Free Birds English Movie Free Download 300MB 480P

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Free Birds English Movie Free Download 300MB 480P
Free Birds (in Brazil , Good Nozzle , in Portugal , Revenge of the Turkeys ) is a film animation in 3D and comedy American . produced by studio Reel FX Creative Studios and will be distributed by Relativity Media , launched in the United States on November 1, 2013, in Portugal on December 12 and in Brazil on November 8, 2013. Jimmy Hayward directed the film that contains Owen Wilson , Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler as the main voice actors
Beto is a turkey different, it does not feel like the other birds from their farm. He realizes that farmers are just getting fatter animals to devour them later, but nobody pays attention to what he says. When it is your turn to be killed in Thanksgiving Day (Day of Christmas in Dubbing Brazilian), Beto is lucky because it is spared by the President of the United States and adopted by his daughter, then living a life of comfort and perks. One day, Beto is sought by Zeca, a brave turkey he received orders from above to rescue him. According to plans, the two animals must go in a time machine , go back in the seventeenth century and prevent the American colonists have the idea of killing turkeys in the year-end holidays. Beto has no intention of making the trip, but is bound by Zeca to accept the adventure. Once back in time, the duo will see a world full of dangers – including wild dogs and turkey hunters – but also new friendships and loves.

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Free Birds English Movie Free Download 300MB 480P
Movie Language: English
Movie Size 312 MB
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