restaurant unless Tiana marries Charlotte, decides to marry Naveen and Tiana give your money so you can open your restaurant.

However, he is kidnapped by the voodoo spirits, and is brought to Facilier, who locks him after getting a small amount of blood to the amulet. Meanwhile, Ray reveals to Tiana that Naveen truly loves her, and he wanted to propose. Tiana rushes to the Mardi Gras parade to find Lawrence (disguised as Naveen) marrying Charlotte, having recharged the voodoo amulet. Thinking that Lawrence is the real Naveen, Tiana escapes to a graveyard heartbroken. There he tells Ray that Evangeline is just a star and never actually meet her. He does not seem to believe him at all, and apologizes to Evangeline on your behalf.

Ray manages to free the real Naveen and steal the amulet, which causes Lawrence returns to its true form and is arrested. Ray gives the charm to Tiana, telling him to run and never let Dr. Facilier takes over the talisman just before Facilier fatally crush. Trapped, Dr. Facilier Tiana offers everything you ever wanted, including the restaurant and its human form, but Tiana refuses to realize that love and follow your heart is more important than taking the easy way, such and as his mother had told him. Then break Facilier’s talisman, freeing the spirits of voodoo come to drag the sorcerer to his world, leaving behind a tombstone with his name and face prints terror.

Back in the Mardi Gras parade, Naveen proposes marriage to Charlotte, but Tiana confesses that prefer having him as a frog than have his restaurant because he loves him. Charlotte offers kiss for you to marry Tiana, but too late: Mardi Gras is over and she is not a princess.

Ray Louis is injured and takes it to the couple. He sees that Tiana and Naveen are even frogs, but are together and express their happiness before dying. At his funeral, look up and see that another star has appeared alongside Evangeline is Ray.

Naveen and Tiana married in the bayou in a ceremony officiated by Mama Odie. Surprisingly, her kiss turns back into human beings, for being the wife of Naveen, Tiana is a princess with all of the law. The two return to New Orleans to recover the building, threatening Louis Realtors. They work together and open Tiana’s restaurant, called “Tiana’s Mansion,” a successful business where Louis plays trumpet in his band Firefly Five Plus Lou .
The film ends with Tiana and Naveen dancing while the two stars, Ray and Evangeline, twinkling in the sky.

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