Sinbad Beyond the Veil of Mists Dual Audio HD 720P


Sinbad Beyond the Veil of Mists Dual Audio HD 720P

Sindbad & Serena – In the Land of Mist Veils (Original title: Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists ) is an Indian – American animated film from the year 2000.

The beautiful, young Princess Serena dreams of adventures beyond her father’s palace. She is the daughter of the good-natured King Chandra, who rules over a small, isolated island kingdom. One day, Serena finds a castaway on the beach. His only baggage is a collection of strange elixirs. She brings the stranger named Baraka, posing as a miracle healer from a distant land, to her father’s castle. Baraka offers King Chandra an Elixir to extend his lifetime, in gratitude for his salvation. Chandra can not resist the temptation of a longer life and actually drinks the remedy. By doing so, he traps Baraka, who is really a devious mage. In front of the horrified eyes of Serena, the magician makes a body swap with the king. Of course, when the princess calls for the guard, she does not believe her words. Serena steals a page from the magician’s book for the magician and escapes through secret doors in front of the guards to seek help elsewhere. Baraka, who is now mistaken for the king, has Chandra imprisoned and sentenced to death.

Serena manages to escape the palace guard and gets into a rundown harbor tavern. There she gets acquainted with the sailor Sindbadwho saves her from one of his drunken men. Serena asks Sindbad to take her ship up to behind the mists as it says on the magician’s book page. There, the princess hopes to find an antidote for her father and to be able to reverse the body exchange. Sindbad, who considers the fog veils a legend, will first refuse. However, he changes his mind when he sees how desperate Serena is and takes her to his ship. Baraka, meanwhile, manages to locate the princess on Sindbad’s ship through his magic and tries by all means to prevent Serena from reaching her destination. He conjures up a storm on the high seas, which makes the journey difficult and leaves in addition a giant octopus and a gargoyle-like flying monster, which can charge itself electrically through the storm , on Sindbad and his crew going on. After a hard fight, Sindbad manages to connect the Flying Monster and the Giant Squid with a harpoon . The octopus is killed by electric shocks and rips the flying monster through his massive body into the depths of the ocean.

Eventually, the crew reaches the fabled veil of fog and actually manages to cross it. Behind the fog, however, the ship gets into rocky waters with strong currents, which are in a large waterfallend up. When all attempts to pull the ship against the current with the help of a rowing boat fail, Sindbad cuts the connecting rope to the boat so that his crew can move to safety. Shortly before the waterfall, the ship wedged between two rocks. Sindbad’s last comrade sacrifices his life so that the ship can fall over the cliff as safely as possible. Sindbad and Serena survive the fall, but the ship is completely destroyed. Stranded on a rocky island, Sindbad and Serena now continue on their own on foot. They fall into a dark cave system, where they are attacked by a huge, wooden spider . Although they manage to destroy the monster with the help of fire , it burns out as wellCobweb existing floor of the cave. With a daring leap into the depths, the two rescue themselves and land in the water to their relief. There they are caught by a strange ray-like vehicle, which seems to serve the fishing, and brought into a grotto-like underwater city.

In the city Sindbad and Serena meet the builder of the vehicle: Strange, but peace-loving fishmen. In the underwater city, the two find some amazing phenomena such as a field of giant, flying mushrooms , upwelling water and rotationsthat seem to create the ocean floor. They come into conversation with the chief sage of the fishmen. From this they learn that Baraka also belongs to the people behind the fog and is the brother of the wise man. In contrast to the other representatives of his race, however, Baraka always dreamed of supremacy. Through shipwrecks, he learned of King Chandra’s kingdom and decided to go to the surface, there to seize power. Sindbad and Serena give the sage an elixir with which to undo his brother’s body swap. On the back of one of the flying mushrooms, the two return to the surface and make their way back. Baraka is now about to execute Chandra by the fall of a tower. Sindbad and Serena are just in time to prevent Chandra’s execution at the last second. Sinbad sheds Baraka with the Elixir, who then transforms back and himself falls from the tower to his death.

The king also gets back his right body. In the end, it turns out that Sindbad’s team escaped in the rowboat and survived. Sindbad and Serena, who have fallen in love during their journey, decide to marry.

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Sinbad Beyond the Veil of Mists Dual Audio HD 720P

Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 635 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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