Sword in The Stone Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed

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Sword in The Stone Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed

The film takes the usual themes of Disney, the medieval world and magic, but for many writers this adaptation of a legend does not have the qualities of a “Classic Disney”. The genesis of the film is essentially the obstinacy of a man, the writer Bill Peet which develops alone most of the plot of the film, including story and characters. But the production of the work is done at a time when the studio and the Disney company dedicated to other topics, movie shooting real, television and theme parks. The animated feature films are also sidelined for budgetary reasons. Critics attribute the reasons for the failure of Merlin as well about the film itself, the writer and his adaptation of the story of White, the director Wolfgang Reitherman with the wrong style and the actors who lent their voices. But most recognize the artistic quality of the film with such a final duel of magicians who oppose sees Merlin and Madam Mim in a series of metamorphoses. In summary, Merlin has a quality animation but has not marked the public.
At the dawn of the Middle Ages , with the death of his king who had not had a son, the England is plunged into the darkness . Shortly after, near London appears a sword inserted in a stone anvil associated with a message: “Whoever can pull the sword from the anvil sealed in stone shall be worthy of the King, Sovereign Master of the England. ” Thus, the only hope is that someone removed the anvil in which it is stuck the sword of the king designating it as the new sovereign and ending this troubled period.
A few years later, in the vicinity of London, a young 11 year old boy nicknamed Mosquito, orphan and used in sire Hector dreams of becoming a squire . Mosquito is actually Arthur , son of the king. While participating in a hunting party with Kay , the son of his lord, it prevents the latter to kill a deer, but must find the lost arrow. Thus he discovered the hut Merlin , a magician who lives with Archimedes , his scholarly owl. Merlin decides he will be the guardian of Mosquito and Hector and ride home. He tries to convince Hector, the adoptive father of mosquito, that magic exists by creating a blizzard, but Hector does not accept that it becomes the guardian of his son. This is when Hector Merlin disappears change my mind. Shortly after, the Sire Pélimore, a friend of Hector arrives at the castle and announced that the annual tournament of chivalry will take place on New Year’s Day in London. The winner will be proclaimed king of the country. Hector proposes that Kay compete, and asks him to train seriously, Mosquito to serve as his squire.
For its part, continues Merlin Arthur education while the latter also assists Kay in his training for the tournament in London. In order to teach concepts, Merlin uses magic. And to teach physics, it turns Mosquito fish in the moat of the castle. But a pike attack and Archimedes save Arthur. He recounts his adventures to his adoptive father who does not believe the punishment to do housework in the kitchen. Merlin enchants plates and cutlery, and they washed only to teach other subjects to Arthur.
Merlin then transforms the boy into a squirrel to make him understand the concept of gravity. But barely saved from a hungry wolf by a young female squirrel, Arthur faces his amorous advances. Merlin who had also taken the appearance of a squirrel is also facing a busty congener desperately in love. Once females dodged, Merlin and Arthur return to the castle. Hector accuses Merlin of using black magic on the dishes. As Arthur defends Merlin, Hector punished and appoints Kay Hobbs squire.
For his third lesson, Merlin apologizes and after a discussion on the future and flying machines, Merlin transforms Arthur robin, Archimedes offering to teach him to fly. But Arthur takes an eagle to prey. Arthur takes refuge in a cabin through the chimney, that of Madam Mim . This dangerous witch uses magic and cheating. It attacks Arthur and then she almost killed, Merlin intervenes. Dueling magicians undertakes in which cheating Mim and Merlin uses his intelligence to counter it. The fight turns into a series of transformations mainly animals larger and larger. Mim cheat again and disappears, breaking a rule of combat, then turns into a legendary animal, a dragon. Merlin to defeat turns into a germ and infects Mim. It thus demonstrates the superiority of thinking brute force.
The day of the tournament, Hobbs has mumps and Hector replaced by the young squire as Arthur Kay. For this upsets against Merlin because Arthur seems to prefer war to school. Arthur explains that being an orphan, the best social position he can reach is that of squire. Displeased, Merlin goes to take vacation at the xx th  century Saint-Trop ( Saint-Tropez ).
Hector Kay, Pélimore, Arthur and Archimedes travel to London for the tournament. But Arthur realizes that he has forgotten Kay’s sword in a now closed due jousting hostel. Arthur goes in search of a sword and by Archimedes finds trapped in an anvil. He pulls the sword out of his prison and runs to Hector and Kay. The Dark Knight recognizes the royal sword and stops the tournament. He asked how the rider was able to deliver the sword of the anvil. Hector puts the sword in its base and various men trying to extract it, in vain. Arthur in the instance of Pélimore and the Black Knight, trying to turn and manages to pull it again. It is recognized then as King of England . Merlin, meanwhile, remains close to his student to help him in his task.
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Sword in The Stone Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
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