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The Fox and The Hound Free Download Full Movie HD DVDRip

The Fox and the dog” ( Engl.  The Fox and the Hound ) – 24th full-length cartoon created by Walt Disney . Premiered in the U.S. on July 10 1981 . Film is based on the eponymous novel by Daniel Mannix .

May 2, 2000 “The Fox and the dog” was re-released on DVD , and on December 12th 2006 Disney released a sequel – ” The Fox and the dog 2 . “

Cartoon budget was 12 million dollars. Total charges from rental amounted to more than $ 80 million. Number of viewers have watched cartoon, exceeded 12 million people.

Young pup left an orphan when his mother killed by hunters. Friendly owl Mom arranges that the fox takes to his farm as a pet compassionate Widow Tweed. Widow gives the name of a fox – Todd. Meanwhile, Amos Slade, a hunter and a neighbor widow Tweed, brings home a puppy hunting dog named Copper and requests care of him his experienced hunting dog – Chefoo ( Engl.  Chief ). The case brings Tod and Copper, and two young animal quickly become friends. Learning of this, Slade puts leash on Copper and Tod, in search of his friend, is on the farm Slade. Fox inadvertently wakes Chifa and Slade, and those rushing in pursuit of him. Stepping Widow Tweed makes Toda, but flushed Slade warns that he will kill a fox if he reappears on the farm.

With the opening of the hunting season Slade takes dogs to hunt. Mom tries to explain Tod that their friendship with Copper can not last forever because they were born to be enemies, but Tod refuses to believe it.

Months pass – Copper becomes an excellent hunting dog, and Tod is transformed into a cute fox. Upon returning Copper Tod Uluchay opportunity to meet with a friend, but Copper makes it clear that although he appreciates the former friendship, but things have changed. Chief wakes up and starts a new drive. Copper tries to stop her, but Chief persecution continues. The railway bridge Tod manages to slip away and knocks Chifa passing train. He falls down from the bridge and damages hind paw. Chifa finding wounded, Copper swears revenge on Todd. In order to save the life of a fox, the widow Tweed leaves him in the reserve where hunting is prohibited.

However, Slade and Copper in search toda cross the border of the reserve. After a long pursuit they are attacked by a grizzly disturbed. Slade gets into your own trap, while Copper loses in an unequal battle with the big beast. However, the dog comes to the aid of Todd. To save his friend, he lures grizzly lying on a log on the edge of the cliff. Log falls and fall grizzly with a fox in a waterfall. Grizzlies sink.

By surviving, but Exhausted Copper approaches Tod afflicted act former friend. Slade suddenly appears, ready to shoot the fox, but obscures Copper Toda his body. Moved by what he saw, Slade lowers his gun, and they return home with Copper. Widow Tweed home leg heals Slade. Widow and hunter finally become friends.

At the end of Tod and Copper resign themselves to the fact that I would never be able to be together again, but their friendship will remain in their hearts.

The Fox and the Hound , based on the work of Daniel P. Mannix , was the first animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions after The Rescuers in 1977 and had one of the most challenging productions in the history of animated classics of the study. Started in 1977, this was the first project that had mostly involving novice to the animation studio had recruited during the 70s; veteran animators Walt Disney had died or reached the age of retirement . In addition, many new animators, particularly Don Bluth , were not happy with the new animation style and left the study. Many followed Don Bluth when he decided to form his own studio, which never achieved great popularity. During production of The Fox and the Hound , the study was robbed of much of the material prepared for the movie and had to start almost from scratch. When it came to complete and launch in 1981 , the film did not achieve much success, particularly from critics. The Los Angeles Times criticized the film for being too long, while the New York Times said the film contained no novelty. Finally, Newsweek also criticized the film with the comment that kids would find entertaining, but it was not a film made ​​for an adult audience. Following the financial failure of the black abyss in 1979 , the Disney animation department The Fox and the Hound began the so-called “dark period” of the study. Following the failure of The Black Cauldron , a fantasy film and adventure based on the popular saga of “The Chronicles of Prydain” by Lloyd Alexander , in 1985, the stage ended officially in 1991 . The success of The Little Mermaid began to be known as the third golden age of Walt Disney Productions, which became Walt Disney Pictures .

The Fox and The Hound Free Download Full Movie HD DVDRip

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