The Deep S01E10 720P Hindi Dubbed



Fontaine and Ant, while chasing a sperm whale, fall with the Rover at the bottom of the sea. Keiko, repairing the Rover, accidentally tampers with the electrical system and causes an overload of the Aronnax. The submarine comes close to a whale fighting with a giant squid, even if the family struggles to chase the animals because of the malfunctions of the instruments. The two children find a seemingly dead giant squid, but to which this gives signs of life are recalled on the Aronnax in order not to be grasped by the animal; another malfunction causes the squid to flee, but Ant and Fontaine find themselves in the middle of an entire squid bank, which they do to capture them, and, attracted by the lights of the Aronnax all lit up, assault the submarine and the family tries to accelerate to detach from them.

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 145 MB

Movie Language: Hindi

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