Tales From Earthsea Full Movie English Dub 720P

Tales From Earthsea Full Movie

Story (Tales From Earthsea Full Movie English Dub)

Tales From Earthsea Full Movie English Dub A war galley storm mixes with the sea. The ship’s master szélirányzó anxiously pointed out that he lost control over the wind and the waves. Fighting with each other when two dragons are noticed in the clouds, where one performs the other. King Enlai worried that swept the country in drought and sickness due to receiving news and special előjelről into the sea, and his son, Prince Arren’s disappearance.

The King Wizard, Root tells the story of the people and that the dragons were once one. But those who were elected to power, have become human beings, who remained the freedom of dragons. Concerned about the dragon’s fight can only mean that the disturbed balance, and getting huge dark adapted. However, the king is murdered shortly after in a dark corridor, and as it turns out, her son was the culprit. The prince takes his father’s sword and flees the palace.
Take the path towards the desert, where wolves attack him, but rescued by a wizard, who is none other than Sparrowhawk (Ged), the main wizard. Arren joins Sparrowhawk and Hort city travel. Arren starts to walk around the city alone but is scared that something will follow. At run time, catch a glimpse of a young girl, Therrut who slavers persecuted. Arren protects the girl, but the shock to human life – hers most of all – Iranian show of indifference.

Tales From Earthsea Movie

At night, the slavers captured Arrent who loses his sword, but the leader of worthless junk looked at it. Arrent and the other freed slaves Sparrowhawk and the two go to a farm. Where Therru and educator, living in Tenar, Sparrowhawk, who was well known. The slave traders, the leader Shrew (Hare) Mr. Cob’s castle is going to report and pay for almost the life of defectiveness. He said that the Sparrowhawk, who freed the slaves on Cob ordered him to bring him into the castle. The farm Sparrowhawk reveals that searching for the cause of the imbalance, so Horten goes. HORTON finds a retailer of Arren’s sword, but the conflict is Cickánnyal who faces megmásítva and disguises himself so that the slave traders move on.

Tales From Earthsea English Cast

  • Hawk Voice by Timothy Dalton
  • Arren Voice by Matt Levin
  • Theru Voice by Blaire Restaneo
  • Thenar Voice by Mariska Hargitay
  • Cob Voice by Willem Dafoe
  • I will do Voice by Cheech Marin
  • King of Enland Voice by Brian George
  • Queen of Enland Voice by Susanne Blakeslee

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Language: English

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