Millennium Actress BluRay English Dubbed 720P HD

Millennium Actress BluRay English Dubbed

Story (Millennium Actress BluRay English Dubbed 720P HD)

The protagonist of Millennium Actress – a director named Genya Tachibana, is working on a documentary about the famous actress Chiyoko Fujiwara. Studio, where she played raze and grown old Chiyoko long moved away from public life. She begins to tell the story of his life from the beginning and up to the top glory. Her story is mixed with scenes of films starring Chiyoko, so that it becomes difficult to understand the actual events of this and that – the script. Chiyoko’s life took place in turbulent times, and her character lived from the days of the Sengoku period to futuristic eons.
Chiyoko was born in the Great Kanto Earthquake, and later in life accompanied by earthquakes all the culminating events. Child in 1930, Chiyoko helps the artist- dissident hide from the fascist government. Chiyoko falls in love with an artist, but he was forced to flee the next day, after leaving Chiyoko’s key in his suitcase with painting supplies. Chiyoko becomes an actress to be able to travel: she hopes to find the artist and give him the key. This Is a summary of Millennium Actress BluRay English Dubbed 720P HD.

Millennium Actress BluRay Cast

  • Chiyoko Fujiwara is the main character of the film, a famous actress. Voiced by: Fumiko Orikasa (childhood), Mami Koyama (youth), Miyoko Shoji (old age)
    Genya Tachibana is a director who worships Chiyoko’s talent and is a big fan of her. During the action, he makes a film about her life. Possesses a complete collection of Chiyoko’s paintings. Voiced by: Masamichi Sato (childhood), Shozo Koyama (youth), Miyoko Iizuka (old age)
    Kyoji Ida is Tachibana’s cameraman and is skeptical of Chiyoko and the boss’s passion. Voiced by : Masaya Onosaka
    Eiko Shimao is an actress who competed with Chiyoko in both work and personal life. Voiced by: Shoko Tsuda
    Junichi Otaki is a film director, the son of the director of the Gin’ei Film Company, where Fujiwara debuted. Later, he tricked Chiyoko into marrying Chiyoko, which left Eiko in despair. Voiced by : Hirotaka Suzuoka
    Mino is a housewife in the Fujiwara household. Voiced by : Tomie Kataoka
    Studio Assistant, Voiced by: TakkĊ Ishimori Ging’ei Studio Manager.
  • The Artist is a mysterious anti-government artist whom Chiyoko pursues all her life and even after death. Voiced by: Koichi Yamadera

Screenshots (Millennium Actress BluRay English Dubbed)

Millennium Actress BluRay English Dubbed

Movie Quality: HD 720P

Download Size: 568 MB

Language: English

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