Pocahontas 2 Free Download English & Hindi Dual Audio

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Pocahontas 2 Free Download English & Hindi Dual Audio

Pocahontas II – Journey to a New World is a sequel to the animated Disney Pocahontas produced exclusively for video distribution. In Italy the film was released on VHS in 1999 , and then to DVD, then went out of print. In this film, as well as some of the characters of the first film, there are also new, as King James I , Queen Anne , the Indian Utam, Ms. Jenkins and John Rolfe , the husband of the real Pocahontas .
The film begins with a flashback to London , with John Smith who tries to escape the British guards who should stop and beheaded for betraying King James I in the mission in Virginia (in fact, the culprit is Ratcliffe ). But when it is about to fall off a building, you see the cruel and treacherous Governor Ratcliffe that it does fall into the river, laughing proudly. After the flashback, we see Ratcliffe cry in front of the King James and Queen Anne , making believe that he had tried to save John Smith . The king is furious, because Smith wanted to live. The queen is advisable to wait for the return of sailor John Rolfe, traveling to America to convince the chief Powhatan to come to England with him. Meanwhile, the king allows Ratcliffe to prepare the army to go to get the gold in Virginia (America), but first he will have to wait for the return of Rolfe and the Indian chief.
Meanwhile, in Virginia, a year after the first film and voice spread to the white settlers of the place on the death of Smith, the Indian Pocahontas is still sad for him (he is inseparable from the compass of Smith) and it is on the sidelines, in the company of his friends, the raccoon Meeko, the hummingbird Flit and the little dog Perlin (in the first film, Ratcliffe was his master.) When John Rolfe arrived in America , the Indian princess who knows when the latter tries to stop his people that he wanted to fight with the settlers and, feeling two women talking about her, believed to be the chief of the Indian tribe and goes to look for.
The Indians are having a party, where Nakoma and Pocahontas dancing, while Meeko steals food to an Indian fat. When she arrives John Rolfe, offers his horse as a gift of peace in Pocahontas, even if he finds out that she was not the boss. However, calls Powhatan to come with him to England , but the boss refuses, on the grounds that he does not want to steal the kingdom to King James. Pocahontas bravely offers to go in his place. A bit ‘reluctantly, and Powhatan Rolfe accepted. After the party, Pocahontas, riding his new horse, goes to visit Grandmother Willow, to ask for help. This gives as the only advice: “Listen to the spirit that is within you.”
The day after Pocahontas part for England and, without marrying her, as strongest warrior of the Indian tribe, to replace the deceased Kocoum, there Utamatumaki, which accompanies only to protect her, in order to Powhatan. During the trip, he discovers that Pocahontas Meeko, Flit and Perlin are hiding on the ship to follow her on her journey and also begins to feel something for John Rolfe.
Once in London, Pocahontas runs to and fro in the city, with a heart full of wonder at everything she sees. When it comes Ratcliffe, the Indian princess discovers that the governor wants to return to America to take the gold, although in the first movie it was said that the Indians did not have any gold. John Rolfe left his guests by Mrs. Jenkins, his housekeeper, and went to the King James.
Ratcliffe advises the king to invite Pocahontas at the Grand Ball, to fit better. In fact, the governor has an evil plan in mind and John Rolfe has understood, but Pocahontas accepts the same to go to the Grand Ball. Mrs. Jenkins the makeup and the dress, making it a real lady according to the canons of Europe. Rolfe also gives her a pearl necklace of gold and the princess was forced to take off his necklace of her mother, with great regret for Flit.
Rolfe and Princess, accompanied by Utam, go to the Grand Ball and dancing together, but just when they’re about to kiss, Ratcliffe invites Pocahontas dancing and starts talking to John Smith. During dinner, Ratcliffe and a group of clowns sing a song for Pocahontas, then make it look a bear chained and hurt him with two forks. Pocahontas, who is a great friend of animals, stop them and called the King James and his people ‘barbarians’. The King is arrested, along with Utam. John Rolfe manages to free them helped by John Smith, actually survived the fall into the river.
Ratcliffe had made the king believe that Smith was a traitor and the former captain had had to hide. Pocahontas is happy to have him back, but it is also confusing, because it feels very attracted to Rolfe. After finally ‘heard’ the spirit within himself, Pocahontas decides to return to the palace and meet the King.
After seeing John Smith and hearing his side of the story, the king decides to stand on the side of the princess and allows her to go to stop the terrible Ratcliffe, on their way to Virginia. On the ship, Pocahontas, and the two face the governor and John manage to have him arrested, sentenced to death. The king gives a vessel to John Smith and Pocahontas invites him to come with him, but she refuses, for two reasons: he wants to return to his people and fell in love with John Rolfe. John Smith despite being still in love with Pocahontas able to understand it and decides to let her go. When you step onto the ship Pocahontas met John Rolfe who decides to leave with her as a sailor-settler, while Utam remains with Mrs. Jenkins and the bear of the party. The film ends with a kiss between John Rolfe and Pocahontas and the ship departs at sunset.
In London, John Smith to be arrested for treason in Jamestown , but he resists and fleeing, falls into the raging sea. John Ratcliffe reports King James that firebrand dead and insists on the immediate nomination armada of ships in the New World for gold . Last decides to wait the diplomat, John Rolf, which should bring him overseas Indian chief to get first-hand information.
In the New World before Pocahontas came to hear of the death of her beloved, Smith, which is why it is highly upset. Rolf arrives who visits the leader Pouhatana , but he refuses to sail to England. Pocahontas called to do it instead, and give her companions Uttamatomakkina bodyguard. Despite openly hostile attitude towards her entire team, she arrives safely to the Old World, and the path between Pocahontas and Rolf feelings erupt.
Girl loves London and she settles Rolf and housewives, and the diplomat sent to the king to ask for cancellation of attacks on Indians. However unhappy monarch, instead of leader he brought some savage and treacherous Ratcliffe offers give a ball: if a girl civilized would be no war. Otherwise kill savages – not a sin. Rolf in despair, but Pocahontas is ready in a short time to learn manners and etiquette, as well as uncomfortable to wear local clothes, just to save his people.
At the ball, everything runs smoothly, but only as long as no regular starts while fun – bear baiting. Pocahontas does not stand the sight and accuses gathered in uncivilized and cruelty. For this insult, she and her bodyguard goes to prison. News of the incident spread through the city, and it is very reacts violently one of the visitors beer, his face hidden hood. Soon he appears at the house of Rolf, who has no idea what he should do.
Rolf brings shackled man in a hood to jail – he brought a new prisoner (as it turned out, John Smith). Barely penetrated inside, both men disarmed jailers begin searching Indians, release them and escape. However, it is unclear what to do next Pocahontas: in any case, she faces death, but she decides to herself – she washes away plaque and civility in his usual form of sneaking to the king directly to the meeting. Pocahontas turns to him with a request not to start a war. There also appears “resurrected” Smith, showing that Ratcliffe – a liar and lied about gold.
King speeches imbued with the intruders, but the armada is ready to sail, and it commanded personally Ratcliffe. Friends at the last second stop sailing fleet, and as a result Ratcliffe arrested. John Smith, Pocahontas recognized again in love – he is ready to go with her to America, but she does not love him anymore. Sad, she swims alone, but her heart is full of joy when she discovers that the ship slipped her John Rolfe, who becomes her companion not only to travel, but also in life.

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Pocahontas 2 Free Download English & Hindi Dual Audio

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