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Moana Full Movie in Hindi

Story of Moana 2016 Full Movie In Hindi Download

At the beginning of Moana Full Movie in Hindi 300MB 480P, there was only the ocean. Until it emerged the mother island Te Fiti. His heart, a small green stone, was the largest ever-known magic power to create life. Over time, many began to discover this power, until one day my heart was stolen by the demigod shapeshifter Maui and gave it to mankind. During his escape, he was attacked by Maui lava Te Kā demon. Causing the fall of the heart and of his magical fishhook Ocean. Since then, no more was heard of the demigod.

A thousand years later, the small Vaiana Waialiki, daughter and heir of the head of the small Polynesian island Motunui Ocean, the same is chosen to restore the heart of the goddess. Growing up, his father Tui teaches that the island has everything he needs his people. Unfortunately, years later the fish are becoming scarce and vegetation to rot. So Vaiana proposes to his father to overcome the reefto find more fish, but Tui. Reminiscent of a bad experience in which his best friend died, strongly he rejects this proposal.

Plot of Moana 2016 Full Movie

He forbids anyone to navigate to it as well. Tala, paternal grandmother Vaiana and “crazy village”, shows her granddaughter a secret cave hidden behind a waterfall. Where there are old wrecks of boats that suggest a past in which the ancestors of the islanders were navigators. Tala delivery to the grandson’s heart Te Fiti. Preserved since the time when Vaiana was chosen from the Ocean, and explains that the darkness freed from Maui is beginning to consume the island. Shortly after, Tala is seized by an illness and, before dying. He whispers to her niece to leave in search of Maui.

Vaiana part of the domestic fowl HeiHei company, but the boat is overturned by a typhoon. The next morning, he wakes up Vaiana island inhabited by Maui. Which seeks to trap her in a cave to steal his boat and go well in search of his fishing hook. Vaiana escapes the cave and tries to convince Maui to return the heart, receiving a flat refusal. Since Maui fears that the power of stone can attract dark creatures. This Was Short Summary of Moana 2016 Movie Download in Hindi 300MB 480P.

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Moana Full Movie in Hindi

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