Pokemon Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew Dual Audio HD 720P


Pokemon Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew Dual Audio HD 720P

The introduction shows everyone the Pokémon World and the fantastic creatures that live in it, being good or enemy. She also shows Ash Ketchum from the town of Pallet, who in her journey Pokémon aims at being a master of “pocket creatures.” He has gone through four continents of this world and now tries to beat the Battle Frontier coaches, alongside Brock, May and Max.

A long time ago, in a distant and gloomy land, a Ho-oh appears flying and soon the mysterious Lucario appears running, heading towards the land of Rotha. He closes his eyes, puts a hand on his chest and through the energy of the waves of the world he locates an army of red robes, both Pokémon and humans. Doing the same thing in another direction, he watches an army of green robes. He sees the Ho-oh and flees when three Houndooms appear, jumping on some stones and leaning on some crystals, calling for his master Aaron. The coach of Lucario, who was in the castle next to the Queen Lynn hillside in a crystal and hear what Lucario has to say: there is a great army out there and the castle could not stand.

Lucario is attacked by the three Red Armor Houndooms but wins by using the energy ray of the waves. Aaron, still in the castle, raises his staff with a crystal and his great Pidgeot appears. He rides on the Pokémon and goes to Lucario, being attacked by three Skarmorys of the Green Army on the way. Aaron tells Lucario that he would go to the castle and never return. He throws his staff and somehow imprisons Lucario inside the crystal. In the castle, Queen Lynn says that the “Tree of Genesis” weeps, and while the armies are almost meeting, in a large tree, the Ho-oh becomes the little Mew. Aaron’s Pidgeot delivers the staff of his coach to Queen Lynn.

Suddenly the tree begins to glow and the crystals that dot the city of Rotha turn into light beams, making the two armies become paralyzed. This is actually a story that a mother tells her daughter, saying that after that the Pokémon returned to their normal lives and peace reigned there. Ash and company walk along the bridge of Rotha Castle, where there will be a feast in honor of the “Hero of Hadou”, Aaron. There will also be battles in which the winner will be named the “Hero of Hadou of the Year”. While they change clothes for the festival, Taillow appears in a higher part of the castle and lands on the roof, turning into Pichu and going through a window. As the coaches dress, Pikachu sees a Pichu behind the curtain, and as he approaches, sees that the Pokémon turns into Treecko, that leaves by the window, walking by the parapet of the castle. Everyone leaves and Team Rocket appears, planning to steal Pokémon while everyone else is busy.

Queen of the castle, Eileen, much like Lynn, along with her maid Jenny and her Pokémon Mime Jr. kick off the tournament. The first fight is Ash against a coach of a Breloom. Ash uses the Pikachu and ends the battle quickly. As the battles continue, Treecko appears in the Queen’s cabin and becomes Mime Jr. When Jenny notices this, she sees the second Mime Jr. turning into a bouncy Aipom. The last battle of the tournament is of Ash against a trainer wearing a knight’s armor, using a Weavile. Pikachu wins the battle with an electric attack. Ash rushes to Pikachu to celebrate but the first one arrives is the Aipom from the queen’s cabin.

The coach goes to Ash thanking him for the battle he had. He removes his helmet and, to the surprise of Ash and May, reveals that it is a girl named Kid. Brock tries to introduce himself, but Max appears pulling his ear. Inside the castle, Eileen offers Aaron’s scepter to Ash. The coach hears a voice saying “why?” and watches his return, being imitated by Mime Jr. Sitting on his throne, Eileen watches the beginning of the dance and the dancing couples. May dances with a guest named Freddy and Brock takes courage to invite Kid. Even Pikachu and Aipom dance while Max eats. Ash, sitting on a throne to the left of the queen, releases his Pokémon, and May does the same. Ash tries to get up to have fun, but Jenny says the hero should remain seated. In the middle of the hall, an exchange of couples happens and May starts dancing with James and Jessie dances with Freddy. Meowth remains under a table, eating.

Meowth sees the Pokémon of the heroes and follows them, but a door hits his face and it ends up in an unlit fireplace. Brock will get some drinks while Kid appears in the room that Meowth is in. Kid, through a microphone, talks to a man named Banks, who is far away, inside a building. Kid asks for maps of the area and change of clothes, before fleeing through the window. Max sees Munchlax picking up some fruit and follows. The Pokémon of the heroes are guided by Aipom to the attic of the castle, where they amuse themselves with toys, some with shapes and drawings of legendary Pokémon. When they are balancing on balls, Aipom becomes Pikachu. The dance continues and Kid appears at the top of the castle, using a hook to go to another tower. She is followed by Meowth, who balks and walks into the castle, breaking a window. Kid appears on the roof watching the heroes’ Pokémon around the Meowth fainted. The newly Pikachu turns into Mew and Kid reveals his two Weaviles. She launches a device for her Pokémon, saying that she will capture Mew.

The Weavils attack Mew. Diverting from an attack, Munchlax ends up being frozen. Mew is grabbed by one of the Weaviles and is almost captured, but Pikachu appears using an electrical attack. Mew transforms into Meowth and dances with Team Rocket’s Pokémon. The Weaviles and Pikachu exchange attacks, which causes an explosion. Pikachu falls into the arms of the original Meowth and Max appears, watching the newly Meowth transforming into Mew. The Weavils attack again but all are teleported to one of the castle’s towers. With the weight of Pikachu, Meowth slides from the tower but Mew turns into Pidgeot and takes them away. Max manages to open the frozen door and watches Munchlax and the others without Pikachu. Meanwhile, Ash tries to look at Aaron’s portrait but Jenny catches his eye. He hears the voice again, “why?”

Eileen ends the prom and Ash makes a hero pose, imitating Aaron’s portrait. Fireworks burst out of the castle and Ash hears the voice again, holding the scepter that begins to unravel, shining. There is a strong shot coming from the scepter and Lucario appears. “Seeing” through waves, Lucario approaches Ash thinking that the coach is his master. He opens his eyes and realizes it is not Aaron, and runs out of the castle. Remembering the past, when he came to the castle with Aaron, who planned to train Lucario teaching about Hadou, Lucario begins to walk through the castle and observes how different he is. Eileen finds Lucario and says that she is the ancestor of Queen Lynn, saying that Lucario has been sleeping for a long time. Ash talks to Lucario and says he was mistaken for Aaron because of the outfit, but Lucario says it’s because of Hadou. Max enters the hall saying that Mew appeared and that disappeared along with Pikachu and Meowth.

Queen Eileen shows the “Tree of Genesis” to the heroes. She says that this is the home of Mew and that the Pokémon can turn into other Pokémon, and that it could only be revealed by Lucario, who can see the auras of the Pokémon. Eileen tells Lucario to help Ash in the quest for Pikachu, and Kid also appears to help them. Brock recognizes her as the super woman who has already hit record highs. The next day, Ash and the others leave in Kid’s car to the “Tree of Genesis”. Jessie and James appear in the trunk of the car. Kid explains that Aaron was a Hadous handlebar, the one who could see the auras of other beings. Meowth appears in a deeper part of the forest, seeing some Mew toys. Pikachu is sleeping in a basket, watched by Mew. The heroes stop for a snack and Bonsly appears stealing Kid’s plate. The Pokémon cries and Max says that Bonsly always pretends to cry. The Pokémon runs away with food and Lucario appears, taking the food back and delivering a fruit to Bonsly.

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Pokemon Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew Dual Audio HD 720P

Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 1 GB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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