Doctor Strange 2007 Dual Audio HD 720P BluRay


Dr. Stephen Strange is one of the most talented doctors in the world. Until one day he gets involved in a car accident. Although he survives the accident, his hands are wounded so that he will never be able to perform his work as a doctor again.

Desperately seeking healing, Strange uses her entire fortune for research. Eventually he comes into contact with a man from Tibet , known only as “the Ancient One”. He offers Strange a chance for healing, and much more.

Strange accepts the offer and becomes the student of the Ancient One. It soon turns out that his goal is to learn the mystic arts and become the new supreme magician of the Earth. Before he can claim this title, he must endure death and betrayal in the form of his greatest enemy: Dormammu . [1]

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Movie Quality : 720P BluRay

Movie Size : 620 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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