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The adult Naoufel lies on the ground, not far from him his severed hand. The young Naoufel wants to learn from his father how to catch a fly. The father explains to him that he has to approach the fly from the side so that it cannot see him. When Naoufel still can’t catch the fly, the father thinks that he can’t always win.

In a Paris laboratory, the severed hand of the adult Naoufel breaks out and goes in search of the rest of the body. Hand memories of her life with Naoufel show, among other things, the feeling of digging in the sand and carefully poking the feelers of a snail. The path of the hand becomes adventurous, so it defends itself against a pigeon that it wants to throw from the roof and that finally strangles the hand. The hand is thrown out of a garbage can into a garbage truck, but can escape. In the M├ętro she fights rats, is later fished by a dog with a ball from a frozen stream and finally ends up on a roof via various other stations. With the help of an umbrella, she can fly to an abandoned factory.

Parallel to the adventures of the hand, the story of Naoufel is told. He receives a cassette recorder with a microphone from his parents and records everything with fascination. While the family is going to a concert of the mother, who is a pianist, Naoufel holds the microphone in the wind. Because Naoufel leans too far out of the window, his father pulls him back, ignoring the street. When the car collides with an animal, Naoufel’s parents die. He comes to a foster family and earns his money as a pizza delivery boy. He only gets to know young Gabrielle, who works as a librarian, through the intercom of a high-rise building. He follows her from work to her uncle Gigi, a carpenter . To see her again, he convinces her uncle, him asapprenticetake. He moves across the workshop and enjoys his training. In the library he addresses Gabrielle and she shows him a book about the polar world and how she will only experience this world in books. On the roof of an old factory building, Naoufel begins to build a wooden igloo for Gabrielle. She is surprised and delighted and both are having a profound conversation on the roof about the fascination of breaking out of everyday life and countering the daily grind with something unforeseen. Naoufel has ordered pizza and tells Gabrielle that he is the pizza delivery boy she used to talk to about the intercom. However, she reacts disappointed and hurt because she believes he was fooling her uncle, who is seriously ill. At a party, Naoufel later gets drunk and starts a fight.Circular saw unfocused. When he tries to kill a fly, his wrist watch gets caught in the circular saw and he loses his right hand.


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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 461 MB

Movie Language: English

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