The LEGO Batman Movie English HD 720P


The LEGO Batman Movie English HD 720P

The LEGO Batman Movie is a 2017 computer animated film about the character Batman . The film is a spin-off of the 2014 film The LEGO Movie , in which Will Arnett originally dubbed the voice of Batman.

The Joker is trying to destroy Gotham City with a bomb, with the result that all the inhabitants of the city would fall into a deep, never-ending gorge. As BatmanThe Joker discusses their relationship with him, with Batman saying that the Joker means nothing to him and that he is not his biggest enemy. He can then flee, as Batman has to decide between the detention of the Joker and the disarming of the bomb and decides for the latter. While Batman is celebrated for his actions, he privately leads as Bruce Wayne a lonely life. At an event, however, he adopted in an inattention to the orphans Dick Grayson. The event ends prematurely as the Joker shows up with numerous villains. But instead of fighting, the Joker results and delivers numerous other villains, including Bane , Two-Face , Scarecrow and Catwoman, They are taken to the Asylum Arkham Institution . However, Harley Quinn , the lover of the Joker, is not delivered.

Batman, who does not trust the Joker, wants to banish him to the Phantom Zone . However, only Superman owns a required device. At the same time, Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth tries to persuade him to look after his adoptive son and leaves him at Batman’s headquarters, the Batcave , which is just below his Wayne Manor property . Batman, who actually wants to send him back to the orphanage, realizes that Batman, who is enthusiastic about Batman, can help him get to Superman’s device. He invades the Fort of Solitude , Superman’s headquarters, in a disguise of instructions from Batman and steals the necessary equipment.

Then Batman breaks into the Arkham Asylum with Dick and banishes the Joker in the phantom zone. Previously, both had a verbal battle in which the Joker Batman indicates that he is obviously his biggest enemy, since he is banished by him into the phantom zone yes. Barbara Gordon, the successor to the commissioner of Gotham, witnesses the incident and then has Batman imprisoned in Joker’s cell. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn captures the device that provides the portal to the Phantom Zone and frees the Joker. He has since joined forces with various rogues, including Lord Voldemort , Sauron and King Kong . Together they take control of the city.

To protect the city, Barbara Gordon releases Batman on the condition that they work together. Together with Dick and his butler Alfred, four of them are going against the invasion. In the meantime, the Joker, who has learned through Sauron where Batman is based, has occupied Wayne Manor. From there, however, Batman depends on his fellow combatants to act against the Joker alone. The Joker Batman can banish into the phantom zone. Once there, Batman’s atrocities are measured and he is found guilty of deeds against his fellow combatants by a stone. In the meantime, the stone Batman shows that his comrades have now taken up the fight with the villains. Batman can convince the stone to let him go back to Gotham

Together with Barbara, who gets the costume of Batgirl , Dick, the Batman his desired name RobinWith his butler Alfred and the villains betrayed by the Joker, Batman can telly the villains back from the Phantom Zone. Finally, the Joker detonates a bomb that Gotham splits. It threatens that everything collapses and falls into the resulting hole. However, the city can be held together by means of a bridge of people. But to complete the bridge, the joker has to join in as well. Batman can persuade him to admit that this is his biggest enemy. Together, the two land masses are pulled together again and Gotham stabilized. However, Batman, who has promised to return to the Phantom Zone after the fighting, will not be allowed in because he has been working in the team and has lost his bad side through the change.

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The LEGO Batman Movie English HD 720P

Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 818 MB

Movie Language: English Only

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