Shrek 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P

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Shrek 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P
Shrek 2 is an animated film released on June 17, 2004 by CGI produced by Dreamworks Animation in 2004 directed by Andrew Adamson , Kelly Asbury and Conrad Vernon . It is the second project of the series of Shrek , and the sequel Shrek 2001. in their original language, presents the stellar voices of Mike Myers , Eddie Murphy , Cameron Diaz , Julie Andrews , John Cleese , Rupert Everett , Jennifer Saunders and Antonio Flags to be one of the biggest controversies of the participating actors. Shrek 2 won first order larger week to an animated film in the U.S., earning $ 108,037,878 (USD) in just three days. This was a record at the time (2004), but was surpassed by its sequel Shrek the Third three years later. It became the highest grossing film of 2004 worldwide with 919 million dollars . Their respective soundtrack reached the top 10 on the Billboard 200 . It is the second highest grossing animated film in history, second only to Toy Story 3 in 2010 , and the Dreamworks film most successful to date.
After their honeymoon, the ogre Shrek and Princess Fiona return to the swamp and along with Donkey receive an invitation from Fiona’s parents, the kings of the Kingdom of Far, Far Away , as they are aware of their marriage and are eager to meet his son. However, things do not go as expected. When they arrive, the whole town is shocked to see that out of the chariot two ogres and seeing that his son was not what we were expecting, King Harold and Shrek are not supported (this is shown during the dinner that night in which a discussion that slowly rises in level and demonstrations of mutual hatred) occurs. After witnessing the shameful behavior of his father and Shrek, Fiona goes to her room to mourn the balcony and suddenly a Fairy Godmother who is surprised to learn that Fiona Shrek had married instead of his son appears, Prince Charming (who had come to search the castle where Shrek rescued).
The fairy godmother tells Harold to do everything possible to eliminate the ogre. Harold will Poisoned Apple (only bar tale villains), where hires Puss in Boots to kill Shrek. King cheats Shrek telling you to go the next morning to the woods to go hunting with him to make peace, but there is Shrek Puss in Boots wants to kill him. However, the cat ends Shrek begging mercy on him and becomes his friend, causing fury Burro. Realizing that the king hired to kill the cat, Shrek thinks Fiona would be happier if he was a handsome prince, so I go to see the fairy godmother to his factory and asks for help. Seeing that it refuses, Shrek and company to steal a potion happily ever being handsome. The Fairy Godmother discovers what formula had been stolen and plans with King Harold to make him believe that Lovely Fiona and the ogre is convetido man.
Shrek and Donkey take the potion and the next day they wake up and see that Shrek has become a very handsome young man and donkey a beautiful white horse and also discover they can permanently stay like if Shrek receives a kiss from her true love of midnight, so we are going to see Fiona (who also had returned to being human, because if you drank the potion also affect your true love). Fiona is a charming who says he is Shrek and had taken the potion, so hugs. Shrek when it reaches the castle and locks him in a room, seeing them, believes that Fiona loves Charming and lets her go, go with depressed Shrek donkey and cat Poisoned Apple where Harold gets to go to find the fairy godmother meets with the Fairy Godmother and Charming, because Fiona does not like anything Charming and refuses to continue that falsehood and fairy gives her a potion to fall in love with Lovely to receive a kiss from him, but unable to hurt his own daughter, Harold does not give it, Shrek discovers and thrown in jail. Friends of fairy tales, later the rescue. Meanwhile in the castle a dance is held to celebrate the marriage of Shrek and Fiona but convinced that they can not enter, Shrek and his friends make a giant cookie with the help of the pastry to enter the castle and succeed.
When they arrive, recognizes Fiona Shrek and Prince Charming kisses believing he had drunk the potion and Fiona hits it, the furious fairy godmother casts a spell to Shrek. Then King Harold realizes what he has done, and launches heroically protecting them. Then the spell bounces off his armor, and gives in the chest the Fairy Godmother. Harold disappears, leaving only their clothes. The Fairy Godmother is puzzled with the spell he has not done anything to it, raises his wand again, shouting fiercely prepared to kill Shrek, and suddenly explodes and makes bubbles gradually disappear when they hit soil. His glasses and wand onto the floor. Then King Harold turned into a frog appears and apologizes to them for all they had done, the clock strikes midnight, Shrek and Fiona proposes to permanently stay as they are but she decides she wants to be happy as they were before and become again ogres with Burro also returns to the one before. Eventually the party continues with Donkey and Puss singing Livin ‘La Vida Loca .
Then half of the opening credits, is shown in a scene singing alone with Donkey Shrek and Fiona Dancing, Cat in Boots arrives with two beautiful women and invites a club, but did not want to go because he had no partner, then Dragona comes suddenly and surprise it brings Donkey-donkey dragon babies five mutants making Burro father.
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Shrek 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)
Movie Size 852 MB
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