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Castle in the Sky Free Download Full Movie English HD

Laputa – Castle in the Sky ( 天空の城ラピュタ Tenku no shiro Rapyuta ? ) is the third feature film d ‘ animation directed by Hayao Miyazaki . The film’s title is an explicit reference to the imaginary island Laputa , described in the novel Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift .
After the success of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind , the 1985 Hayao Miyazaki , along with Isao Takahata and Tokuma Shoten he founded Studio Ghibli . The first work that he was born it was Laputa – Castle in the Sky . Produced between June 1985 and July 1986 , and released in August 2 of that year, did not betray the expectations of the fans nor the same or Studio Ghibli , who was preparing to become one of the most famous studies of animation in the world. Miyazaki himself was skeptical about the survival of the newborn Studio Ghibli , but Laputa resisted and overcame any doubt, and was rewarded in Japan as the best animated film of 1986 .
Miyazaki oversaw the design of each part of the film, by means of flying to Dola robot island of Laputa, personally taking care of every detail and taking up many of the themes and landscapes dealt with in previous Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Conan, the boy’s future such as’ environmentalism , the ‘ anti-militarism , aversion to the human thirst for power and trust, in spite of everything, in feelings such as’ love and ‘ friendship .
Laputa, a flying island, is an ancient legend. Some believe that it is a huge concentration of military power, the other – the ultimate treasure. But the heavenly castle, lost among the clouds may be found only with a crystal Flying Stone. This crystal is in the form of a mascot young Sita and her talisman and the hunt begins. The film begins with an attack on the hijackers airship. Sita falls from an airship and falls down, however, the magic power of the talisman of “flying stones” rescues her. Sita unconscious boy finds Paz from the mining town and takes care of her. However, the pirates did not leave hopes to take over the mascot. Their competitors are the military, which with the help of the mascot are trying to find a way to flying island of Laputa, hidden in the clouds of the ocean air.
Military seize Sita prisoner. Ancient spell spoken Sita accidentally reanimates the robot soldiers and opens the passage to the legendary island. Groove with pirates saves Sita from the fortress. The military remains a talisman that gives you directions to Laputa, and they fly back on the airship “Goliath”. They pursue pirates on the side of which stand Paz and Sita. On lightweight glider torn from the airship pirates Paz and Sita get to Laputa and on its surface destroyed the magnificent palaces, parks and overgrown sole remaining active robot gardener who continues to look after the park and the grave of its former owners.
At the head of the government agents Muska – one of the descendants of the rulers of Laputa (a distant relative of Sita). He wants to help the mascot of the island of Laputa and technologies to take over the Earth. Muska gives access to units stationed inside Laputa – Remote control robots and terrible weapon, and already feels like a winner when Paz and Sita, decided at any cost to keep the peace in the world, stop it – pronounced preserved in the family of Sita spell destruction, triggering a self-destruct mechanism Laputa .
The entire lower part of the island falls into the ocean, exposing the roots of a giant tree, for which at the last moment and caught Sita Paz. Finding your glider they climb in and fly away leaving the island in the sky clouds. In the sky, they again meet pirates, who escaped in time to “muholetah.” Pirates show them their prey (some jewelry). At the end of pirates say goodbye to Paz and Sita and they scatter in different directions.
An airship is attacked by pirates. Sheeta, a young prisoner of a military band girl, take this opportunity to try to escape and falls from flying ship in which she was held. A pendant she wears around his neck suddenly lights, slowed his fall and it goes down to the ground where it landed in the arms of a boy of the same age named Pazu.
This young boy working in a mine life changed since that night. Having saved, reassured and comforted, Pazu will turn into protector Sheeta as a guardian angel. Both bind to a strong friendship for one another. Pazu tells Sheeta he seeks the legendary floating city ”  Laputa  “, symbol of a utopian civilization filled with purity and all-powerful nature, but that has now disappeared.
The two young men and go in search of Laputa, but the military did not take long to find them. New prisoner military, Sheeta must agree to help them find Laputa to save Pazu. It falls into the hands of sky pirates who took him in order to take the girl. Both engage with pirates Dora clan with which they were not slow to bind.
Finally, after a flight in a flying boat, Sheeta and Pazu see and land on the floating castle. Then begins a struggle to save Laputa. For Muska, a member of the royal family of Laputa as Sheeta, strives to become the master.
Finally, to avoid becoming the master in Muska, Sheeta partially destroyed the castle and escapes unharmed with Pazu.
The story begins with a young girl, Sheeta, who, to escape from a group of air pirates determined to capture it, on which he was traveling dall’aeronave slips and falls from the sky over a village. During the fall of a mysterious light that surrounds the small, which suddenly begins to float in the air, to land softly in the arms of an orphan boy, Pazu, returning at the end of his shift at the mine.
After having rescued, Pazu the door in his house. In the morning, when you wake up the two made ​​fast friends, and when the conversation turns out that Sheeta Pazu is a descendant of the people of Laputa, a legendary inhabitants of the castle-town steering wheel that travels through the sky for hundreds of years hidden by clouds. Few believe in the existence of the castle, but Pazu is convinced due to the fact that his father, years ago, was able to photograph the imposing structure. Pazu tells us that even in the novel Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift is a description of the castle. The boy decides to help Sheeta to return to his city, and together they embarked on a long adventure, constantly chased by pirates and the army.
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