The Deep S01E01 720P Hindi Dubbed



After a mysterious sighting of a sea monster near a fishing village in Greenland, William Nekton, his wife Kaiko and their sons Fontaine and Anteus, a family of scuba divers, decide to check this story. After finding a wrecked fishing boat and a giant tooth embedded in it, Ant, in the “White Knight” (a mechanical underwater costume), discover the sea monster, which turns out to be a Plesiosaurus. The Nekton then head to the village, where they are contacted by a man known as Nereus about a secret that this “Dragon” guard. Curious about this information and the secret, the Nekton descend through their submarine, the Aronnax, in a deep water trench recently opened by a tsunami, and find there a ancient parchment known as “Cronicon”. After almost escaping the Dragon and closing Water Deep Water, they discover that the Cronicon holds a secret about how to find “Lemuria”, an ancient underwater continent that has been lost for thousands of years. The episode ends with Nereus who says “And it starts, this will be interesting”.

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 148 MB

Movie Language: Hindi

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