Lady and The Tramp 1955 Full Movie in Hindi 300MB 480P



Lady and The Tramp 1955 Full Movie in Hindi Download Free Disney online 300MB 480P

Lady and The Tramp 1955 Full Movie Story

The Lady and the Tramp 1955 Full Movie Download in Hindi and English 300MB is the 19 th feature film animation. A “Classic animation” of Disney. Released in 1955, it was adapted from a story by Ward Greene, Happy Dan, the Whistling Dog, published in 1937.
Jim Darling ( Dear in the original version) and his wife, Darling, live in a house in a quiet small town in New England. One Christmas Eve, Jim offers a young dog cocker spaniel to his wife named Lady. Jim seeks to educate the puppy, but her tears and perseverance make Lady get to sleep at the foot of the bed of his masters, which becomes a habit. At the age of six months, she receives a necklace with an engraved plaque.

The neighborhood includes several other dogs, Jock, a Scottish terrier, and Caesar, an old bloodhound Saint-Hubert 1, the latter having, according to Jock, lost his sense of smell. A little later, a stray dog nicknamed “Tramp”, spends his time looking for food in the shops and helping his friends caught by the pound.
One autumn day, Lady asked about the changes in the behavior of his masters. Jock and Caesar suggest probable cause for the birth of a baby. Tramp, who was passing by, then reveals to Lady when her masters have a baby, the beautiful life she leads will come to an end. If Jock and Caesar choose to ignore the bastard, Lady wonders about its future and its place in the house. The baby is born in the spring and other changes occur: Lady now takes second place despite some attention. 

Lady and The Tramp Full Movie Free Download

Lady and The Tramp 1955 Movie Download 300MB 480P Continues When Aunt Sarah, just takes care of the household and baby while the couple goes on a trip, it was Lady who is accused of misdeeds of two cats. Aunt Sarah takes Lady to a shop to buy a muzzle. Lady then fled, after wandering in the city, and finds help and comfort from Tramp. It defends three dogs who pursued. To help Lady to release his muzzle, he takes her to the zoo. Tramp then pretended to belong to a polyglot to distract from the zookeeper. Once inside the park, two dogs looking for a way to release Lady.

The monkeys are of no help, the alligator tries to eat the hyena’s laugh. The solution comes with the beaver that cuts the muzzle that Tramp has sold him as a harness.
Lady is released, then Tramp boasts of his life of freedom with a family every night. He offers dinner with Tony, the Italian restaurant whose chef is called Joe. Tony, who called Bandito, installs a table for two and the couple used a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Tony and Joe then engage in the interpretation of the Bella Note accordion and mandolin. Both dogs then eat the same spaghetti and kiss. They wander in a park-like lover and fit their feet in a heart at the foot of a fountain. Both dogs spend the night at the edge of the park overlooking the city.  This is a Short Story of Disney Lady and The Tramp 1955 300MB 480P Download the Free Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed.

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Lady and The Tramp 1955 Full Movie in Hindi Download Free Disney online 300MB 480P
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