Sheep & Wolves Dual Audio HD 720P x265


Sheep & Wolves Dual Audio HD 720P x265

“Wolves and sheep: beezumnoe transformation” – Russian full-length computer cartoon with the ability to view in 3D . The Russian premiere of the painting took place on April 28, 2016, while the international premiere took place six days earlier. Cartoon was in the main program of the international festival in Annecy , was also presented at the festival in Zlín and the Berlin Film Festival , she received the Grand Prix at the Korean Children’s Film Festival in Guro, a special prize of the festival on the Catalina ( Eng. ) , And was nominated for the award of the Asia Pacific Academy (Eng)

Baran- naturalist Zico, engaged in photography in the meadow, meets the wolf Gray and in horror runs to the village of sheep. Leader of the sheeps Belgur strictly forbids everyone to go to the northern meadow because of the danger from the wolves. Meanwhile, in the wolf pack, the leader Magra decided to retire, leaving himself a successor. His candidacy was put forward by Bezukhy, who was so afraid in the pack that only Gray decided to challenge his primacy. Magra announced that the next leader will decide on a duel between the applicants. Gray has a girlfriend, wolf Bianca, who wants to marry Serio, but at the same time she is worried about the boy’s boyishness. In the hope of changing for the sake of his beloved Gray goes to the forest where the gypsy camp stopped. There the rabbit-gypsy Mami gives the Grease transmutation potion. Having drunk a potion, Gray runs to his pack with joy, but the wolves pursue him as prey. During the chase, Gray strikes his head and loses consciousness.

Waking up, Gray discovers himself in the house of Lyra’s lamb turned into a ram. In the village Seryy gets acquainted with the brother of Lira Shaya, a seagullCliff and talkative lamb Mozz. The next day Shai and his friend go for a walk to the forbidden meadow, where they are met by wolves from the Bezuhoy gang, but Gray saves lambs, effectively bodnuv one of the wolves; Later, Gray will call his attack a “secret trick.” In the night after the party, Shai convinces his lamb friend to get out again to the northern meadow, claiming that knowing the secret method will save them from the wolves. There the lambs witness the conversation between Magra and Bezukhim. Magra argues that Bezuchiy is not ready to lead a pack, because it uses power in its own interests. The Madness pushes Magra off the cliff and catches Shayu, then returns to the pack and convinces everyone except Bianchi that Magra died as a result of an accident, appointing his successor as the Innocent.

A friend of Shai runs to the village and informs that the wolves were seized and kept in a pit, in order to eat tomorrow at the coronation ceremony. Gray decides to make his way to the lair to steal Shayu back. With him, Moz is called to go in the hope of impressing Lyra. On the mission, Moz strikes his head and loses consciousness, and Gray alone rescues Shayu, neutralizing the Lean, who before this manages to recognize Gray in the guise of a ram. Lira rejoices at the return of her brother and falls in love with Moza. Gray at the same time is upset that he can not return to his native flock. Then Gray goes to the forest to meet Bianca, from whom he learns about the death of Magra and the accession of the Innocent. At that time Zico, hiding in the bushes, takes pictures of their conversation.

Meanwhile, the Skinny and the Lame inform Bezuchy that the lamb freed Gray. The insect decides to hide this information and calls on the wolves to start a war with the sheep in order to eliminate the danger of secret invasions. Gray returns to the flock, where Zico accuses him of betrayal, giving the evidence for the photographs taken the day before, after which Gray leaves the village of the sheep. Wandering through the forest Gray finds Mami and informs him that the wolves have entered the warpath, and the enchantments imposed on him at noon the next day will be eternal if Gray does not drink dew from the magic pine, which should only come out on the morning of the next day. Gray runs to the sheep and convinces them to prepare for the attack. Together with Zico and Moz, they invent military vehicles and teach sheep tactics .

During the attack, the wolves break through the barriers and enter the village. Gray orders the sheep to retreat through the cave, after they flood the entrance and lock the wolves in it. Because of the dam in the cave, water begins to flow, and wolves face death from drowning. Gray pushes a speech about the fact that wolves must be saved, for bad deeds will make the sheep themselves with those with whom they fight. Gray support and open the entrance to the cave, after which the Innocent throws himself at Gray, but Gray fights with him on an equal footing. During the fight, Bianca and Mami arrive in time and throw Gray a bubble with magical dew, but she does not turn it back into a wolf.

Having seized the moment, the Innocent throws Gray on the rock, and he flings rocks. Under a pile of stones, Gray becomes true. The rampant backs away on the tree growing from the rock, but it breaks under it, and the wolf falls into the waterfall. From now on, wolves and sheep are friends, Gray becomes the leader of the pack, and Belgur crowns him with Bianca. In the gypsy camp Mami explains the secret of turning Gray back into a wolf by his inner transformation, because the bubble that he drank contained not magical dew, but ordinary water.

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Sheep & Wolves Dual Audio HD 720P x265

Movie Quality : 720P x265

Movie Size : 435 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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