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Ratatouille is the eighth animated film in CG American studios Pixar 2 , directed by Brad Bird and released in theaters in 2007 .
The film tells the moving of a rat named Remy, who is separated from his family during a leak disaster of his colony, dislodged from its place of establishment adventures. Remy then moved into the kitchens of Chez Gusteau! , a Parisian restaurant 3 .
Well received by both the public and critics, he climbs right out the top of the box office in the United States , in France and the United Kingdom . The film has received various awards including the Oscar for Best Animated Film in 2007.
Remy, a young rat, lives in the French countryside with her ​​father, Django, his brother, Emile, and a clan of rats in the attic of the house of Mabel, an old lady retired. Unlike members of his family, Remy is a great admirer of the French cuisine. With its sense of smell, the young rat instinctively knows the ingredients to add to dishes to make them better and more subtle. That’s why he went stealthily at night in the kitchen to read a cookbook chef starry, Auguste Gusteau, recently died after losing one of its stars because of a food critic, Anton Ego, which opposed to the basic idea of Gusteau that “anyone can cook” .
One night, Remy, accompanied by his brother, is concocting a recipe when the homeowner takes the act and forces them to flee. Separated from his family and alone in the sewers, Remy speaks dream with Gusteau, who console and guide to its restaurant. It falls on Alfredo Linguini, a young clerk Kitchen attendant garbage since Skinner, the new leader, learned that he was the son of Gusteau’s girlfriend. While Alfredo, who wants him as cooking, preparing to permanently ruin a soup, Remy seeps into the kitchen to save the dish using his talent but Alfredo sees and locks in a colander. Skinner notes Alfredo turn off the soup and then comes the rebuke: he must not handle food preparation, having no training as a chef. A few minutes pass, and the soup is served at Solene Leclerc, a food critic. Skinner saw that the soup was served one Linguini had changed, attempts to intercept, but does not succeed. He is about to dismiss the young clerk when criticism, delighted by the tasty soup, the chef sent his congratulations. Alfredo is then allocated to the preparation of soups. Meanwhile, Remy, who managed to escape from the sieve, is captured and imprisoned in a jar by cooks. This is Alfredo who is responsible for this task. But as he prepares to throw in the Seine , he realizes that the rat has his words and he can help. They then agree to work together. Colette, a young cook is responsible for learning but Alfredo Skinner, still determined to get rid of, ask it to prepare a soup again, make sure that the clerk will not succeed.
The next day, the rat leads to direct Alfredo, pulling her hair hidden under his chef’s hat. The clerk successfully its tasks successfully, is taken from the desire to reveal his secret to Colette, but the little rat opposes and forces him to kiss her instead.
Remy stumbles Alfredo is the son of Gusteau and barely managed to recover evidence of this relationship claws Skinner. Alfredo becomes the legitimate head of the restaurant and decided to reveal his secret to the other cooks. Shocked that his talent should a rat, then all decide to leave, including Colette, the same evening when Anton Ego horrible review visits them. Distraught, Alfredo knows what to do. But the family of Remy, who was indebted to him, just lend a hand.
In restaurant kitchens, many small rats share the tasks to concoct dishes, while Alfredo provide service. Rémy decides to prepare a ratatouille ( Confit byaldi ) for review. During the tasting, the profusion of flavors brings back memories of Ego in Ratatouille his childhood. Captivated, he wants to thank Chief Alfredo tells him that it is a rat who prepared the dish. The day after the meal, the critic publishes a glowing article about Alfredo and his mysterious little cook without revealing the exact nature. But health services, informed by Skinner to the presence of rats in the establishment, the restaurant closed. Helped Colette, who read the book in the meantime Auguste Gusteau Everyone can cook , Alfredo opens a new restaurant called La Ratatouille , in honor of that served in Ego. He takes care of the service, leaving the kitchen Colette and Remy.
Ratatouille Movie Free Download 300MB Dual Audio
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