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ParaNorman (titled The ParaNorman in Spain and ParaNorman in Latin America ) 1 is an animated American 2012, directed by Chris Butler and Sam Fell . The film, which was animated in stop motion by the studio Laika and distributed by Focus Features , 5 mixing genres horror and comedy . 6 features the voices of actors Kodi Smit-McPhee , Tucker Albrizzi , Anna Kendrick , Casey Affleck , John Goodman , Leslie Mann , Jeff Garlin , Jodelle Ferland , Christopher Mintz-Plasse , and Elaine Stritch . It is the first film in stop motion for a 3D color printer was used to create the faces of the characters and the second film in stop motion to be filmed in 3D . 7
He received a nomination for Best Animated Film awards both BAFTA and the Oscars , but both lost to Brave.
In the small town of Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts , a boy named Norman Babcock is able to speak with the dead, including his late grandmother and several ghosts in the city. Unfortunately, hardly anyone among the living think your ability is genuine. Is relegated by family and ridiculed and harassed by most of his peers for his seemingly uncanny abilities.
However, Norman makes a friend, Neil Downe, an eccentric, chubby boy who is bullied and believes sincerely that Norman can see the dead. During the rehearsal of a play commemorating the execution of the witch of the city 300 years, Norman has a terrifying vision of the past of the city in which it is pursued as a witch by the villagers of the village. Then the boys encounter the strange and seemingly deranged uncle Norman, Mr. Prenderghast, who tells his nephew that vision is a sign that will soon take up his usual to protect the city of ritual witch.
Norman refuses to take it seriously, but then has another vision during the presentation of the work of the school, and panicked screams and runs on stage, which makes their parents feel ashamed. Now completely dejected and isolated, Norman is in the school bathroom with the ghost of his uncle Prenderghast, recently deceased, who tells her that ritual should be performed with a special book before sunset that day. After some consideration, Norman goes to Prenderghast residence to retrieve the book. Convinced that Neil might not understand their situation, away. Norman arrives at the graves of the ancestors of the city, including Judge Hopkins, who supposedly were cursed by the witch that condemned, but there discovers that the book is simply a collection of fairy tales .
Before Norman could reflect on the situation, Alvin, a bully who happened to hear the meeting Norman in the bathroom, meddles and interferes with reading, so the sunset comes to an end. Then a ghostly storm like a witch on the air, and the dead are raised and the cemetery chasing the two boys. Norman discovers he was reading in the wrong place-the witch was not buried in the cemetery, and in his flight he meets his sister, Courtney, Neil and his brother, Mitch, who came for Norman. All are chased by zombies to the city, but Norman does communicate with a classmate who advises you search the archives of the town hall to find the true location of the tomb of the witch.
As children make their way to the town hall, the zombies eventually lose. They are confused by modern society and are beset by the inhabitants of the city who attack en masse. During the riots, children enter the file room but can not find the information they need, which makes it hard to scold Norman for having led. As the crowd moves to attack the City, Norman, frustrated, scares his companions, who are unable to leave the building by the attacks of the crowd. The Storm Witch appears in the sky and the tower rises Norman City Council to try desperately to stop reading the book, but the storm fires a beam that throws back to the file room.
Unconscious, Norman has a dream in which he learns that the witch was really Prenderghast Agatha, an innocent girl her age could also see the dead. She was wrongfully convicted of seven members of the superstitious and frightened elite of the city, the seven who were cursed after the execution of Agatha. After waking, Norman and meets the zombies realize that all they wanted was to talk to him to make sure that it would conduct the ritual to minimize the damage from the curse. Repenting confess the terrible mistake they made with Agatha. However, Norman decides that this gesture is not enough and decides to go in search of the ghost of Agatha to reach a permanent solution.
Norman tries to help the zombies to sneak them guide you to the grave of Agatha, but are cornered by the mob. However, Courtney, who acknowledges that his brother knows what he is doing, he faces the crowd and all the guys convince the crowd back. The Storm Witch becomes more destructive. The court Hopkins Guide to Family Norman Agatha’s grave in the woods. Unfortunately, the magic of Agatha Norman separated from the others and has to reach the tomb on their own.
Norman is soon confronted by the vengeful spirit of Agatha, interacting with it in a spiritual dimension. She tries to push him away, but Norman is adamant, saying that he understands how you feel. As she struggles to keep him, Norman perseveres and eventually convinces her that, despite having reason to retaliate, but is failing to inflict pain on innocent people and persuades him to stop. Norman explains that even in the darkest moments, there must have been someone wanted. Focus only on the tragedies and forget the good things in your life is what reduced to a malevolent force devoid of its true identity.
The girl finally calms down and remembers his true personality and happy memories with her ​​mother. She is able to find some peace, knowing you are not alone, and that a person understands the people, allowing you to finally rest in peace. The storm dissipated, and she and all the zombies fade. At daybreak, the city sees Norman as a hero, even when the media explained as a simple perturbation powerful storm. Norman, realizing he must also stop focusing the negative aspects of his life, accepts the company of Neil. In the end, Norman watching a horror movie with the ghost of her grandmother again, and his family joins him enthusiastically.
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Paranorman Movie English & Hindi Dubbed Download Free 300MB
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