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Princess Mononoke ( もののけ姫 Mononoke-hime ? , letter. “princess of the vengeful spirits”) is an animated Japanese of 1997 , directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli . The film is set in the Muromachi period and hinges on the struggle between the supernatural guardians that protect the forest and humans, in need of resources, that want to destroy that same forest.
The film was screened for the first time in Japan July 12, 1997 and proved an immediate success, as well as in many other countries, where it has often been interpreted as a film on the environment, told in the form of Japanese myth. This is demonstrated by the fact that, until the exit of the Titanic a few months later, was that the film had earned more at the box office of the Japanese theaters.
In Italy it was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures May 19, 2000 with the title Princess Mononoke . On May 8, 2014 was reissued in theaters with the title Princess Mononoke [2] and a new dubbing.
A giant demon boar prey to a curse, attack the village’s young Ashitaka. To save his people, the young man is forced to kill him but is wounded in the clash and infected by the curse. Consulted the oracle of the village, Ashitaka learns that the curse will lead to death and therefore leaves the homeland forever and walks towards the west, the place of origin of the demon, searching for a possible cure.
During the journey he meets Jiko, a monaco-errant who trusts to Ashitaka as one of the Forest Spirit who lives nearby could cure him. Party then in search of the Holy Spirit, the young man comes across two men injured by the attack of two wolves. These men were part of a convoy to the Iron City , Tataraba: protosiderurgico a center that produces new firearms. While Ashitaka through the forest along with the two, along the bank of a river, for the first time San, called by locals as the ‘princess mononoke ‘(princess of the vengeful spirits), a girl raised by wolf-god Moro and testing hatred towards humans.
Arrived at Tataraba, Ashitaka knows Lady Eboshi, the mistress of the city, and she learns that in this place there is an ongoing struggle between human and animal-gods. Although shocked by the violent actions against the spirits that govern the forest, Ashitaka also finds that Tataraba is a haven for many marginalized and so feels he can not condemn the whole Lady Eboshi.
That same night, San tries to kill Eboshi inside the walls of the city, but Ashitaka puts an end to confrontation not fatally striking the two women; However, the young man was seriously wounded by a gunshot, and after leaving the city with San on his shoulders, Ashitaka faints. The girl, which recovered, decides to help him and leaves him to the pond frequented by the Spirit of the Forest; Spirit heals Ashitaka from the wound, but does not remove the curse deadly.
Meanwhile, arrives in the forest clan led by the boar-god Okkoto, with the intention of attacking humans in mass.
Tataraba is attacked by the samurai of Lord Asano, who has rights on the site, but Lady Eboshi and the inhabitants manage to fight them off due to the superiority of their firearms. During these events, we learn that Jiko is an envoy of the Emperor with the mission to find the Spirit of the Forest and cut off his head, according to ancient traditions, the latter gives eternal life to anyone who owns it. Lady Eboshi in exchange for the protection of the Emperor, collaborate in the mission of Jiko.
Ashitaka, is not edited by the curse and then condemned to a certain death, leaves the forest and San. In departing, is called from the noise of the siege that Lord Asano has moved against Tataraba, and here is aware of the mission of Jiko and Lady Eboshi. He decides to inform the lady of the attack, in order to distract from the mission, thus saving the Spirit of the Forest, San and the city. In seeking Eboshi, comes to the field where they clashed humans and wild boar, and learns that Jiko and the lady are already on the trail of the Spirit. Even the boar-god Okkoto, the only survivor of his clan and seriously injured, is trying to reach the Spirit of the Forest together with San, but overwhelmed by hatred for humans begins to turn into a demon.
Having reached the pond of the Spirit of the Forest, this makes an appearance and gives a peaceful death in Okkoto. Lady Eboshi, arrived on the scene, he manages to chop off the head of the Spirit and the Jiko secures; the rest of the body, transformed into a “god of death” begins to expand, taking the form of a giant liquid, in search of his head that kills everything it touches. Meanwhile, Moro, already severely injured, manages with a final impetus to cut off the arm of Eboshi. After the wound bandaged lady, Ashitaka San convinces to help him in an attempt to recover the head of the Spirit, and so try to curb the advance of destruction. The body of the Spirit reaches Tataraba liquefied under siege, killing everyone in its path and destroying the city; citizens are able to escape by taking refuge in the middle of the lake, at the suggestion of Ashitaka.
Ashitaka and San, recovered the head, returning to the Spirit, which falls into the water apparently lifeless, but the evil that had invaded the valley fades and grows in areas affected by the destruction of vegetation; also the curse of Ashitaka and San disappear from their bodies.
San then declares his love for Ashitaka, but not being able to forgive the humans continue to live in the forest; Ashitaka tells her that he will stand beside however, to Tataraba, and that the two will meet in the forest. Lady Eboshi asks to see Ashitaka to thank him and says it wants to build a better city.
The film takes viewers to Japan late Muromachi period , when Japan first appears firearms. Village people Emishi , including the protagonist, a young prince named Asitaka ( Jap. アシタカ? ) , was attacked by Nago, a giant boar, obsessive hatred that turned into a demon beast. Defending village Asitaka was forced to kill him, but during the battle the demon had to touch the right hand of the Prince and handed him his curse. Wise Woman reveals Prince cause obsession Boar and he predicts death from wounds inflicted. He cuts his hair and leaves the village with Yakurim, true red antelope.
On the way he encounters a samurai killing unarmed residents of villages. Some of the samurai decides to attack Asitaku. Reflecting their attack, the Prince discovers that the wound gives him supernatural powers. Getting rid of the attackers, he enters a town where attracts wandering monk. First monk helps Asitake out of his predicament when he tries to pay for the rice with pure gold, and later helps to escape from robbers raised view jewels. At a halt Asitaka discerning monk tells of her misfortune. In the morning they leave.
Continue traveling west in search of healing from his illness, Prince unwittingly becomes party opposition People and Forests. Iron City people is at hand prudent and purposeful Mrs. eboshi ( Jap. エボシ? ) . Ancient city confronts Forest, protected beasts – a huge wolf Moreau ( Jap. モロ? ) , boar Okkotononusi (Okkoto) ( Jap. 乙事主? ) , as well as the adopted daughter of the Moro human girl named San ( Jap. サン? , she have the title character, “Princess Mononoke”) . In the depths of the forest lies a wonderful Spirit Forest ( Jap. シシ神 Sisigami ? ) .
Goddess Moro, San and two huge wolves (Moro children) attacked a caravan with rice coming in Iron City. They want to kill Mrs. eboshi to avenge logging and mining of iron ore. In battle, the people perish, bulls, flying into the abyss barrels of rice. Moreau is eager to eboshi, but that manages to injure wolf firearms and death. Immediately after the fight quickly caravan continues its way and not trying to pick off a cliff frustrate people and livestock. Two seriously wounded men Asitaka finds and tries to help them get home. It was at this moment he first sees San and two wolves.
Asitaka helps get injured in Iron City, passing them through a forest full of gods and spirits. It is here that he meets the Forest Spirit, who is called “the god of life and death.” In the Iron City Asitaka understand the conflict between the Moro and eboshi. During another attack, and two San wolves eboshi Asitaka does not allow women to kill each other, but he receives a mortal wound from eboshi bodyguard. Demonic powers help him endure from San and go himself. When he reached the forest, he loses power, but his spirit and save San Forests.
Nevertheless, Asitaka never spared from the curse and continues to fulfill the role of peacemaker. At this time, it becomes clear the role of a wandering monk, he needs his head Forest Spirit, which he traded with the emperor on a rich reward. Eboshi taken to help bring back the head monk of the Spirit. At the same time in the woods going boars army led by a wise and old Okkotononusi wanting revenge at the end of life for the people of his tribe extinction.
Attack is unsuccessful, and wounded Okkotononusi accompanied San goes to a meeting with the Spirit of the Forest, that he healed him. They are followed by people who want to use them to find the way to the Spirit of the Forest and behead him. Trying to stop them Asitaki causes that Okkotononusi and San demons begin to turn into hatred. Appeared at this moment trying to fix Ghost Forest position, but eboshi manages to shoot his head and give the monk. Headless Ghost Forest turns into a sower of death. He reaches for his head and deadens everything in its path. Funky, but confident in the successful outcome of the monk and his three assistants stubbornly continue to race in the hope of escape. Are catching Asitaka and San. They were taken by force head Spirit Forests and return it to him. Spirit of the Forest again becomes the “god of life and death.” Wood starts to revive. Asitaka San people and lepers are healed eboshi, and residents of the destroyed Iron City itself Mrs. eboshi understand what led their former life and are going to create a new city.
The film shows some of the battle scenes, it is focused on the 13 + age category; besides, unfolding on the screen ecological parable and relationships of the main characters are quite complex.
Imagery of the film includes references to the Far East Folklore “forest men” Kodama or bestial hypostasis of the Great Spirit – Qilin .
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