Delgo Full Movie Free Download English HD 720P DVDRip


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Delgo Full Movie Free Download English HD 720P DVDRip
Delgo is an American computer made ​​an animated film for the year 2008 . It premiered in the United States 12 December . The film is an independent Atlanta kind of Fathom Studios’ first production, which was started back in 1999.
The film has attracted an unusually strong criticism, the critics have been scathing judgment. [1] The premiere weekend, the film was presented in the United States for more than 2 000 in the theater, but it stayed at the box office according to different sources well under a million dollars. First-iltanaan film grossed only $ 89 per theate
After leaving their impoverished land, the winged people of Nohrins installs on Jhamora courtesy of its inhabitants, the Loknis. The Nohrins led by Sedessa, the sister of their king, who stayed behind, went to war. Learning the carnage, the king dismisses nohrin his sister, and the latter, in revenge poisoned the queen before attempting to do the same with the king. It is then banished and his wings are cut.
Fifteen years later, Delgo, war orphan meets Kyla, a Nohrin saves him against his will to a fatal fall. Meanwhile, Sedessa conspired to put an end to the peace between the Nohrins and Loknis and take the throne from his brother.
Delgo, a brave guy, is his group of friends adventure to save the world, threatened by the struggle between the Lockni, masters of the earth, and Nohrin, masters of the sky. The adventures begin when Delgo, along with his friend Filo, knows the princess Kyla, but this comes at a time when the Lockni and Nohrin are not on good terms. The abduction of Kyla will trigger a new war, but Delgo discovers that the princess is not actually been kidnapped by his people ….
The film was a resounding flop. It cost $ 40 million, it grossed less than a million.
in the exotic world of live two races: humans turtle Locke and people Butterfly Norns. Locke ruled the earth, the Norns – the sky, so they live separately, in a state of fragile peace. And everything went peacefully until Delgo, naive, dreamy teenager, not having personal problems. He was accused of a crime which he is seen as not committed. Safely escaped from prison, Delgo discovers that the world faces a serious conflict between Locke and the Norns, and now the young dreamer you must use the detachment of his friends combine two such different races against a common enemy.
Delgo Full Movie Free Download English HD 720P DVDRip
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