Shaun the Sheep Movie English & Hindi Dubbed HD 720P


Shaun the Sheep Movie English & Hindi Dubbed HD 720P

Shaun the Sheep Movie ( The sheep Shaun: The movie in Spain , and Shaun, the Lamb: The movie in Latin America ) is a film produced by Aardman Animations , and financed by StudioCanal in association with Anton entertainment capital and Lionsgate (For the United States ) based on the television series The Sheep Shaun . Mark Burton and Richard StarzakThey wrote and directed the film with Ilan Eshkeri music composition and starred with Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes and Omid Djalili. The film premiered on January 24, 2015 at the Sundance Film Festival, and was released in cinemas in the United Kingdom on February 6, 2015 and in the United States premiered on August 7, 2015.

The film received a 99% approval on the Rotten Tomatoes specialized website . 4 It has been acclaimed by critics. For example, in Rolling Stone magazine, it is classified as “A world class winner”. Besides, it was a blockbuster with a budget of 25 million dollars, raising more than 106 million dollars worldwide. 3

The film was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Animated Film , a Golden Globe , a BAFTA Award , a Satellite Award and five Annie Awards (including Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Animated Movie ).

The film begins with some childhood memories recorded by El Farmer with his animals, Shaun, Bitzer and El Rebaño de jóvenes. They show themselves enjoying on the farm, playing with El Farmer and end up taking a picture together. A few years later on the farm, Shaun, El Farmer, Bitzer and El Rebaño have already grown and their lives get very hard for the routine task. One day, Shaun sees a bus with the image of “Take a day off” and Shaun comes up with a plan. With the help of the Flock, Shaun hires a duck to distract Bitzer while he and the sheep use the technique of counting sheep to The Farmer and leave him asleep. The plan manages to work and the Farmer is left in an old caravan. Shaun and El Rebaño enter the Farmer’s house to celebrate but then they are interrupted by Bitzer, who discovered about Shaun’s plan. Shaun, Bitzer and The Flock arrive at the caravan where they left the Farmer, but the caravan starts moving away from the farm and going to The Big City. Bitzer stops Shaun and the Flock giving them the order to stay on the farm while he goes in search of the Farmer.

Bitzer runs to the caravan but fails to grab it. The Farmer wakes up confused and when he leaves, he receives a blow to the head. He is taken to the hospital and diagnosed by Amnesia. The Farmer leaves the hospital without first grabbing the hospital notice that he has amnesia. Upon leaving, he enters a style where he cuts the hair of a celebrity using his skiing memories. The celebrity likes his court and thanks the Farmer. Later, El Granjero gets a job in the style and becomes a celebrity.

Meanwhile on the farm, Shaun and El Rebaño discover that life on the farm is impossible without its owner which Shaun decides to go and look for him in the city leaving the flock on the farm. But later he discovers that El Rebaño was following them. Shaun and El Rebaño enter a clothing store to dress like humans and hide from Trumper, a worker from the Animal Containment and does not let any animal escape. They get out of Trumper and start looking for their owner, but they always get confused with other people or objects. Later, Shaun and El Rebaño stay in a restaurant to eat and Shaun emerges to behave like humans, but El Rebaño get the attention of others leaving Shaun shameful. Shaun sees Timmy in a section of Tortas and grabs him immediately,

Shaun enters The Containment of Animals (which is like a prison for animals) where he meets Bitzer (who is not happy to see him) and meets Slip, a wolf dog. The Flock devise a plan to free Shaun but they are seen by the security cameras of The Containment of Animals. Shaun quickly makes a plan, draws a large hole in the wall to trick Trumper and lock him in, managing to escape. Shaun and the others arrive at the styling where Shaun enters to see the Farmer. But The Farmer does not recognize him and drives him away leaving Shaun with a broken heart and believing that they failed in his mission.

Slip invites to stay with Shaun and the others in his house even if they do not seem happy. Shaun and El Rebaño decide to cheer up Timmy by singing the song “Feels Like Summer” (a song from the childhood of Shaun and El Rebaño), and in the El Granjero style he listens to her and remembers listening to her. But seeing his notification, the strip believing that being a stylist is the only thing he can do. Shaun finds the notification and upon understanding the Farmer’s amnesia he devises a plan to grab the Farmer and return to the farm which consists in making everyone sleep (including the Farmer), creating a false horse and arriving at the caravan. To move it, they use a bus with a rope and they arrive, but they are persecuted by Trumper, who freed himself from prison and pursues the animals without an intention to leave them.

The animals arrive at La Granja with El Granjero asleep and they see Trumper approaching. Scared, they hide in a shed where Trumper finds them and takes them to a rock quarry with a tractor. With fear, they embrace the awakened Farmer and he recovers his memory and the love of his animals. When reacting of what happens, it leaves the shed to fight but it almost falls and it is saved by Bitzer. Shaun leaves the shed and fights Trumper, managing to get the tractor and saving everyone. But Trumper grabs him and throws him into the quarry. Fortunately, El Farmer saves him and hugs him by showing his affection in him. Trumper, surprised and afraid, tries to escape but Slip prevents him from biting his foot. The Farmer becomes angry with Trumper for his actions and Trumper tries to reason with The Farmer for his misunderstanding. While from behind, a bull pushes Trumper into his torn pants where his red breeches show, and as the quarry passes by, he falls into a pile of manure. With defeated Trumper, The Farmer and The Animals have their affection and affection between them. Slip leaves the farm leaving a note to Shaun, but is adopted by a bus driver and Shaun happily says goodbye to her.

The next morning, Bitzer cancels the routine task and with The Farmer and the others take the day off. Slip gets a house (and bracets) with its owner. Animal Containment is returned at the Animal Protection Center and Trumper is fired from his position and gets work at the nuggets restaurant as the restaurant’s mascot.

After the first credits, The Farmer and The Animals are surprised to see the Farmer in the news about the disappearance of him as a stylist. Then, a rooster arrives with a sign saying “End” but the credits end up covering it.

After the credits, El Gallo leaves with another sign saying “A Casa” and then a sheep appears with a vacuum cleaner.

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Shaun the Sheep Movie English & Hindi Dubbed HD 720P

Movie Quality : 720P HEVC x265

Movie Size : 389 MB

Movie Language: Japanese and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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